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  1. Someone Paid Almost $1 Million for a Possibly Fake Apollo 15 Moon Camera

    Smile and say, "The Moon is made of cheese!"

    Over the weekend, a Hasselblad Electronic Data Camera that went to the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 15 mission was auctioned off and sold for almost $1 million. The only problem is that the camera may not have actually been on the Moon, or near it, or even to space.

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  2. So Here’s An Interesting Thing About NASA Spacesuits And Penis Sleeve Sizes

    You're already an astronaut. No one cares how big it is. You already win.

    Everyone knows the male ego is fragile, especially when it comes to the size of their Cyclops. You know, their Sonic Screwdriver. Earthworm Jim. Whatever you call it, this rule applies to all guys; especially, apparently, to NASA astronauts, who were so concerned about the size of their Bilbo Bagginses that their own spacesuits suffered.

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  3. Mad Men Writers Reportedly Pitching New Show About NASA in the 60s

    The Golden Age of space exploration could get a lot sexier if the minds behind Mad Men have anything to say about it. Reports surfaced this week that writers from the acclaimed AMC drama are scouting locations along Florida's Space Coast for a show centered around NASA during the 1960s, the glory days of the Apollo program.

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  4. Jeff Bezos Recovers Apollo Mission Engines From Sea Floor, Is Our Favorite Billionaire

    Say what you will about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, but the dude does being a billionaire right. When life presented Bezos with the burning question, :What do you do when you have more money than God?" Bezos responded, "I guess throw some of it behind helping to make robots who can pull old rocket engines up from the bottom of the sea." This is a demonstrably correct answer to the question, and today, Bezos announced that the F-1 Recovery Project that he's spearheaded has borne fruit, resulting in the successful reclamation of several F-1 engines that drove NASA's Apollo missions. Keep reading to check out some pretty impressive video from the project.

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  5. Protagidads: 7 Dads Who Get to Be The Hero

    Power Grid

    After thinking about how most of the parent figures in the things we watch and read and play are secondary characters, antagonists, or just plain missing, we wanted to feature parents who were none of those. We wanted to talk about parents who are protagonists. Our seven Momtagonists are here, but this weekend is Fathers' day in the US, so we'll be covering seven Protagidads, all men who are either the main character of their story or, if it's more of a team narrative, at least as important and vital as the other members of the core cast.

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  6. 10 Couples Who Are Badass Together

    Power Grid

    We tell decidedly different stories about action couples who are introduced as couples, as partners, as inextricable beings; where you’re unlikely to ever see a story about one that does not include the other. All the niggly questions of love interest and muddy emotions have been answered. They’re committed. They’re in it for the long haul. And they have been since they were introduced to us, pretty much. Action heroes are frequently there to have relationship subplots and kick ass. These couples are all out of relationship subplots.

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  7. 45 Years Ago, NASA Took the First Image of Earth from the Moon

    On August 23, 1966, NASA took the first image of the Earth from the Moon. While images of the Earth from space had been recorded since as early as the 1940s, this was the first time our world was shown in the context of another world. All this was a moving precursor to the Apollo 11 flight which three years later took humans to the surface of the Moon. The image was taken from NASA's Lunar Orbiter 1, a satellite the space agency was using to map the lunar surface. All this was in an effort to find a perfect landing spot for the upcoming Apollo missions, and was the first time our orbiting neighbor was fully mapped. During this survey, NASA decided to take the chance and point the orbiter's camera back toward the earth and captured the stunning image you see above. This was a risky maneuver given the complexities of spaceflight, and was only attempted after higher-ups at the agency agreed not to blame anyone if it went horribly wrong. Thankfully, the last-minute photo-op went off without a hitch, and the image was used by NASA as a poster to help promote the project. While taking a picture may not seem like a big deal, keep in mind that this was 1966 and the craft exposed, developed, scanned, and transmitted these images while exposed to the harsh environment of space. With all that in mind, and the successes and trials of the U.S. space program that would come after, the story behind the image may be as profound as the picture itself. To see a full version of the first photo of the Earth from the moon, and to see a video about the Lunar Orbiter, read on after the break.

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  8. Dan DiDio On Gay Characters in the DCnU: Renee Montoya Possibly Confirmed as The Question?

    Great Hera!

    The Advocate posted their interview with DC Comics Senior VP/Executive Editor, Co-publisher and writer Dan DiDio yesterday, and it's a trove of tidbits for anyone who is interested in the presence and future of gay characters in the upcoming reboot. And so, if you can get past the Advocate referring to Apollo, Midnighter, the Question, Voodoo, and the current Batwoman as characters that are being introduced in the relaunch, despite their existence as canonically gay characters for about half a decade even at their youngest. To his credit, DiDio points out at every turn that the characters he's being asked about are pretty solidly established already.

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  9. Your Morning DC Comics News: Blue Beetle, Harley Quinn, Apollo and Midnighter

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    A lot of people may now sigh a great sigh of relief, as DC confirms that its Blue Beetle ongoing series will feature fan favorite Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American teenager, in the suit. Booster Gold/Ted Kord!Blue Beetle 'shippers may now get all glum for a while.

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  10. Watch The Apollo 11 Launch, in Slo-, Glorious Mo [Video]

    Shuttle launches are momentous experiences for a number of reasons -- the engineering prowess, the uncertainty, the research ahead. But really, our little lizard brains like the fire and explosions the best.

    This raw video from the launch umbilical tower of Apollo 11's Saturn V launch, taken on July 16th, 1969, manages to satisfy both ways of thinking: Shot at 500fps, it stretches out the first thirty seconds of the launch into eight glorious pyrotechnic minutes. But the spectacle is balanced out by knowledgeable narration by Mark Gray, the EP for Spacecraft Films.

    Video after the jump:

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  11. (Update) President Obama Visits Kennedy Space Center Amidst Backlash

    This afternoon, President Obama will be tasked with selling his new vision for American space exploration and the future of NASA, amidst a flurry of criticism from those who brought us into the Space Age. Even as he will be the first sitting president to speak at Kennedy Space Center since the Clinton Administration, he faces tough opposition. Apollo-era commanders Neil Armstrong, James Lovell, and Eugene Cernan have released an open letter to the president, slamming the decisions to cancel the previous administration's Constellation moon mission and rocket development in favor of relying on private companies for future travel to the international space station and beyond.

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