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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

American Psycho

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Matt Smith Is Officially Done Filming Doctor Who, Is Moving On To An American Psycho Musical

Well. That’s quite a change.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: NYCC’s Super Best Friends Forever Poison Ivy Exclusive

Stop by next month’s New York Comic Con to get DC Collectibles’ Poison Ivy exclusive. (Psst, and go to our panel while you’re there.)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: For Just $8,500 You Can Own a Life-Sized Iron Man

Tony Stark not included. Via Fashionably Geek.


Together At Last

American Psycho Meets Pokémon, With a Dash of Star Wars for Good Measure. Just Watch It, It Works. [VIDEO]

By Demi Adejuyigbe, here’s an “Unreleased 10th Anniversary Director’s Cut Deleted Scene” from American Psycho designed to make the film appeal to the young’uns. With Pokémon.

A wild Paul Allen appears!
Patrick Bateman used Chop!
It’s super effective!

Try to beat the Elite Four now, Paul!

(via: MovieBob)

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Almost Totally Excellent

Great, More Things We Want to Own: Awesome Original Poster Art of Some of Our Favorite Movies

Sometimes, the posters for our favorite movies just don’t match the things they make us feel. They’re too glossy, too obviously airbrushed, maybe they feature the faces of the actors a little (or a lot) more prominently than they do any actual idea of the movie. This is precisely what makes this poster art by artist Adam Rabalais so cool. The volume itself is impressive; the quality even more so. Click through the jump to see some of our favorites.