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  1. Elon Musk Donates $10 Million to Make Sure A.I. Research Doesn’t Bring About Age of Ultron

    Come with millions if you want to live.

    I'll stop saying Elon Musk is secretly Tony Stark when he stops acting like it, and he's been very concerned about unstoppable AI destroying all of humanity lately. The Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder is so concerned, in fact, that he's now donated $10 million towards research into how to create sophisticated AI without any Skynet-like tendencies.

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  2. Stephen Hawking Also Thinks Human-Level AI May Lead to Our Destruction, by the Way

    Dude sure loves singularities.

    Robotics may not be Stephen Hawking's field, but when the brilliant theoretical physicist has something to say about the future of science and the human race, it's hard not to listen. Especially when what he says involves humanity's destruction at the hands of AI we create. But hey, he's already an expert on one kind of singularity, so why not shoot for a second?

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  3. League of Legends Bots Will Soon Play Like People

    So they'll quit halfway before the match ends if they're losing? Great.

    Playing a complicated strategy/fighting game with artificial intelligence can always be a bit of a crap shoot. You don't have to worry about a fellow player leaving you out to dry, but AI is also usually fiendishly stupid. Now with a new update, LoL bots will maybe be a little dumb so when you need them to be.

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  4. In the Future, Your Car Will React to Your Emotions to Make You a Better Driver

    "Cut that guy off!" "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

    In the latest development in condescending technology, a facial recognition system is in the works to allow your car to detect when you're upset and try to curb dangerous road rage driving habits. You know, as long is it doesn't cause a vicious cycle where it slows down because you're mad, and you start yelling, "Don't you patronize me!"

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  5. Fujitsu and Japan’s National Institute for Informatics Are Building AI That Can Get into College

    Robots will bypass stealing your job and go straight for stealing your college admission altogether.

    Fujitsu and Japan's National Institute for Informatics are working on an "artificial brain" project, which has a simple goal: create a robot that can pass the University of Tokyo (Todai)'s entrance exam. It seems robots aren't coming for your job; they're coming for your college degree, which meets the same goal more efficiently. Classic robot.

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  6. Anki DRIVE Remote Control AI Race Cars Are on Sale Today and They Are Amazing

    This is the least terrifying and most adorable—and fun—AI we've ever seen.

    Anki's vision of bringing video games into the real world using sophisticated AI is realized today with the release of Anki DRIVE. The adorable little cars are controlled by AI or remote control from your iOS device and are now available at Apple stores in a 2 car bundle for $199. Additional cars are $69.

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  7. Two Chatbots Talk With Each Other, Awkward Hilarity Ensues

    As many of you are likely aware, a chatbot is a computer program designed to emulate a human in a conversation. They have no other goal than to generate natural responses, and are sometimes used to attempt a Turing Test where a computer successfully tricks a human into thinking that it is a human as well. That's all well and good, but some folks over at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab wondered what would happen when you let two computers designed to sound human talk with each other. At first, the results seem nothing more than awkwardly funny. The two bots snipe at each other, throw out a few non sequiturs, and generally fumble their way through the conversation. Without the anchor of a human to talk to, the bots seem lost and adrift, desperately looking for something on which to cling. That's when it got a little spooky for me since I realized that in thinking in those terms I was anthropomorphizing these talking AI programs. Furthermore, I noticed that I was assigning personalities to them: The "man" on the left seemed arrogant and smarmy, while the "woman" on the right seemed snippy and defensive. Maybe these chatbots are better than I thought. Read on after the break for a video of AI conversational feedback.

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  8. Wanted: AI That Makes Cars Crash, Without Crashing

    'Cause if it crashed all the time, it wouldn't be of much use as a computer program, amirite? ... OK, I'll go turn in my wordplay badge. Researchers at the University of Wuerzberg have held yearly competitions for the best car racing AI since 2008. This year, they are also challenging their contestants to a slightly different kind of contest: Demolition Derby.

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  9. Second Life Founder Working on Sentient, Dreaming AI

    Since founding Second Life, Philip Rosedale has moved on: he currently runs LoveMachine, a company that describes itself as "a team of people using disruptive technologies to very rapidly build things that can make money and have a shot at saving the world." Case in point: they're currently working on a project to simulate a functional, virtual brain that manifests itself as a sentient artificial intelligence in the world of Second Life, and even dreams.

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