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Animation Domination High Definition

  1. Fox ADHD’s Captain America Song Is Fairly Upsettling, Sadly Spot-On

    I bet the real Captain America would hate this.

    This video from Fox ADHD titled "CAPTAIN AMERICA STATISTICS SONG!" might get you in the 4th of July spirit, but probably not in the way you're expecting. It reworks the classic Captain America cartoon theme song with statistics about how America compares to other countries in education, health, and more. Spoiler: We don't compare very well.

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  2. Animation Domination Imagines The Future of Batman To Hilarious Effect [VIDEO]

    "I am the night, alright, alright, alright."

    When Affleck hangs up his cape and cowl, who's next? Hopefully none of the guys in this ADHD video.

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  3. In “Scientifically Accurate Pokémon,” Ash Is a Homeless Ten-Year-Old Michael Vick Wannabe [Video]

    That one's a f***ing ice cream cone!

    Listen, Pokémon is super-fun and all, but you've got to admit that it takes a lotta willful suspension of disbelief. I mean, there's a pokémon in the newest generation of games that is literally just a set of keys. Keys! So this satirical video by Fox's ADHD definitely rings true for us here in a lot of ways.

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  4. Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man’s Scientifically Accurate, Not Safe for Work [Video]

    Earlier this week we looked at a paper that examined the physics behind the train stop scene in Spider-Man 2 that put a little science before our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but that clearly wasn't enough for the people at Fox's Animation Domination High Def. They went a few steps further to create Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man to give us a look a what a real man/spider hybrid would look like, and it isn't pretty. It's also not safe for work, unless your work is writing about weirdly graphic Spider-Man parody cartoons. Then you're probably fine.

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