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Adult Swim

  1. The Mary Sue Giveaway: Season One of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Rick and Morty

    Free stuff! Free stuff!

    Feeling Dan Harmon withdrawal while you wait for season six of Community to come out on Yahoo!? We have a solution: Check out the first season of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, co-created by Harmon and Adventure Time's Justin Roiland and hitting shelves on October 7th. We even have some Blu-ray copies to give away, plus some Rick and Morty shirts, because we're cool like that.

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  2. More Bounty Hunter Fun In New Show From Creators of Cowboy Bebop [VIDEO]

    The Boob Tube

    Rejoice, fans of Cowboy Bebop!  Series creator Shinichiro Watanabe has brand new show called Space Dandy debuting tonight on Adult Swim. As an added bonus, the animation studio behind Fullmetal Alchemist worked on the show, and the animation looks slick and gorgeous. Obsession with breasts in the trailer aside, if this series is anything like Bebop or Watanabe's other great show, Samurai Champloo, we can probably look forward to some interesting ladies in the cast. Also, check out that awesome cat sidekick! Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  3. Get Caught Up on Venture Bros. in Time for Season 5 With This Recap

    The Venture Bros. season five finally premieres June 2nd at Midnight on Adult Swim. The new season picks up just moments after the finale of season four, and promises to have the Venture team face off against a whole host of enemies both external and internal. The show's first season is available to stream on Netflix, and you can pick up the rest on DVD, or just watch this eight-minute recap of the first four seasons to get caught up on all the major plot points you need to know going into the new season.

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  4. Watch the Banned Dexter’s Laboratory Episode “Rude Removal”

    For years there have been rumors of an episode of Dexter's Laboratory that went unaired because it didn't pass muster with Cartoon Network's Standards and Practices department. Back in December, Adult Swim launched the #telljeff hashtag on Twitter to get a Cartoon Network executive we assume is named Jeff to get off his duff and release the episode. It looks like Jeff came through, because now the episode titled "Rude Removal" is online for us all to nostalgically enjoy.

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  5. Newsreaders Premieres Tonight, But You Can Watch It Right Now

    Tonight Adult Swim will be premiering their new show Newsreaders. It claims to be an "absurd take on the television news magazine format, a show that goes behind the stories that nobody else thinks are stories -- because they're not." It's a spin-off of their hit show Children's Hospital which occasionally features the Newsreaders team. I took a look at the premiere episode and it's so funny it made me wish all news shows were fictional.

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  6. Adult Swim and Cartoon Network Shows Are Finally Coming to Netflix This Spring

    Without a DVR, pretty much all the programs we enjoy watching on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim fall well out of our regular schedule. Seriously, it's either they're on too early or too late, resulting in the desperate -- and oftentimes fruitless -- act of scouring YouTube in the vain hope that some copyright-infringing good Samaritan has uploaded the particular episode you missed. Thankfully, those days of watching grainy footage of Adventure Time someone filmed from their couch will soon be over since it's been announced that a library of shows from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Warner Bros. Animation will be available for streaming on Netflix come March 30th!

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  7. Adult Swim and Valve Announce Team Fortress Collaboration

    Or at least, they have announce that they will be announcing something next week in regards to their collaboration. What we do know is that it has something to do with the Team Fortress franchise, Adult Swim's network chocolate, and Valve's video game peanut butter. From that we can infer that it will be delicious and potentially edible. I am ruling nothing out until I am absolutely required.

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  8. No April Fool’s Joke This Time, Folks — Toonami Is Coming Back to Adult Swim

    Good News Everyone!

    This past March 31, instead of its annual tradition of showing the classic horrible movie The Room, Adult Swim aired an unannounced showing of Toonami, its old anime block that ran from 1997 to 2008. After that, Cartoon Network started gauging interest via Twitter with the hashtag #BringBackToonami, and fans sprung to action. It was official. Fans wanted Toonami back, and Cartoon Network was ready. Toonami will return to Adult Swim on Saturday, May 26.

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  9. More Details About Robot Chicken‘s DC Comics Special, Including Cast Members!

    where does he get those wonderful toys

    Back in October, at New York Comic Con, the creators of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken announced that they'd be doing a special centered solely on the DC universe. But at that point, there wasn't much for them to show us, aside from all the sketches they'd already done with DC characters. Now, however, is a different story, because they have announced a cast of pretty amazing people to provide voice talent. We also know it will be coming this fall, probably just in time to promote at the next NYCC. Seriously, even this Marvel girl is psyched for this.

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  10. An Animated Axe Cop Series Is Coming, But Will It Also Be Written by Awesome Five-Year-Olds? (Spoiler: No.)

    For great justice

    Axe Cop, the web comic created by then-five-year-old Malachai Nicolle and drawn by his older brother Ethan Nicolle, will be adapted into an animated series for Fox's upcoming late-night animation block, Animation Domination HD. The series, which started out as a series of Facebook posts in 2009 before it became a Dark Horse title, will possibly hit the air in the 2013-2014 season. Cartoons for grown-ups = good news always.

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  11. News on The Venture Bros. Season Five, Including a Guesstimate on a Premiere!

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    By the shaking, jumping ghost of Jehosaphat! There is news about the next season of The Venture Bros.! While it's a bit vague and containing no exact dates, Jackson Publick provided some straight-from-the-creator's mouth information (to The Mantis-Eye Experiment) concerning the return of the show that started as a spoof and then formed its own universe. Part of this news: when the show will (possibly) be making its triumphant return to Adult Swim. Holy crap, it's really happening, even if we can't see it!

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  12. Things We Saw Today: How We’re Celebrating the Venture Bros. 5th Season

    Things We Saw Today

    Because what better way to show a superscientist you care than to get matching speedsuits? In case you thought we might have some news on the upcoming fifth season of The Venture Bros., we apologize if you were misled. But we had to post this. It's practically an advertisement for the show. (via Retronaut)

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  13. Space Stallions Is Everything We Loved About the 1980s, Including Rainbows and Keytars! [Video]

    Thing That Might Have to Exist

    It's rare that I see things that make me yearn for my fantasy-filled childhood of the 1980s as much as this video does. Space Stallions is the creation of a group of students of The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, and it's an homage to everything we loved about '80s cartoons: He-Man, She-Ra, ThunderCats, keytars, rainbows ... and horsies. Seriously, the only thing that could make this more awesome is a cameo by Swift Wind himself. Adult Swim needs to get on this yesterday. All hail Mother Mustang! (Nerd Approved via The Awesomer)

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  14. Things We Saw Today: The Horror of Melting Snowman Cookies

    Things We Saw Today

    For when you want to be a good party host, but still want to put off your guests enough that they'll drink all your cheap alcohol to forget what they've seen. (via EPIC Ponyz)

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  15. Things We Saw Today: Presents Opening Children

    Things We Saw Today

    Rob Sheridan just created an entire generation of presentarians -- children who are against opening presents. But don't worry -- it will only be a phase, like wearing black lipstick and talking about joining the Peace Corps. (via Kuriositas)

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  16. Community Will Have an Anime Sequence In It Tonight Because It Is the Best Show on Television

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

    And once again, NBC's most neglected show Community is going above and beyond the realm of deep awesomeness and is set to feature an anime sequence in tonight's episode. I can barely even stand how exciting this sounds, but even more than that, I am just so deeply heartwarmed that this show and its showrunner Dan Harmon clearly don't bow to the lowest common denominator and basically do whatever they think will be cool, funny, and unique. And as a result, the show grows a passionate fan base while simultaneously confounding NBC executives who don't seem to know what to do with this glorious, glorious show. I'm sorry, what was I saying? Oh, right! The anime sequence! More about that after the jump!

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  17. 10 Things We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

    Power Grid

    If you live in the U.S. (like the writers of The Mary Sue), then today you're experiencing (maybe even celebrating!) Thanksgiving 2011. And whether you're working through the day, or preparing to stuff yourself with the roasted flesh of an over-engineered domestic bird, or whatever your particular Turkey Day tradition is, we hope you'll indulge us for a Power Grid while we talk about what we're thankful for.

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  18. NYCC: Macaulay Culkin Licks Seth Green’s Face [Video]

    What It Says On the Tin

    This happened: At the panel for Robot Chicken Season 5.5, someone asked if show creator Seth Green and occasional show talent Macaulay Culkin could do a sexy pose. So, they did, because Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin would never disappoint you. (And as far as I know, because I haven't seen it, this is not a scene from Party Monster.) (via BuzzFeed)

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  19. NYCC: The Venture Bros. Panel Was Awesome, Here Are Some Details


    I was lucky enough to get a great seat in the IGN Theater yesterday at New York Comic Con, and yes, I'm bragging about it. Because I waited on the super long line to get into the DC Animated Films panel (more on that here), which was excellent, but I mostly didn't want to risk getting stuck in a bad seat for The Venture Bros. panel featuring its creators, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick. Before you join us after the jump for any possible spoilers or new plot details, be aware: there are none. The fifth season is currently being written, with four scripts completed. However, if you have ever listened to the commentary on the DVDs, I can tell you that this panel was exactly like that: lots of hilarious digression, lots of joking, lots of familiar character voices, and almost nothing about the show itself. Okay, there was some information about the upcoming season ... but not much. That said, this panel made me want to write an honest-to-goodness, pen-on-paper fan letter to Doc and Jackson because it was so, so funny.

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  20. Adult Swim iOS App Ditches Much-Loved Free Streams

    Earlier this year, Adult Swim released a nifty iOS app that let users stream Adult Swim shows on their devices for free. Now, the functionality has been ripped out and streams are reserved for cable subscribers only, something no one is particularly happy about. The issue isn't so much about the lack of streaming shows but rather the events that lead up to this point.

    First off all, Adult Swim used to stream its shows for free and not for a week or two or anything, but a matter of months. That being the case, the removal of the functionality seems like little more than a cruel ending to an awesome feature that has now been retconned into a tease. Secondly, it seems that Cartoon Network (or Adult Swim, whoever is really in control) are attempting to spin this change as a feature, promoting the fact that you can now stream shows if you're a cable subscriber, conveniently failing to mention that you used to be able to do that even if you weren't.

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