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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


What Boys Think of Girls

What Happens To Gendered Advertising When You Swap Audio & Video?

Some pretty interesting things, if we may be so bold. offers you the opportunity to choose the video from a few toy commercials aimed at boys, and the audio from commercials aimed at girls (or vice versa) and play the results. May I also take this moment to say I think I hate toy commercials of all kinds?

(via Tipster Robin)

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Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

BuzzFeed Swaps Actresses for Actors in Sexist Commercials

BuzzFeed’s closing line on this is “seeing men like this is ridiculous, so why isn’t it with women?” and I can appreciate that as a beginning educational standpoint for folks out there who’ve never considered the roles that male and female bodies and stereotypes play in advertising. But frankly, I think all sides look ridiculous in this video, both in the original and remade ads. And I would like to take a stand, now, for a future where all people have an equal opportunity to be the ridiculous Dorito seducer, the ridiculous sports fan, the ridiculous supermodel, the ridiculous nerd, and the ridiculous burger-eating-on-a-beach-sexy-person, regardless of what genfer they identify with.

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What Boys Think of Girls

What Ads For Women Look Like (To Women) [VIDEO]

We all know women only care about two things: non-fat yogurt and birth control. At least, that’s what advertisements tell me, so it must be right, right? Megan Amram and Yahoo’s sketch comedy series did a fantastic parody of condescending women’s advertisements: a commercial for both yogurt and birth control, at the same time, finally giving us women exactly what we want. Watch for a painfully accurate portrayal of women in advertisements (laughing with salad) and don’t miss the hilarious cameo at the end.

(via Upworthy)

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Thank You?

Facebook Reportedly Fears Alienating Its Users With Autoplay Ads. You Don’t Say?

Sadly, Facebook has not backtracked on their decision to introduce autoplay, television-style ads into the social networking site, but, at the very least, the company is delaying the process and taking care to accommodate concerns. Founder Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly taking precautions to ensure that the new type of advertising disrupts Facebook users as little as possible, while still making the company $2.5 million per day per advertising spot.



Facebook To Introduce Television-Style Advertisements, Likely To Auto-Play

Television ads are becoming increasingly unwelcome on television, with viewers becoming increasingly used to services like DVR and Netflix. Unfortunately, the often unreasonably loud advertisements are spreading from TV networks to social media. According to Bloomberg, Facebook’s far reach and large user numbers during key times of day have led the company to decide to sell advertising spots for television ads. Worse yet, these ads will likely utilize the worst feature internet videos have to offer: Auto-play.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: When Piloting A Jaeger, It’s Important To Have Priorities

Artist Kelly Turnbull makes a fair point in her newest comic. Pacific Rim‘s Mako Mori finally got to pilot a Jaeger, she wasn’t about to let Raleigh Becket have all the fun. (via Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)


Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

Facebook Pulls Advertisements From “Controversial” Pages

After being approached by multiple advertisers who found that their ads were being featured on pages that conflict with their corporate image (pages with sex and violence), Facebook has announced that it will be pulling advertising from pages that could be considered controversial.


Today in Awesome

When Advertising Goes Right: Watch Dove Show Women How Beautiful They Are

Technically, this is an ad for Dove. But forget about that and watch as an FBI-trained forensic artist helps them make a very important point.

(via Mashable)

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Great Hera!

I Don’t Know Why DC Didn’t Publicize the Heck Out of This Week’s Batwoman Because [Spoilers]

Batwoman #17 came out yesterday, and in some of its last pages had a… thing… that happened. It’s a spoiler, sure, but it’s not a plot spoiler, it’s just a surprise. And before you get worried, it was a cool thing, an exciting thing, a bit of a cliffhanger thing, and I’m just puzzled as to why DC didn’t make a bigger deal out of it beforehand. It’s the kind of thing they could probably use right about now.

Okay, I’ll stop beating around the bush and put a jump cut here so that I can actually say what happened. Batwoman #17 spoilers from here on out.


Pretty Pretty Princess

The Super Bowl Ad We Forgot: the One With a Warrior Princess

In my rush to remember all the Super Bowl ads from last night that were worth remembering, I forgot this Toyota commercial. It’s got a pretty familiar plot of a genie whose wishes always have a bit of an ironic twist to them. Sort of a monkey’s paw kind of thing. Except there’s one particular wish in here that gets an “ironic” twist that we have entirely non-ironic positive feelings for. See if you can figure out which one it is.

(via Think Progress)