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  1. Check Out Episode One of The Future Starts Here, “Technology Shabbats”

    Even better, you can watch 'em all at once if you want!

    Yesterday we told you guys about Tiffany Shlain's latest web series for AOL, The Future Starts Here. "Technology Shabbats," the first episode that premiered today, is about how choosing a day to unplug yourself from technology and take time off can be incredibly liberating.

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  2. The Future Starts Here Starts Tomorrow, So Here’s a Teaser [Video]

    You could argue that this mean the future actually starts there, but... eh. Semantics.

    Get ready to follow yet another awesome online video series -- Webby Awards creator Tiffany Shlain's new project, The Future Starts Here, is set to release its first episode tomorrow. Judging from the trailer, we're guessing it's going to be pretty dang awesome.

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  3. A New Challenger Enters the Ring! AOL Reader Wants to Be Your Google Reader Rebound

    AOL would very much like it if you took them to prom picked them as your new RSS reader solution.

    The end of Google Reader is nigh, and everyone appears to be jumping into the fight over its abandoned users. The latest entrant is AOL who just launched the simply named AOL Reader. At first blush it doesn't appear to have much to make it stand out from the pack, and at least for now there's a major bug. Let's see how it sizes up.

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  4. ComicsAlliance Continues to Tease Rebirth, Toy With Our Emotions

    The reports of its death were greatly exaggerated.

    We were as upset as the next nerd when AOL announced the death of the beloved website ComicsAlliance at the end of April this year. However, it's become pretty clear over the past few weeks that someone over at the site is showing signs of life -- and they don't seem to feel like telling us what's going on there just yet. Hopefully they're not just messing with us. ComicsAlliance, please don't be messing with us. We miss you.

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  5. 19-Year-Old Entrepreneur Squatted at AOL for Two Months

    The question of what to do when you have this great idea but no money has been one that's plagued humans for ages. But what to do when you have this great idea, no money but access to a major campus of technology due to a badge that's failed to have been deactivated is one that the majority of us can only dream about. Not so with Eric Simons. After his $20,000 from Imagine K12, a program hosted at AOL's Palo Alto campus, ran out last fall, he simply decided to live there.

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  6. AOL Just Made a Billion Dollars Selling 800 Patents to Microsoft

    AOL CEO Tim Armstrong has announced in a memo that the dial-up provider come media giant has sold off 800 of its patents to Microsoft for $1.056 billion. The cash deal comes as AOL faces pressure from investors to make good on their promises of a rebirth for the company. Considering that a hefty chunk of that cool billion will be distributed to shareholders, the deal is sure to placate hard feelings for now.

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  7. AIM Good As Dead After Massive AOL Layoffs Eliminate Development Team [UPDATED]

    It should come as little surprise, but AIM is now dead. Effectively, anyway. And yes, up until recently, it was technically alive. Last Friday, AOL finalized layoffs which included the vast majority of the Instant Messenger division. The department was "eviscerated," a former employee told The New York Times, and is now down to nothing more than support staff, so there's practically no chance at future development. All in all, you'd have to have been pretty deluded to be stunned by this, but it's still a little sad for those of us who practically grew up on the service.

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  8. AIM Redesign Gives the Service a Shot in the Arm, a Shot at Relevance

    Back when I was a kid, AIM was the premier messaging service. Anyone who was anyone had at least 2 screen names, both involving horrible mispellings, puns, and arbitrary numbers. Back in the days when having someone's screen name (legitimately from them, not just a mutual friend) was more important than having their number. Since then, the advent of social networking has severely changed the instant message landscape and the cyber landscape at large, leaving AIM more or less in the dust. But now, AIM is trying to rise back to relevance with a new redesign, and from what I can tell from its preview features, it looks like it might actually have a fighting chance.

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  9. Biggest Names Online Take Out Full Page Ad in NYTimes Speaking Against SOPA

    Yesterday, a group of nine of the biggest online companies took out a full page ad in the New York Times to voice their concern over two pieces of legislation in congress that could greatly affect the way America uses the Internet. In the letter, Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Zynga, eBay, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and AOL ask that their point of view be heard regarding the Protect IP and the Stop Online Piracy Act.

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  10. AOL Still Has 3.5 Million Dial-Up Subscribers

    I kid you not: AOL still has 3.5 million loyal dial-up subscribers as of this very moment. Just take a minute to think about all the words in that sentence that are insane, specifically all of them. Dial-up was pretty awful even before there were alternatives, and AOL was pretty awful even in the world of dial-up providers. The fact that AOL has somehow managed to hang on to that many faithful dial-up devotees amazes me. Granted, AOL still has an overall declining user base. They lost 630,000 subscribers over the past year, but that's actually their lowest Q3 loss because, I can't believe I'm saying this, recent promotions have actually brought 200,000 new subscribers to AOL, in 2011. Really though.

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