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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.



Get Back To Basics With This Pop Culture Alphabet

This charming series is the work of Jeff Victor, whose art we’ve featured previously. If you have young ones this might benefit — or an empty spot on your grown-up wall — he’s got a poster print available for sale. The V, W, and X panel makes for an interesting discussion piece on the signature outfits of female characters, wouldn’t you say?


what is this I don't even

Director of Cancelled White-Washed Live Action Akira Still Trying to Make Live Action Akira

Remember the live-action Akira adaptation that was going to be set in New York City and star white actors? Remember when it was shelved after Keanu Reeves turned it down? Remember when it started to ramp back up with Garrett Hedlund in talks to play Tetsuo or Kaneda, and Gary Oldman was asked to play Colonel Shikishima? Remember when it, again, disappeared off the face of the earth?

Well, director Jaume Collett-Serra, who has been attached to the project for close on three years now, is still working on it, despite how boring he thinks Tetsuo and Kaneda are.


eye candy

New Pop-Culture Art Premieres From Gallery 1988 Tomorrow

“Crazy 4 Cult: Back in New York,” which opens at 7 p.m. December 13 at 355A Bowery in Manhattan and will run through December 21, features some amazing works of pop-culture from an assortment of artists. Gallery 1988 is putting on their second New York show at a pop-up gallery in the city, though some items may be available in their online store after the opening. Take a look at a sampling!


Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!

Warner Bros. Is Still Trying To Make That Horrible Akira Adaptation

Can we throw money at them to stop?


Winter Is Coming

In The Game of Simpsons, You Win Or You– D’oh!

If you ever wondered what Game of Thrones would look like set in Springfield, I think that Draw the Simpsons has a pretty spot-on interpretation! Check out the rest of these Simpsonized characters– Sherlock Holmes, Superman, Akira, and more!



Here’s a Bunch of Concept Art From the American-Set Akira to Remind You That Someone Thought it Was a Good Idea

Yeah, you’d just managed to forget that Warner Bros. was developing a live action Akira movie removed entirely from its context of postwar, post-nuclear horror Japan and set instead in New York with white American actors in the leading roles. Now that you’ve remembered, you might as well feed that anger this concept art.


eye candy

Black Widow in From Russia With Guns and Other Abandoned Designs from Olly Moss

Designer and artist Olly Moss has made an end-of-year post collecting a few of the graphic ideas he had that never went anywhere, either because the project was cancelled, it changed direction, or he had a better idea. Get ready to feel really inadequate about what constitutes a “bad idea.”


Curiouser and curiouser!

Alternate Endings To Robocop, TDKR, Home Alone, & More In Bottleneck Gallery’s New Show

The Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY recently held a show called “The Gang Is All Here,” which featured some great teams from pop-culture. Next up is “Alternate Ending,” where artists take some of our favorite films and either change the ending or add a scene to completely alter the ending. Over 50 artists will take part in the new show, which is co-curated with Silver Screen Society and opens this Friday at the gallery. Works that don’t sell out at the opening will go on sale December 15 at 12pm eastern. Take a look.

(images via Bottleneck Gallery, additional images via /Film)


We Can Be Heroes

Don’t Worry, This Replica of the Motorcycle From Akira Was Built For a Good Cause

Before you start worrying about this replica of Kaneda’s bike from Akira having anything to do with the live-action remake, rest assured: this is not that. No. It’s not. We swear. In fact, not only is the Akira remake still dead (as far as we know), but this replica, built by Shinji Tejima of Japan, was actually built for a great cause: fighting autism.


Nope. Still Not Happening.

The Akira Remake Is On Hold

We’ve been bringing you very interesting movie news all day today, and the afternoon hours have not disappointed us. Why? Because production on the much-maligned whitewashed remake of Akira has been put on hold. While the higher-ups reconsider the budget (and try to cut $20 million out of it), production offices in Vancouver are sending their employees home and being told to “stop working.” Is it the end? Maybe not. But is the universe trying to send some sort of signal to Warner Bros.? We’d like to think so.