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April Fools’

  1. Who Is Watching Netflix’s Original Series Rotisserie Chicken and Sizzling Bacon?

    Anything's better than Hemlock Grove .

    If Netflix and Hulu are competing in the fake original content prank wars, than my vote goes to Netflix and their mouthwatering new programming: 73-minute Original Series Rotisserie Chicken and Memento-like action film Sizzling Bacon.

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  2. That Time Burger King Won April Fools Day

    Well done: how I take my burgers and how I like my jokes.

    On April Fools in 1998, Burger King was serving two kinds of whoppers: juicy burgers, and a big fat lie. The company was temporarily crowned the prank champion after taking out a full page ad in USA Today announcing the release of an ergonomically designed, specially constructed Left Handed Whopper.

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  3. Surprise! You May Have Been Mining Bitcoins for an eSports Company

    E-Sports Entertainment (ESEA) runs competitive video game leagues and tournaments. That's tremendous. They also sometimes bury Bitcoin mining software in their anti-cheating client without telling gamers. That's less tremendous. They got caught after users realized the anti-cheating client was overtaxing their systems. They're trying to make amends, but folks aren't pleased.

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  4. DJs Suspended Indefinitely Over Chemistry Joke Florida Didn’t Understand

    We probably don't have to tell Geekosystem readers this, but water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It can be written as H2O, or as dihydrogen monoxide which means literally "Two hydrogen one oxygen." When two Florida radio DJs announced that dihydrogen monoxide was coming out of their faucets, the Fort Myers area went bananas. The DJs have been suspended indefinitely and could face felony charges.

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  5. Nuts to April Fools’, We Want to Buy Sphero’s Giant Remote-Controlled Ball

    It never fails -- every April Fools' Day, a product or two comes along that I would absolutely buy. This year is no different, and the product is the Peacekeeper from Sphero -- a 3-foot-tall, 150-pound plastic ball that can be controlled from your mobile device. Who would want a device that turns every day of the users life into a giant, perpetual game of bowling for humans, you might ask? Who wouldn't? Get a look at the toy every kid will be dreaming of this Christmas below, and remember: Kickstarter is already a thing. If we want to hard enough, we can make something like this a reality. I believe in you, people of the Internet. Let's make this real.

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  6. News Anchor Tricked into Licking iPad on the Air [Video]

    Raoul Martinez, an anchor at Fox's local news affiliate in San Diego, managed to trick his colleague Shally Zomorodi into licking an iPad on the air on April Fools' Day. It turns out that apps that let you taste the food and drink displayed on the screen don't actually exist, or at least they won't until the iPad 7 HD. (via BGR)

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  7. The Typescreen: If Only

    British gift company Spinning Hat had us briefly aswoon over the Typescreen, a typewriter which, for the reasonable price of £35.00, allows users to reinvigorate the hunt-and-peck touchscreen typing on the iPad and the iPad 2 with the sophistication of a classic typewriter.

    After 16 months of intense product design and laborious research and development we are proud to say that our wishes (and hopefully yours) have finally come true! From texting to web browsing, the new Spinning Hat Typescreen™ gives you all modern functionality of an iPad with the sleek classic feel of retro typewriters that we all miss so dearly.
    Who needs the Magic Keyboard when you've got this? Alas: It's only an April Fool's joke.  C'mon Spinning Hat and/or ThinkGeek, make this happen. (Spinning Hat via Reddit)

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  8. ThinkGeek: Real-Life iCade is “A Possibility.” Can April Fools’ Dreams Come True?

    Of all of the April Fools' Day jokes that flooded the Internet yesterday, few inspired as much excitement as ThinkGeek's iCade, an '80s style classic arcade cabinet to put around the iPad, letting you play games on it with a "Professional grade arcade stick and microswitch buttons rated for 10,000,000 uses." Too bad it wasn't real.

    SlashGear called the iCade a "fake with real promise." Engadget editor-in-chief Joshua Toplovsky tweeted out "man, I SO want the iCade to be real!" Waxy said it was "particularly cruel, because it's an awesome idea that needs to exist." You get the picture.

    Well, we got in touch with the good people at ThinkGeek, who confirmed that the iCade has "been our most posted, tweeted and blogged about product this April Fools," and while they wouldn't make any promises and said that making one IRL would pose some technical issues, a real-life iCade is "a possibility."

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