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  1. Review: Annie Just Isn’t A Fresh Enough Take On The Classic

    Poor direction and uninspired musical numbers hurt this remake.

    The new musical adaptation of the classic comic strip-turned-Broadway musical-turned-movie is an interesting beast. It’s an attempt to modernize the story of a tenacious little orphan who experiences a Cinderella story when found by the wealthy Daddy Warbucks. And while there is certainly something to admire about this new approach, and to bringing movie musicals back for a younger generation, there are two problems which prevent this film from transcending the big shadow of its predecessor.

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  2. Hot Trailer: Mila Kunis Cries Shiny Moon Tears, Rihanna is a Snake Person in MoonQuake Lake

    "What if when you go to the moon there's an asteroid, or something?"

    As you may have guessed, this is not a trailer for an actual movie (not that we'd put it past Hollywood). But it is in an actual movie. According to Pajiba, this is from, of all things, Annie. The titular character and her foster dad go to see MoonQuake Lake, which is apparently a Twilight knock off in which Mila Kunis is from the moon, Ashton Kutcher is a handsome man, and Rihanna is some sort of snake mermaid.

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  3. Sony Hackers Leak Fury, Annie, Other Unreleased Movie Files

    Do you... do you think Sony is... furious?

    Sony Pictures Entertainment has been under a cyber-attack since last week. The hackers made good on threats over the weekend by releasing several full-length files of Sony movies, some of which have yet to be released in theaters.

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  4. Brace Yourself For Cuteness; A New Annie Trailer Is Here [VIDEO]


    I have, like, negative interest in an Annie movie, but watching the trailers makes me want to sing that the sun'll come out tomorrow while I skip around Manhattan in a cute red coat. What have you done, Quvenzhané Wallis? What have you done? (via: /Film) Previously in Annie

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  5. You Don’t Have to Wait for Tomorrow to Watch the Full Trailer for Annie

    and let it be known

    "Well, I was never really an Annie kid, I'm sure this trailer won't awaken anything in me." *clicks play* Oh no it's cute. Previously in Annie

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  6. Annie Promo Gives Us a Brief Glimpse of Singing, Dancing Quvenzhané Wallis [VIDEO]

    it's time to play the music

    The first trailer for the Annie remake comes out tomorrow (tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow), but if you’re dying to see (and hear) Quvenzhané Wallis as the curly-haired protag before then, we have a little something for you courtesy of Entertainment Tonight. Also released: A (Quvenzhané-less poster) and the official synopsis of the film, in case you want to comb it for discrepancies from the original movie.

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  7. The First Image Of Quvenzhané Wallis As Annie Is Here!

    Once More With Feeling

    At least I think it's the first. Either way, I'm excited to finally see Quvenzhané Wallis done up in her Annie costume along with Jamie Foxx (who we just saw in the first Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer earlier today), Cameron Diaz and Rose Byrne. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Chris Hadfield As David Bowie

    Things We Saw Today

    Presented without comment. (via Fashionably Geek)

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  9. Things We Saw Today: When AT-AT’s Crash A Jedi’s Wedding

    Things We Saw Today

    Photo editor Steven Kowalski altered this wedding photo for newlyweds Mindy and John to feature AT-AT's approaching the couple as they stand arm in arm, prepared to defend their wedding. (via The Frisky)

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  10. The Annie Remake Has Found Its Miss Hannigan

    Cautiously Optimistic

    It's official, Cameron Diaz will play Miss Hannigan in the Annie remake. All together now - WE LOVE YOU MISS HANNIGAN! 

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  11. Thing We Saw Today: Hipster Princesses Are So Over the Con Thing

    Things We Saw Today

    That camera is soooo mainstream. via Fashionably Geek

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  12. Things We Saw Today: A Shield Worthy Of House Stark

    Things We Saw Today

    This 7-inch Stark shield is a Dark Horse Comics San Diego Comic-Con exclusive and will have a limited run of only 1,200 pieces. (via Dark Horse)

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  13. Jamie Foxx May Play The Character Previously Known As Daddy Warbucks In The Annie Remake

    Oh Really?

    Jamie Foxx, soon to be seen as the villain Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, may be living the in the lap of  luxury in his next role. Sources are saying he's in talks to play Daddy Warbucks to Quvenzhané Wallis' Annie but Daddy Warbucks isn't the name they're planning to use for this remake...

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  14. Beasts of the Southern Wild‘s Quvenzhané Wallis Possibly to Live a Hard Knock Life in Annie Remake

    it's time to play the music

    Blast it, Annie remake. I didn't want anything to do with you, and then you have to go and possibly be casting Beasts of the Southern Wild's Quvenzhané Wallis as your lead. Stop it. I don't want to look forward to you.

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