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  1. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 67 & 68

    It’s a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey kind of day in the Mooniverse.

    Okay, so I take back my earlier rant about how we’d have to wait 20 episodes to find out what’s going on with Chibiusa. The creative team didn’t string us along for very long at all, and we pretty much have all the gaps filled in at this point. Now all that’s left is for Usagi to take down the baddies, save the future, and rescue the Queen. Who is, um… herself. This probably won’t cause any gaping rifts in the space-time continuum. Probably.

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  2. New Attack on Titan Movie Trailer Has Us Hungry For More


    A new Attack on Titan trailer surfaced on YouTube this week, providing an exciting new peek over the wall at the movie and its striking visual style.

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  3. There Will Never Be a New Sailor Moon Video Game in the U.S. and Here’s Why

    It seems a Bandai Namco representative by the name of Tak Miyazoe made some remarks last weekend at a press event suggesting there is sudden interest in a new Sailor Moon video game.

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  4. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 65 & 66

    Better late than never, no?

    It was a fun week, with some subtle plot bombs and slightly varied character dynamics—all good things, really—but in the interest of getting this out before the end of the week (I’m typing this during the, like, three-hour window between parties and chores), I’m going to unleash my little-used superpower: EXTREME BREVITY. Prepare yourself, Kakarot!

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  5. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 63 & 64

    Secrets may not make friends, but they sure do stretch out the episode count.

    I don’t know what it is about this arc that’s making me so impatient, but when Chibiusa didn’t just tell us everything that was going on at the end of this week, I wanted to jump through the screen and throw Beanie Ballz at her. (What? I have a small collection, so it makes sense to throw those specifically!)

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  6. Bears, Bars, and Magical Boys: Ranking The Shows Of The Winter 2015 Anime Season

    I’ve never been so sad to see the end of winter.

    I like to talk season trends in these retrospectives, and Winter saw a couple fascinating ones: Well-written female characters, and an exploration of binaries (male/female, life/death, Madonna/whore, geeky/sporty, etc.) and seemingly irreconcilable cultures and social groups. The top seven shows all feature diverse, layered lady protagonists; in five of those shows said protagonists are the main character; and two of them (Yurikuma Arashi and Maria the Virgin Witch) are overtly feminist works.

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  7. Why Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Stole my Heart

    Proof that Magical Boys are just as lovable as Magical Girls.

    Like many growing up in the 90s, my transformation into an otaku began with Sailor Moon. As a result, the entire mahou shoujo (magical girl) genre is very near and dear to me. So I was a little wary tuning into Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! for the first time. Billed as a parody to the mahou shoujo genre, the show features five high-school guys who one day receive the power to transform into Battle Lovers thanks to a mysterious pink wombat.

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  8. Yurikuma Arashi Finale Recap: Episode 12 – “YURI KUMA ARASHI”

    Let’s go, Miss Kureha! To the outside world!

    I thought I’d start this with a spoiler-free review, for those of you scrolling past and wondering if you should give this strange little series a try. Hit the jump to read on, and I’ll let you know when the spoilers kick up again.

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  9. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 61-62

    Huh. So apparently the “R” stands for “Rage-induced table-flipping.”

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  10. Yurikuma Arashi Recap – Episode 11: “What We Hope For”

    Me too, Ginko. Me, too.

    Picking up nowhere near where we left off (it wouldn’t be Yurikuma otherwise), Ginko treats us to an internal monologue where she apologizes to Lulu for lying to her and pretending not to know how she felt, all of which occurs over images of broken honey pots and torn picture books, and… but no. No way Lulu’s gonna bite the love bullet this week. I mean, if they were gonna do that, they would have done it last week, right? That’s how these stories go, right?

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Mockingbird Front and Center

    Oh, and SPOILERS if you haven't seen "One Door Closes!"

    And the exclusive Entertainment Weekly Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. poster images just keep on coming! Check out this week's artwork created by Delicious Design League, which spotlights Mockingbird in light of recent developments in the episode, "One Door Closes." Spoilers ahoy!

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  12. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 59 & 60

    And so as one Sailor Moon aRc ends, another begins…

    And no, we do NOT have time for a retrospective! There was FAR too much happening this week. So I’ll cover my reactions as we go, with my usual blend of exaggeration and irreverence. But don’t let my cheekiness fool you: I quite enjoyed both episodes this week, and I’m looking forward to telling you kids all about it.

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  13. We Want All Of This Super-Chic New Sailor Moon Clothing Line


    "Girls Sparkle Love - Let's Prism Power Make Up!" isn't your next favorite J-pop band - it's actually the name of the Sailor Moon-themed pop-up shop opening in Tokyo tomorrow. Can we book a last-minute flight?

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  14. The Very Best Cosplay We Saw At Shuto Con 2015

    TMS contributor Sara Goodwin hit up Shuto Con, Lansing's annual anime convention, this weekend, and there was plenty of magical cosplay to love. Here were some of Sara's faves!

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  15. Yurikuma Arashi Recap – Episode 10: “The Door to Friendship”

    Bear hugs make everything better.

    This post is coming to you on holiday, two time zones and a primary laptop away from my usual writing location, which means I’m lacking both my reaction gif archive and a whole mess of available writing time. So while this post is still plenty long on account of all the Lulu (#BestBear), I do apologize if it’s a bit sparser (and lower on terrible puns) than usual.

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  16. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 57 & 58

    The plots (and tree roots) thicken!

    The Makai Tree is glowing an unpleasant purple color and making the kind of noises that, if your car was making those noises, you’d take it to an exorcist, ‘cause hell if the mechanic is gonna know what to do.

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  17. Yurikuma Arashi Recap – Episode 9: “The Future of the Girls”

    Finders, keepers, losers, bear food.

    Welcome back, everyone! Are your fingers achin’ after dangling from that cliff for the last two weeks? Well, just in case you forgot where Kureha was, the episode uses its first couple minutes to remind us. Bear to the left of her, teacher to the right, here she is—stuck in the middle with Luluuuuu! Having learned the truth about Ginko and Sumika, Kureha raises her gun, and…

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  18. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 55 & 56

    Aliens are people too!

    These two episodes encapsulate pretty much everything I love about Sailor Moon, using supernatural events to develop characters and provide commentary on love, friendship, and gender roles. And it doesn’t hurt that they were darn amusing, too.

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  19. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 53 & 54

    Poor, poor Ami.

    Sometimes I worry that Sailor Moon will run out of episodic plot lines - then I remember that Cheers ran for 11 years, and they never had any aliens to battle, and I know we'll be okay.

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  20. The Search For Sex-Positive Hentai

    Harder than you might think.

    According to Porn MD, “hentai” is the fourth most searched porn term in the world - in other words, approximately everybody alive has seen anime characters grinding. That also means that I can say with a pretty decent amount of certainty that you, dear readers, have seen some. It’s alright, friends; you’re safe here.

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