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  1. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 77 & 78

    Man, I’m really gonna miss that breakup subplot—said no one ever.

    Juuban’s most famous power couple is back together, everyone’s health is falling apart, and Esmeraude continues to follow the Villain’s Handbook to the very letter. Admittedly not my favorite pair of episodes—while the central story of R is much stronger than that of the first season, I haven’t found a ton of R’s character episodes all that memorable, and that’s pretty much what we’re getting this week. Also, since when has Minako been Usagi 2.0?

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  2. Why You Should Be Watching Sound! Euphonium: Trumpet Staccato and Geek Bravado

    Sound! Euphonium is nothing if not an absolute medley of love and winks towards its target audience of old and new band geeks, and it’s all too obvious that these experiences and characters come from a very real, special place in the director’s heart.

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  3. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 75 & 76

    A wild Time Lord appears!

    The story moves forward a bit and then settles into its next mini-aRc as new (surprisingly likeable) villains take the stage and Chibiusa’s mysterious helper at last introduces herself. Also, cake! And really, what’s not to love about that?

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  4. Why You Should Be Watching My Love STORY

    It satisfies my sweet tooth in more ways than one.

    Not too many people understand Takeo Gouda very well. Or at all, really. He’s a towering uberbeast of an eighth grader with the face of a wrestler who happens to have the rock-hard internal core of a golden retriever puppy with a chocolatey coating (that is, until something threatens him or something he cares about, as we quickly discover).

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  5. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 73 & 74

    Everything’s comin’ up Rubeus!

    While Episode 73 was pretty much just me shouting at Chibusa for 25 minutes, I kinda loved Episode 74, partly because we got us some fast-acting karma, but mostly because it did a good job of showing how much Usagi has matured since the series began—heck, it showed how much she’s matured since the end of Season 1, even.

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  6. Sex is Not a Dirty Word: or, Why The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is a Great Feminist Anime

    The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is both the most nudity-heavy and one of the most thoughtfully feminist anime I have ever seen. It is a damn well made piece of art from one of the most promising up and coming directors in anime, and I’ve documented my love for it fairly extensively in the past (it plays, indeed, no small part in my blog’s creation).

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  7. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 71 & 72

    Sailor Moon: Encouraging you to quit your crappy job since 1993!

    No week with an Ami episode can ever be a bad week. Throw in some villain redemption and a climax revolving (literally) around a black muthafuggin hole, and we got ourselves a recipe for a good old-fashioned Sailor Moon Romp.

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  8. Why You Should Be Watching Blood Blockade Battlefront

    It's a blast.

    So here's the low-down on the anime Blood Blockade Battlefront: everyday apprentice journalist Leonard Watch, a completely normal boy who happens to have the eyes of a god that allow him to see across time and space. Leo has found himself in quite a comedy of the absurd, after biting off far more then he can chew in the big city months ago in search of a cure for his sister’s ailing legs.

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  9. Looking At Female Characters in Anime and Manga Through a Western Feminist Lens

    Well, here it goes.

    The portrayal of female characters in anime and manga is a complex discussion, not only because of the various tropes that exist but also because of the cultural perspectives through which they must be filtered and digested. While the subject of female characters in anime and manga is not as frequently written about here at The Mary Sue, it nonetheless has become a topic of discussion not only by the Japanese consumers but those like myself.

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  10. President Otakubama Thanks Japan for Anime and Manga

    What about sushi?

    Japan's Prime Minster, Shinzo Abe, visited the White House this week to discuss trade within the Pacific Rim (the geography, not the movie). While it was, for the most part, a business visit, it was also a good chance for Obama to thank Abe for Japanese cultural imports.

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  11. Sailor Moon Newbie Recaps: Episodes 69 & 70

    All Ikuhara all the time always!

    Lucky for you Sailor Moon fans, I have granted you the longest post I’ve written in a while. Because I have… opinions about these two.

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  12. Horror Director Adam Wingard Signs On For The US Adaptation Of Death Note

    Yes, there's a US adaptation of the Death Note anime coming to screens near you - but it might actually be good, thanks to the intelligent eye of newly-signed-on director Adam Wingard.

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  13. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 67 & 68

    It’s a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey kind of day in the Mooniverse.

    Okay, so I take back my earlier rant about how we’d have to wait 20 episodes to find out what’s going on with Chibiusa. The creative team didn’t string us along for very long at all, and we pretty much have all the gaps filled in at this point. Now all that’s left is for Usagi to take down the baddies, save the future, and rescue the Queen. Who is, um… herself. This probably won’t cause any gaping rifts in the space-time continuum. Probably.

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  14. New Attack on Titan Movie Trailer Has Us Hungry For More


    A new Attack on Titan trailer surfaced on YouTube this week, providing an exciting new peek over the wall at the movie and its striking visual style.

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  15. There Will Never Be a New Sailor Moon Video Game in the U.S. and Here’s Why

    It seems a Bandai Namco representative by the name of Tak Miyazoe made some remarks last weekend at a press event suggesting there is sudden interest in a new Sailor Moon video game.

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  16. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 65 & 66

    Better late than never, no?

    It was a fun week, with some subtle plot bombs and slightly varied character dynamics—all good things, really—but in the interest of getting this out before the end of the week (I’m typing this during the, like, three-hour window between parties and chores), I’m going to unleash my little-used superpower: EXTREME BREVITY. Prepare yourself, Kakarot!

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  17. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 63 & 64

    Secrets may not make friends, but they sure do stretch out the episode count.

    I don’t know what it is about this arc that’s making me so impatient, but when Chibiusa didn’t just tell us everything that was going on at the end of this week, I wanted to jump through the screen and throw Beanie Ballz at her. (What? I have a small collection, so it makes sense to throw those specifically!)

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  18. Bears, Bars, and Magical Boys: Ranking The Shows Of The Winter 2015 Anime Season

    I’ve never been so sad to see the end of winter.

    I like to talk season trends in these retrospectives, and Winter saw a couple fascinating ones: Well-written female characters, and an exploration of binaries (male/female, life/death, Madonna/whore, geeky/sporty, etc.) and seemingly irreconcilable cultures and social groups. The top seven shows all feature diverse, layered lady protagonists; in five of those shows said protagonists are the main character; and two of them (Yurikuma Arashi and Maria the Virgin Witch) are overtly feminist works.

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  19. Why Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Stole my Heart

    Proof that Magical Boys are just as lovable as Magical Girls.

    Like many growing up in the 90s, my transformation into an otaku began with Sailor Moon. As a result, the entire mahou shoujo (magical girl) genre is very near and dear to me. So I was a little wary tuning into Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! for the first time. Billed as a parody to the mahou shoujo genre, the show features five high-school guys who one day receive the power to transform into Battle Lovers thanks to a mysterious pink wombat.

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  20. Yurikuma Arashi Finale Recap: Episode 12 – “YURI KUMA ARASHI”

    Let’s go, Miss Kureha! To the outside world!

    I thought I’d start this with a spoiler-free review, for those of you scrolling past and wondering if you should give this strange little series a try. Hit the jump to read on, and I’ll let you know when the spoilers kick up again.

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