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Adam WarRock

  1. Adam WarRock’s “The Quiet” Is the Best Song About Stopping Time With Orgasms That You Will Hear All Day

    Also, it's a much better title than "Cum World."

    Unless Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction write their own song about their Eisner Award-nominated comic book Sex Criminals in the next few hours, of course (which, hey don't put it past them). But in the meantime, our favorite nerd rapper Adam WarRock has the market covered with this surprisingly heartfelt track about sex and relationships.

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  2. The Mary Sue Exclusive: Adam WarRock Channels Nightwing, Lady Cosplayers Kick Butt [VIDEO]

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    Do you like Adam WarRock? Did you groove along to his X-Women tribute and tap your feet to his new song B.S.F.X.? Then you might want to keep his new album The Middle of Nowhere on your radar; it doesn't come out until November 5th, but you can pre-order it starting today at so you'll be sure to have his geeky music in your earholes ASAP. Special guests on the album include James Urbaniak (Dr. Venture) and MC Frontalot; if you want to know who the awesome Robin and Batgirl appearing in the above video are, well, that would be Betty Felon and AK Wood. Now shoo! Go preorder! Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  3. Three Years Later: Adam WarRock Takes the Stage Again

    We check in on what's going on with Adam WarRock these days.

    If you've been on the Internet, especially if you're reading Geekosystem, chances are good that you've heard the "unique brand of pop cultural rap" made by Eugene Ahn a.k.a. Adam WarRock. He's been featured numerous times here since entering the game back in 2010. We interviewed him back then, but we decided it was time to do so again and see how three years of releasing music for free managed to become a business model.

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  4. The Mary Sue Exclusive: Adam WarRock Celebrates All the X-Women in One Song

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    In honor of Brian Wood's X-Men #1, the new all-female X-men comic, musician Adam WarRock has written a song bout all the X-Women.  Click on to listen to the catchy song and hear what Adam WarRock has to say about his X-Women song.

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  5. Exclusive: Adam WarRock Arrested Development Season 4 Rap Up

    If you've been hankering to hear someone rap a synopsis of the entire fourth season, this is for you.

    If you've been on the Internet lately, it's more than probable that you haven't been able to escape the wild emotions of everyone that's been waiting for, and binge-watching, Arrested Development. If you're not keen on signing up for 15 episodes of hilarity -- my mind struggles to understand this viewpoint, but I digress -- but you'd like to know what all the fuss is about, we've got an exclusive "rap up" track from Adam WarRock that gives you the skinny on the new season.

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  6. This Gravity Falls Rap’s the Best Disney Channel Rap You’ll Hear Today [Video]

    Adam WarRock updated his famous Gravity Falls rap, and it's fantastic.

    In case you aren't already aware, Gravity Falls is a fantastic animated show, currently airing on Disney Channel, that's basically an animated version of Eerie, Indiana mixed with the shenanigans from Angry Beavers. It's great, and Adam WarRock thought so too -- that's why he made a rap specifically about the show. That rap has now been updated, and it's even more glorious than before.

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  7. Here’s the Best Rap Song About Hodor From Game of Thrones You Will Ever Hear

    In case you weren't already aware, people can get real creative when they're looking to celebrate their interests. The broad way in which they do this runs the gamut, from art to music and more. That said, Adam WarRock's musical tribute to Hodor from Game of Thrones definitely takes the cake. It's probably the best rap song about Hodor that you'll ever hear, but it's not like it's a wide field full of competition.

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  8. This Game of Thrones Hip-Hop Song Will Be Stuck In Your Head For Days

    It is known

    Just the other day we showed you what it would be like if Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryan had her own reality show where she spent the majority of time looking for her lost dragons. Well Applefrog created a ridiculously catchy song about Dany and her dragons...and her boats...that includes some adorable animation. It was so catchy in fact, Adam WarRock joined forces with Applefrog to create an extended remix as a recap of last season. The original is above, the remix is after the jump!

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  9. Adam WarRock, Geek Rapper Extraordinaire, Does Firefly

    We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

    Adam WarRock, whose past musical efforts have included odes to Inception, This American Life, Scott Pilgrim, Donald Glover, the NES has just come out with an entire album inspired by Firefly. Sample track above, and you can download the entire thing free right here. (via Topless Robot.)

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  10. Adam WarRock Pens Rap Anthem for Spider-Man Villains

    Just What You've Always Wanted

    We did say there was a glut of Marvel related news today, didn't we? Adam WarRock, geek rapper supreme, scriber of songs like I Believe in Harvey Dent and I Will Do Science To It set out to make a short album themed by the Sinister Six, a group of Spider-Man villains comprised of Electro, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, the Vulture, and Mysterio lead by Doctor Octopus himself. Things didn't exactly go as planned.

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  11. “X-Men Whore,” Ex-Lawyer, Gamer, and … Rapper? Adam WarRock Takes the Stage

    In a time when Pharrell names his company after Star Trek, Soulja Boy equates having "swagger" with watching anime (we weep), and one of Hollywood's primary cash cows is the comic industry, we can safely say that geek culture permeates our everyday media. Contrary to what Gil Scott-Heron believed, the revolution just may in fact be televised (not to mention blogged, Tweeted, and open sourced).

    Only in such an era can we enjoy rap music from Eugene Ahn, a.k.a. Adam WarRock: comic geek, longtime gamer, ex-attorney, and now, emcee. His music name-drops everything from Inception to #donaldglover4spiderman, from the final Scott Pilgrim comic to Chicago Public Radio's This American Life. Geekosystem recently chatted with Ahn about his career, the concept of being a "geek," and rap music.

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