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Apple Store

  1. Apple Uncovers 15th-Century Hospital Ruins While Building New Madrid Store

    I guess when you're digging in a city as old as Madrid you're bound to find some ruins.

    Apple is currently building their fourth store in the city of Madrid, Spain, but they've hit a small snag. During construction they unearthed some ruins of a 15th-century hospital. Fun fact: They were actually expecting to hit some 15th-century ruins. We guess it happens a lot. It sounds like it would be harder to dig in Madrid and not find any ruins.

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  2. What Could $1.6 Million In Stolen Apple Products Look Like?

    Whatever hangovers, hookups, or regrettable strikeouts your New Year's Eve may have had in store, we're prepared to say your evening was probably still better than that of Apple Store employees in Paris, who not only had to work the holiday, but spent it being held up by a team of armed robbers. Just one employee was slightly hurt, thankfully, but the robbers escaped in a van brimming over with Apple gadgets before police arrived on the scene. The company isn't sharing the particulars of just what goods were nicked in this Grand Theft Apple, but they have put the price tag for the whole theft at about 1 millions euros, or close to $1.6 million. What goods could a theft that big from an Apple store have potentially netted the thieves responsible? We do the math below.

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  3. Some of the Stuff Apple Fanatics Say is Unbelievable… [Video]

    I'm going to say up front: I'm a bit of an Apple fanboy. I've never owned a non-Apple computer or smartphone. While I am a fan of Apple's products, I totally understand people are who get angry about their holier-than-thou fan club. The cult of Jobs is real people having a conversation with one of company's supporter can sometimes feel like a debate with a brick wall... or a Scientologist.

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  4. Scrollable Gallery of Every Apple Store

    I understand the appeal of collections, especially big, full collections. So does Thomas Park, because he got together a collection of pictures of all the Apple stores and threw them into a neat, scrollable gallery. In a post on his blog, Park talks about the first time he saw the Tyson's Corner, Virgina store, the experience which ultimately led him to his quest to corral all the Apple stores into one place.

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  5. Apple Retail Stores to Start Self-Checkout via iOS App

    Word on the street has it that Apple, in a bid to make their retail experience a little more streamlined, is planning to introduce self-checkout through their iOS retail store app. All the details aren't out yet, but it seems that the purchase would go to the buyer's iTunes account and the buyer would be emailed a receipt (promptly I would hope) that they can use to show that they aren't just walking out with merchandise. Of course, it's not like this is something you can use to buy an iPhone, considering that all of the high value merchandise is locked away, and rightly so. But for anyone who's looking to just drop by the Apple store and pick up their accessories there, it should remove the "wait around for someone to check you out and then ultimately leave without purchasing because you get sick of waiting" aspect of shopping with Apple.

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  6. Apple Stores Will Close During Steve Jobs Memorial Tomorrow

    If you're planning on visiting an Apple Store tomorrow, you might want to make other plans. According to Reuters, all U.S. Apple stores will close on Wednesday between 10 AM and 11:30 AM PT (2 PM to 3:30 EST) during a memorial Apple will hold for their late founder Steve Jobs. During this down time, employees will be able to watch a live stream of what is being called a celebration of the technology innovator. The actual event itself will be held in an outdoor amphitheatre on Apple's corporate campus. In the wake of Jobs' death, there has already been a spontaneous outpouring of grief around the world in addition to a private funeral and a separate memorial service. Now it seems it's the employees' turn to raise a glass to their former employer.

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  7. New Yorkers Build Shrine to Steve Jobs Outside 5th Avenue Cube

    It's no secret that the late Steve Jobs loved simplicity and elegance, and probably cubes, too. After all, he brought out not only the ill-fated Apple Cube but the iller-fated NeXT Cube. However, his most famous cube is probably the above-ground portion of the flagship Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York, which became the site of a spontaneous memorial after Jobs' passing. We've talked on the site about what the death of Steve Jobs means, but it's still strange to see such public displays of grief at -- of all places -- a high-end retail outlet. In truth, while these people surely feel sadness, they seem to be mourning Steve Jobs the character, the public figure. As such, perhaps it's fitting that they express their loss at the place most connected to that persona. Grief is a strange thing. See more pictures of what the memorial looked like yesterday evening after the break.

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  8. Apple Store Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Adds iPads Everywhere As Kiosks

    The retail arm of Apple's grip on society, the Apple Store, celebrated its tenth anniversary last week, and many were wondering if Apple would do anything to celebrate. Well, that anything turned out to be the Apple Store 2.0 experience, an updated Apple Store setup that features iPads set up around the store, connected to products, acting as digital kiosks. Customers can use the iPads to display product information and prices, compare features between products and ask for a specialist's help if, for some reason, said customer doesn't feel like walking a couple feet to one of the many employees walking the Apple Store floor.

    MacStories is reporting that the iPads seem to be running a new, store-specific app to make the Apple Store 2.0 experience run a little more smoothly, though they aren't yet sure if it's a native app, web app, or something else. MacStories is also reporting that the 2.0 experience has been confirmed as launched in Australia, and Engadget is reporting that they have received a picture confirming that the 2.o experience is hitting retail stores in the U.S. as well, which can be seen after the break along with a video of the new layout.

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  9. Student Sells Spot in iPad 2 Line for $900

    The privilege of getting the first iPad2 from Manhattan's flagship glass cube Apple store now has as price: $900. Amanda Foote, a Manhattan University student, sat in line for two days enduring rain, sleep deprivation, cold, lonliness, and grand theft donut. She arrived Wednesday at 5 p.m., well in advance of today's 5 p.m. launch of the new tablet. Her plan from the beginning, she says, was to sell her spot, having been inspired by others doing the same at the launch of the iPhone4. She says that she had a few offers eventually selling it to an app developer Hazem Sayed, whom she met early in her adventure. Though some line-standers are surrogates for actual patrons, most are there for the iPad2. One incredible couple, reported by Mashable, may have endured more than Foote did:

    Farther down the line in bright yellow ponchos, Rafael Fischmann and Breno Masi had been waiting since 3:00 a.m. They flew into New York from Brazil specifically to buy iPads, as did Francis Degode from Belgium, who beat them to the line by a few minutes.
    Now that Foote is $900 richer, some might wonder what she's going to spend her newfound cash on. Her answer? Tickets to a Lady Gaga concert. Hit the jump to see the video of this intrepid entrepreneur.

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  10. Apple Will Have a Popup Store at SXSW

    If you've been to the hip tech, music, and art festival SXSW in previous years, you've probably seen Apple users clinging tighter than usual to their precious products. It is, after all, about five miles from downtown Austin to the nearest Apple store, meaning that one slip and fall with an iPhone could ruin your week. But all that's changing this year with a temporary, or "popup," Apple Store in the heart of Austin. Local news outlets are reporting that Apple has leased space near Sixth and Congress, and has already begun construction. Black vinyl has apparently been placed over the windows of the location, which is expected to open this Friday, the first day of SXSW. The location is surely less for the convenience of current Apple users, and more an effort to draw in customers amongst the thousands of tech-savy SXSW attendees. There's no word yet as to what kind of services will be available at the popup store, but you could almost certainly buy an iPad there. So, if you find yourself in Austin this weekend with some serious disposable income and a hankering for a new iPad 2, now you know where to go. (The Statesman, image via NetworkEffect)

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  11. MacBook Air Display Illustrates Airiness with Balloon [Video]

    Well-played, Apple. Well-played, indeed. In proving just how light the MacBook Air really is, this Apple Store has one displayed in the front window, suspended in mid-air by a helium-filled balloon. No, really -- it's that light! Look for yourself! (The Next Web)

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  12. New From Apple: Magic Trackpad, New iMac and Mac Pro

    This morning, the Apple store was down, leading people to speculate that new stuff was on the way; those people were right. Apple has just unveiled its rumored Magic Trackpad, which is currently shipping; it's also spiffed up its iMac and Mac Pro lines.

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  13. Dallas Man Already in Line for an iPhone 4 a Week Before it Launches

    The iPhone 4 doesn't officially launch until June 24th, but as of last night, one man has been camped out in front of the Apple store in Dallas, Texas.

    He explains why:

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  14. Tourism Fail: New York City’s Apple Store Its 5th Most Photographed Landmark

    Move over, Statue of Liberty: You've been beaten by the 5th Ave. Apple Store on the list of New York City's most photographed landmarks.  While not quite as popular as the Empire State Building (#1), Times Square (#2), Rockefeller Center (#3), or Grand Central (#4), Apple's subterranean glass cube with its transporter-like cylindrical elevator is apparently a must-see stop on every tourist's itinerary.

    In global rankings, the Apple Store is the 28th most photographed landmark ON EARTH.

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  15. You Can Preorder an iPad Now, If You Want To

    iPad preorders just went live at Apple's online store at 8:30am EST (5:30am PST). Both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3G models are available for preorder; we know that the release date for Wi-Fi iPads is April 3rd, but the release date for 3G iPads has not yet been confirmed beyond "late April."

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  16. Couple Gets Married in Apple Store

    Getting hitched? There is not an app for that. But with a little help from a Genius, you can apparently get through the process almost painlessly. On Valentines day Josh and Ting Li said their vows (I refuse to make an iDo joke here. Absolutely refuse), priest, photographer, and all; in the 5th Avenue Apple store in New York City.

    According to Li, the wedding wasn't authorized or approved by Apple, but the staff of the store did not interfere.

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  17. Apple Releases Aperture 3: Photogs, Rejoice

    At the stroke of nine, Twitter exploded with the news that Apple had released Aperture 3, the latest version of its Aperture photography editing software.

    The last version of Aperture, Aperture 2, came out almost two years ago to the day, and Apple-using photographers have been eagerly awaiting Aperture 3 for some time now. According to a TUAW article from January, "A Google search of the term "Aperture 3" shows that as long as a year ago, there were many impatient photographers who were hoping for a new release of Apple's pro photography application." Aperture 3 retails for $199, with an upgrade from Aperture 2 costing $99; this is compared to the $499 price tag Aperture 1.0 had when it came out in 2004. (The Apple Store isn't yet back up.)

    Aperture 3's features include Faces and Places tagging similar to that of iPhoto; Brushes, which allows users to paint adjustments directly onto photos, and new photo library organization tools:

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  18. PSA: The Apple Store is Down

    We keep hitting refresh, but the post-it note keeps saying "we'll be back soon." Where are you, Apple Store? What could this mean? (h/t Gizmodo)

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