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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.



Stop-Motion Paper Anatomy Learning App Is Really Cool [VIDEO]

Here’s a preview of The Human Body, a new app aimed at children from Tinybop and part of their Explorer’s Library. “Explore a working model of the body. Every part is animated and interactive: the heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs breathe, the skin feels, and eyes see,” they write. “Each app contains a recording tool so you and your child can ask questions, listen, and respond to each other.”

I definitely know this is something I would have be into as a kid because, well, I’m totally into it now.

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Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

Angry Birds Is Getting A Movie. A Real Movie. In Real Theaters. With Iron Man’s Producer.

You knew this day would come.


Almost Totally Excellent

Reward For Not Texting In A Theater? There’s An App For That.

At a recent trip to the theater I was greeted with two things; one was a message from the chain asking us not to use our cellphones during the show, another was a paid advertisement that talked about texting during a movie as if it were ok. Needless to say, while I assume most people are against cell phone usage of any kind during a film, there are those out there who think it’s ok. But a new app aims to reward customers for good behavior. Will it work? 


Thank You?

The Draw Something App Is Getting Turned Into A Reality Show By CBS

You’ve probably heard of the Draw Something app by now. You know, the one no one’s playing anymore? Well anyway, CBS has decided to turn the Pictionary-like game into a reality show. What in the what?


No. No no no no no no no. no.

App Allowed Teenagers To Connect Based on Geolocation; Things Got Bad Real Fast

There is usually a lot of hand-wringing that accompanies discussions about children and technology. We tend to hear claims that kids are becoming zombies, attached to their phones and gaming consoles, or that they’ve become socially stunted due to limiting themselves to digital communication. Frankly, much of that often seems overblown, a product of an older generation unable to contextualize their children in a dynamic, modern world. However, in light of a shocking three child sexual assaults in the past two weeks facilitated by Skout, a social networking app designed to allow users to chat and share pictures with nearby users located by GPS, it is pretty evident that when it comes to child safety and technology, there is a lot to be worried about.

[Warning: the rest of this post will contain discussion of child sexual abuse].


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Some (Bat)Men Just Want To Watch The World Draw (Something)

I’m newly obsessed with the app Draw Something and as it turns out, the folks over at Comics Alliance are too. Only they’ve been playing with artist Matt Digges who puts Batman in almost every drawing he sends. Which begs the question, why am I not playing Digges? Hit the jump for a few of his delightful creations.


It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

Android’s Siri Rival, Iris, Is Powered by ChaCha, and ChaCha Has Some Bad Information

Hey, remember that time everyone thought Siri was anti-choice, but it turned out to be misinformation by negligence, not intent? Well, Android has started using a rival to Siri called Iris (see what they did there?), a “personal assistant” in the form of an app that is powered by the search engine, ChaCha. But ChaCha, which is made by a company funded by the CEO of a modest little bookseller called Amazon, seems to have a bit of an opinion about things. Like social issues. Yes, ChaCha has some rather uncomfortable answers about things like abortion, rape, and racism. Do you have one of those relatives or friends whom you love so, so much, and then they start talking about why the world is going to hell? Iris is the app version of that person.


This is just like magic!

You Will Now Be Able to Post About Your Daily Breakfasts on Facebook From the Grave

Um, great news! For those of us who are extremely aware and accepting of the fact that we will all, one day, die, Facebook is now offering an app that lets its more forward-thinking users write a bunch of posts, messages, etc. to be published after they have died. Obviously, there are truly sentimental and heartwrenching reasons to do this, and then there are, of course, the people who want their friends to suffer through an extremely macabre prank. BOO!


There's an appa for that

Words With Friends Ends Friendship, Starts Marriage

The Scrabble-like device game Words With Friends has likely ended a few friendships before but none quite like this. Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse were strangers before they met through the game on their phones and eventually became friends. Now? They’re married! (and probably still friends too) 


Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

Is HTC Making a “Female-Friendly” Droid Phone?

It has not been confirmed as truth, but tech site This Is My Next has apparently spoken to people in the possession of an Android phone by HTC — the HTC Bliss — that is meant to be designed specifically for women. Above is their mock-up of what it could look like, based on the information they’ve received. You’ll note that it is indeed not pink or purple, it is a sort of seafoam green. Because such a color has “calming properties.” And here we go!