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  1. Nvidia Loses 10 Million GPU Order, Still Refuses To Play Nice With Linux

    Nvidia's refusal to cooperate with the Linux platform is costing them way more than bad press; it is also costing them a lot of money. The Chinese government dropped their order of 10 million Nvidia GPUs because the drivers were incompatible with their system architecture. This could easily be solved if Nvidia would just release the source code, but as usual, they refused. The order went to AMD instead.

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  2. Ex-Intel Engineer Admits to $400 Million In Information Theft

    There are a lot of expensive things out there, but information can be one of the priciest. If you were going to rob Intel, one way to go about it would be to try and make off with bags full of chips, or you could be like ex-Intel engineer Biswamohan Pani and take some documents worth somewhere between 200 and 400 million dollars. Why? To advance his career at AMD. But for documents worth that much, Pani will get nothing but some jail time.

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  3. AMD Unveils 16-Core Microprocessor Opteron 6200

    Lately, AMD and AMD chips have been pushing the envelope on overclocking, beating the world record not once, but twice over the course of just a few months. Having done that, what else is a microprocessing company to do? Oh, I know, how about release a 16-core microprocessor that can boost enterprise server performance by up to 84%? Yeah, that seems like it might work. Processors from the new AMD Opteron 6200 family aim to help businesses everywhere get into the cloud, and do it in style.

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  4. Lone Overclocker Beats AMD Bulldozer Chip's World Record AMD Bulldozer Chip

    As you may remember, AMD took the world record for CPU overclocking a little over a month ago. Using their 8-core Bulldozer-FX chip, the team was able to set the all time record of 8.429 GHZ in an utterly theatrical manner. It wasn't exactly a piece of cake; the event involved all kinds of unorthadox measures including liquid nitrogen and liquid helium cooling. No way some random guy could top that, right? Wrong. Andre Yang of Taiwan has managed to best the two-months-young record, driving his own personal AMD FX-8150 eight-core up to 8.46GHz, presumably without all the colored lights, a thumping soundtrack, or high production values.

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  5. Crazy Overclocked AMD Bulldozer Chip Sets World Record

    Chipmaker AMD recently announced that late last month, the company set a new world record for CPU overclocking. Using their Bulldozer-FX octo-core chip, Guinnnes World Records has confirmed that the company blew past the previous record of 8.3 GHZ and set the new benchmark at 8.429 GHZ. All it took was the help of experienced overclockers Pete HardmanSami Maekinen, Brian Mclachlan, Aaron Schradin, and some super-cold liquid helium. While this was mostly to show off what could be done with the Bulldozer-FX chips under extreme conditions, the team also wanted to show off what could be done by the average geek at home that doesn't have access to huge quantities of liquid gases. Their tests began with low-cost air and water-cooled configurations, which was apparently sufficient to get the processors over the 5 GHZ line. Cooling the processor with liquid nitrogen pushed the processor past the existing world record, but it took -220º F liquid helium to achieve the final speed. To see a video a video set to music far too intense for overclocking hardware, read on after the break.

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  6. How to Get a Geek Guy in 5 Easy Steps (Or Not)

    Semiconductor company AMD recently published a guide to getting a geek guy in five lessons. It is either a fiendish, deliberately outrageous troll post to get blog links (success!) or merely a patronizing dispatch from a bizarre mirror universe governed by high-schoolish social rules and wince-inducing gender norms. Let's run through the steps:

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