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Animated GIFs

  1. 6 Animated GIFs Lone Signal Should Beam Into Space

    Its mission: To boldly go where no dancing baby has gone before.

    Every once in a while, humanity decides to send a document of its achievements into space on the off chance that it might get picked up by another form of intelligent life. In 1974, NASA beamed a binary encoding of a double helix. In 2008, they beamed a recording of "Across The Universe" by The Beatles. Today, the interstellar communication company Lone Signal will be beaming an animated GIF of a random white guy scratching his mostly-bald head into space. No offense to that dude, but is that really the best we can do as a species when there are so very many spectacular GIFs wandering about the Internet?

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  2. Oxford Dictionaries Names GIF 2012 Word of the Year, Celebration GIFs Abound

    It's time to celebrate, Internet denizens. We don't need anyone to legitimize our hobbies, but it's nice when the more traditional establishments make note of our various and sundry online endeavors. Today is one of those times. Oxford Dictionaries has just named GIF their 2012 Word of the Year. Not the image format, which turned 25 this year, but the verb. As in, to GIF, and GIFing. I'm not even kidding.

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  3. Twitter Finally Stops GIF Avatars, Gone Are the Halcyon Days of the Past

    Animated Twitter avatars are both the bane and glory of the service. To be fair, the same can be said about the Internet in general. However, unlike with the Internet, Twitter is run by a single entity with the capability to shut the GIF train down, and that's exactly what they've done. As of now, the loopholes that previously allowed animated GIF avatars have been closed.

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  4. Happy 25th Anniversary, GIF!

    Out of all the file formats, the GIF probably garners the most mixed feelings. They're technically not strictly used for animated images, but that's generally how you'll come across them on the Internet. They're the reason the page you're trying to load takes a million years, but they're also the reason you don't have to send YouTube links that start at specific times to your friends to show them a quick, funny thing that happened. To the Internet, the animated GIF is both a blessing and a curse. Back on this day, June 15, in 1987, the Graphics Interchange Format was born, so whether or not you hate them, this sometimes derisive, sometimes beloved file format deserves recognition. Happy 25th anniversary, GIF. I don't know how many adorable animal scenes and extremely weird Japanese game show segments I would have missed without you.

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  5. This is an Analog Turntable For Watching Animated GIFs

    Artist Pieterjan Grandry has broken a major barrier between the unreality of the Internet and the rest of the real world. Grandry has successfully taken animated GIFs and made them analog. His device, based on a pre-film form of entertainment called a phenakistoscope, uses frames from a GIF printed onto transparent material as individual frames and placed on a wheel. Once spun and illuminated, the images form a single moving picture -- in this case, a head bobbing cat. Now with a few million of these things, we could recreate the entirety of Tumblr, sans Internet. Take a look at the analog animated GIF player in action, conveniently in animated GIF form, after the break.

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  6. Photographer Seeks to Make Animated GIFs Classy

    Highbrow animated GIFs? You know, the visual medium best known for doing stuff like this? Apparently so. That, anyway, is the mission of a New York-based photographer named Jamie Beck. Beck calls her creations "cinemagraphs" -- "more than a photo, but not quite a video" -- and has posted a series featuring supermodel Coco Rocha to her Tumblr.

    Of course the technology to create GIF's has been around for decades but I believe its potential for both expression and impact, within the fashion world, has yet to be fully explored. Let me put it this way -- film has been around for a century, does that mean that we've exhausted the possibilities?
    More below:

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  7. 12 Animated GIFs That Can Be Used to Replace Conversation

    Everyone likes a good animated gif, but what people may not realize is that many of them are perfect for cutting verbal communication from one's daily routine, saving vital time in the process by avoiding having to type out a response. After a few years of communication in animated gifs, one may have successfully shaved a good chunk--possibly even a few minutes--from their daily routine.

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  8. How to Make an Animated Twitter Avatar

    Twitter is a popularity contest and animated GIFs remain the coolest thing on the Internet, so it follows that if you can make your Twitter avatar into an animated GIF, you will be the coolest kid on school and thusly win Twitter. But how to do it? Sadly, if you upload an animated GIF to Twitter when you're trying to set your icon and you have to resize the GIF, the animation breaks. But Greg Leuch has written a short, handy guide to overcoming adversity and making your Twitter avatar as animated as the twinkling stars in heaven above:

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  9. Animated GIFs of Internet Memes

    Our friends at Urlesque have made a series of Internet memes into animated GIFs.

    ... Lord help us all.

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  10. 8 Immortal Image Threads You Could Look Through for Days

    For all of the brand-new information and diversions that the Internet brings us each day (and which you closely follow on sites like this one), some of its brightest treasures exist in forum threads from long ago. People with odd image libraries, Photoshop, and too much time on their hands sculpted and collected the amusing and bizarre pictures that still pop up, often without context, to this very day. Below, we've gathered some of the longest and highest quality image threads, with themes like "you nostalgia, you lose," CAPTCHArt, Caturday, and, of course, animated GIFs. Warning: Any one of these could easily suck up a good portion of your day.

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