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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Amelia Earhart

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Marry Me, Tumblr Blog That’s Just Illustrated Puns on Historical Ladies’ Names

There will always be a special place in my heart for Jane Eyre, the only book I ever read for school that I later returned to to read for pleasure. But we’re not hear to talk about bigamy, child poverty, madness, illegitimate children and major characters being struck blind, we’re here to talk about Dav Yendler and Hahn-Tien Tran‘s LadyPuns.

And by talk I mean cackle in an unashamed fashion.


Warning: May Contain Feelings

I’m Betting This is The Cutest Video Featuring the Curiosity Rover We’ll See For A While

Melbourne, Australia commissioned a cute video to remind its passengers to exercise save behavior when boarding trains or waiting at stations called “Dumb Ways to Die.” Seattle’s Cinesaurus created this homage video to it all about the Mars Curiosity Rover

I feel obligated to point out that since all the rovers are referred to as “she,” like many other inanimate vehicles, this video contains a brief moment of lesbian robot love. It also contains references to Amelia Earhart, Aliens, Half-Life 3, Doctor Who, and at about 1:05, something that just might make an xkcd fan tear up, so that’s pretty cool too.

(via Laughing Squid.)


Curiouser and curiouser!

Possible New Evidence of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan’s Aircraft Found In Waters of Nikumaroro

There are some unsolved mysteries the collective “we” just cannot seem to let go of. The disappearance legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan is one of them. There’s just enough evidence to paint a truly compelling picture, but never enough to ever label their file “solved.” Now, 75 years after Earhart’s plane went radio silent for the last time, we’re still looking. And we’re still finding: A team of researchers revealed on Friday that, after reviewing underwater video footage, they believe they have found a scattering of man-made debris that very well could have once been a part of Earhart’s plane. 


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Google Salutes Amelia Earhart

Google celebrates what would have been Amelia Earhart’s 115th birthday with their beautiful Google doodle.  


The Future Is Now!

Headline of the Day: Robots Join Search for Amelia Earhart

At little while ago we reported on the discovery of what appears to be an empty jar of anti-freckle cream on a remote Pacific island, a discovery that’s a pretty major find in the tiny field of “figuring out what ultimately, specifically, happened to Amelia Earhart and her navigator Freed Noonan as they attempted to circumnavigate the globe.”

The prevailing wisdom is that after a fuel or engine malfunction, Earhart landed on a reef of a coral atol known now as Nikumaroro Island. Unable to get the plane back up in the air without runway, the vehicle would eventually have been washed off the reef and into the ocean by tides. What the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery would like to do now, is go look at the Nikumaroro reef themselves… with the help of some robots.


Consider the Following

Face Cream Discovered on Remote Pacific Island May Support Amelia Earhart Crash Theory

Amelia Earhart‘s disappearance is one of history’s favorite conspiracy theories, but in recent history, there’s actually been a lot of research done along the path she was known to be on, and the discovery of a mid-century castaway camp on the remote island of Nikumaroro that contains American retail items that would have belonged to a woman as well as some that would have belonged to a man. (Earhart was flying with navigator Fred Noonan when she went radio silent.)

So, the general understanding as been that rather than being picked up by aliens or flying through a wormhole, Earhart must have run out of fuel, crash landed in the Pacific, possibly even on Nikumaroro. The most recent evidence to support this theory is what appears to be the recovered fragments of a jar of anti-freckle ointment on Nikumaroro.


The World May Never Know

The Search For Amelia Earhart Resumes With Help From Hillary Clinton

Seventy-five years ago, Amelia Earhart set off in a plane to circumnavigate the globe and was never heard from again. Her story lived on in infamy and continues to boggle mind to this day but the search to find her eventually ended. That is, until now. The Discovery Channel is funding the continued search for Earhart in conjunction with support from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the US State Department. We wholeheartedly approve of this measure.