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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Alex Kingston

Hello Sweetie

Steven Moffat On The Next Season Of Doctor Who – Capaldi, River, and More

Now that the great regeneration has happened, what can we expect from Doctor Who in the next few years? Steven Moffat gives a few details.


If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

Arrow Debuts A “Funny” Flash This Week While Alex Kingston Might Be Ready To Return

Glee actor Grant Gustin debuts as Barry Allen tomorrow on The CW’s Arrow and I know a lot of folks are interested to see what they’ll do with him. Hit the jump to find out what the creators had to say about this latest incarnation of the classic character plus our first clip of Gustin in the role, and some details on a possible return for Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston.


Hello Sweetie

The Doctor Who Season 7 Finale Gets A Name And A River

What’s in a name? 


Hello Sweetie

Captain Jack and River Song, Together at Last

If there’s one thing that’s certain about an episode of Doctor Who with both Captain Jack and River Song in it, it’s that it would be 90% made up of absolutely shameless flirting, and 10% made of the Doctor being exasperated. But don’t get crazy yet, Whovians, John Barrowman and Alex Kingston aren’t working together for the first time on Who. They’ll both be appearing on Arrow later this season, Barrowman in his recurring role, and Kingston as (probably) the original Black Canary. Barrowman himself tweeted this picture this weekend.

Previously in Arrow


Great Hera!

Alex Kingston Joins Arrow, Could be the Original Black Canary?

Arrow isn’t a great show by any stretch of the imagination, but I respect it for what it’s trying to do and have some hopes that eventually it will succeed. And let’s be real: I also enjoy the near constant references to obscure facets of the DC universe and it’s liberal borrowing from the Batman canon for villains and supporting characters. It’s those bits that keep the nerd in me casually watching it in the background of my other activities.

With the addition of Alex Kingston to the cast, however, the show’s going to pique the interest of an entirely different fandom.



The Mary Sue Interviews Karen Gillan of Doctor Who

As we promised a few days ago in our Doctor Who Season 7 premiere photo gallery, we’ve got three very special interviews from our time spent with stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, as well as new Executive Producer Caroline Skinner at the event. Since Gillan is a fellow redhead, I’ve decided to let her go first! See what she had to tell us about her own time travel preferences, how she feels about leaving the long-running sci-fi series, and who she thinks could make a great female Doctor. 


The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

New Doctor Who Promo Previews Ponds and Puns

It was officially (finally) announced today that Doctor Who returns to our lives in less than two weeks. As if that wasn’t enough to freak out about, we also have this new trailer for season seven. As one can expect with Who, the trailer is an interesting blend of hilarity, action, and impending doom. Oh, and puns. It’s also the first time this season I’ve heard anyone within the story mention something about the Ponds leaving voluntarily, which bodes well with my prayers that they won’t be killed off in some horrible fashion.

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Here Is a Shot of River Song From the New Season of Doctor Who

Shooting continues on Doctor Who season seven, and after a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey romp through New York City, the cast and crew are back in Cardiff, and joined by River Song herself, Alex Kingston. We hear there is something to do with River posing as a mobster, so proceed with caution because there might be spoilers ahead, sweetie!


the internet is serious business

Genre Stars Give Us The Definitive Spoiler Rules [VIDEO]

There’s been extra spoiler arguments lately due to recent happenings on The Walking Dead. Hell, even AMC accidentally spoiled something on their website. We do our best here at The Mary Sue to make sure we don’t spoil anything for you but we all make mistakes sometimes. (When debating a spoiler just yesterday, Jamie asked me if a baby could have been conceived and born since the time the event took place. That’s her rule.) But for those who blatantly spoil entertainment for the rest of us, a few Hollywood actors are here to lay down the law. Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette from True Blood), Andre Royo (Bubbles from The Wire), Julie Benz (Rita from Dexter), Michael Trucco (Anders from Battlestar Galactica), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori from The Walking Dead), and Masi Oka (Hiro from Heroes) present the spoiler rules. The only missing thing from this video? Alex Kingston’s River Song.

(via College Humor)


Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series DVD Giveaway!

We love Doctor Who and we’re pretty sure a fair amount of you do too so as a special holiday gift, we’re holding a contest for you to win Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series on DVD! Hit the jump to find out how to enter!