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  1. 200 Plus Artists Reanimated an Episode of Sailor Moon Shot for Shot, and Now You Can Watch the Whole Thing

    Transform me into a gorgeous animator!

    For the better part of a year, animators labored to reproduce an episode of Sailor Moon, with each person taking a single shot (though some of them more than one), and now the fruits of their efforts are finally available to watch! Here's the results of Moon Animate Make Up, "Fractious Friends," or, "Fractious Frames." A little animator humor.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Lady Luffy!

    She's going to be king of the pirates!

    This Rule 63 Luffy cosplay from One Piece by Jessdresses Cosplay is too cute for words. (via Fashionably Geek)

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  3. 10 Anime to Watch and Watch Out For This Summer

    And they're all Sailor Moon. (Just kidding.)

    It's no secret that over the last few years anime has become an increasingly hard hobby to get into for multiple reasons. One of the biggest of those reasons is that so many series are now aimed at hardcore fans that it's difficult to find one that the average person can get into without needing a wealth of background or specialist knowledge. What's a person to do?

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  4. Watch the First Trailer for the New Studio Ghibli Film, When Marnie Was There

    Ghibli does ghosts.

    You may not know what When Marie Was There is about, strictly speaking, after watching the above trailer, which is a sort of music video set to Priscilla Ahn's "Fine on the Outside," but you should get a pretty good sense of the vibe of the film. For the plot, here's the official summary of the book on which the film is based:

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  5. Netflix to Debut Its First Original Anime Series Knights of Sidonia

    Because who *doesn't* want Pacific Rim meets Gundam Wing?!

    Netflix announced they will be debuting a new original anime series, Knights of Sidonia, on July 4, and the 12-episode first season looks really promising!

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  6. Otaku Dictionary: Japanese Honorifics

    Allow us to explain.

    When you first watch Japanese animation in its native language it's only natural that you'd come across words that you don't understand.

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  7. Welcome to Sailor Moon, the Newbie Recap: Episodes 1 and 2

    Be nice to cats.

    Good day, and welcome to our Sailor Moon newbie recaps! Just for a change of pace, I, Susana, will be your resident newbie, and not our Newbie Recap Veteran (not an oxymoron) Rebecca. Over the next few weeks, I'll be watching and recapping two episodes a week from the show's original 1992 run, because I am a child of the '80s who never actually watched Sailor Moon, except once, alone, on late night Toonami, at my aunt's house in California where they had Cartoon Network.

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  8. A Ridiculously Comprehensive History of Sailor Moon – Part 1: Made In Japan

    In the Name of the Moon, I will meticulously describe things to you!

    Between Viz Media's recent remastered release of the original mid '90s anime, the upcoming 26-episode reboot set to hit the Internet in three weeks, and the ridiculous amounts of merchandise now for sale, it has never been a more exciting time to be a Sailor Moon fan. In honor of the new series, The Mary Sue will be taking a look at how Sailor Moon has grown over the past 20 years--starting, of course, with all the awesome Japanese stuff most of us couldn't get at as kids.

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  9. Sailor Moon Redesigns Are Rad, Badass, Radass

    Henshin Yo!

    Real talk time, Sailor Moon fans: How many times have you watched the trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal already? You still have about three and a half weeks until the premiere, so to tide you over we have these awesome character redesigns by Calvin P. I want a Love Whip.

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  10. Changing the Face of Women in Anime: The Importance of Ugliness


    Since the “girl power” wave of the 90s and early 2000s, many media-makers stateside have been much better about including diverse female characters in media directed toward a younger audience. But while Sailor Moon was one of the forerunners of this well-intentioned movement, much of the material from Japan which has been licensed for release in the States is marketed toward boys or men, and magical girls have fallen out of popular favor (recent reboots notwithstanding). Needless to say, when there are female characters in this kind of media, they are often a love interest, and they often fall into one of a handful of anime stereotypes.

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