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  1. Once Upon A Time In Conversation: “Lily”

    Emma and Regina take New York!

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  2. ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club: The Story of the Women Behind the First Astronauts

    The race for space was fought in high heels? Can you fight a race? *sigh*

    I want to like this show. I really do. The Astronaut Wives Club is an upcoming limited event television series based on the book of the same name by Lily Koppel, and it tells the story of the wives of the first astronauts: the celebrity they navigated, the secrets they kept, the lives they and their husbands lived. That's all stuff I'm very interested in. Also, period costumes. Also, female leads.

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  3. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Frenemy of my Enemy”

    CAL <33333

    Here's my favorite thing about "Frenemy of my Enemy": it was both written and directed by women, Monica Owusu-Breen and Karen Gaviola, respectively. Do you know how rare that is in production? Super rare. All hail the television gods for that combo on this episode. More of that, please.

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  4. That’s What Statler & Waldorf Said: New Muppet Show Details Reveal Mockumentary-Style Series

    Ok, so the new Muppet show is definitely in the works and it's going to be a mockumentary. I'm Kermit flailing all over the place right now.

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  5. Marvel Working With Oscar-Winning 12 Years a Slave Writer John Ridley on Supah-Secret New TV Series

    After reporting last week that Marvel is developing an Agents of SHIELD spinoff for ABC, Entertainment Weekly has also revealed that Marvel is collaborating with writer-producer John Ridley on "a mysterious new TV series."

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  6. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Melinda”

    The Cavalry!

    In this week's episode of SHIELD, we finally learn about May's past and the whole "Cavalry" thing! And some other stuff happened too, I guess, but realistically the May business is all that I really cared about.

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  7. Once Upon a Time in Conversation: “Heart of Gold”

    What did you guys think of last night's Once Upon a Time?

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  8. Agents of SHIELD Is Reportedly Getting A Spin-Off On ABC


    Entertainment Weekly is reporting that ABC is "quietly" developing an Agents of SHIELD spin-off for ABC. Which is great, because we love SHIELD, and more Marvel on TV is always a good thing. But on the other hand, this tweet sums up our feelings pretty well:

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  9. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Afterlife”

    Feat. creepy frat electricity bro!

    "Afterlife" certainly wasn't the fastest-paced of SHIELD episodes, but it provided us with some necessary exposition and story motion, so I'll forgive it. Plus, Afterlife (the place) was really pretty. So it's all good.

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  10. Let ABC See Your Agent Carter Love With USA Today’s “Save Our Shows” Campaign

    You, me and Hayley Atwell all know that we need to see a lot more of Peggy Carter on both the big and small screen, but Agent Carter's future is still in doubt at ABC, with USA Today describing the series as one of 21 shows "on the bubble" between renewal and cancellation.

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  11. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “One Door Closes”

    So say we all.

    First: an apology! Sorry that this review is a couple days late, friends; I was super siick on Wednesday and wasn't at work due to being gross and asleep. But I have returned, triumphant, to the land of SHIELD recaps! Fear no more.

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  12. [UPDATED] Flailing-Arm Prayer Circle: A Parks and Rec Alum May Be Developing a New Muppet Show

    Rumor? I barely know 'er! Waka! Waka!

    Take this news with a chicken-sized grain of salt, but according to Production Weekly, The Muppets may be heading to the small screen soon with the help of a beloved comedy alum.

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  13. [UPDATED] Monica Lewinsky’s Badass TED Talk May Have Landed Her a Spot on The View

    Today, The View. Tomorrow, the world.

    After bringing the house down during her March TED Talk on cyberbullying, Monica Lewinsky may now be taking her message of compassion to TV.

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  14. Once Upon a Time in Conversation: “Best Laid Plans”

    What did you guys think of everything that went down in Storybrooke last night? Let us know in the comments below, but beware if you haven't watched yet: yonder there be spoilers.

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  15. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Love in the Time of Hydra”

    The title refers to how I feel about Edward James Olmos, right?

    This week's episode of SHIELD brought the funny and the fucked-up in similar amounts this week, leaving me feeling a little excited, a little disturbed - but also, honestly, just a little bored.

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  16. Once Upon a Time in Conversation: “Poor Unfortunate Soul”

    I don't know, Ursula - being a Siren sounds pretty awesome to me. What did you think of last night's episode of OUAT? Let's sing it out in the comments!

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  17. This Week’s Controversial SHIELD Poster Features Ward’s Kissy Face

    Well, Ward's back.

    Each week, Entertainment Weekly and Marvel are releasing a new SHIELD poster by a prominent artist for purchase at the Marvel shop as part of their "Art of Level 7" promotion. So far we've seen posters featuring Raina and Sif, but this week we get a look at the as-yet MIA Agent Ward.

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  18. ABC’s ’80s Sitcom The Goldbergs Gets Princess Bride Tribute Episode

    No one tell my baby he's not a Dread Pirate Roberts!

    I'm way behind on Season 2 of The Goldbergs, but I definitely had a Selfie-like relationship with the show's first season, which surprised me with its sincerity, awesome cast and frequent homage episodes to '80s classics like The Goonies. And now, according to showrunner Adam F. Goldberg, the series has gotten permission from Castle Rock to film a tribute to one of his favorite movies.

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  19. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “One of Us”

    May for President of everything!

    KTanch is back with this week's episode of SHIELD, and it makes me think he should probably direct the entire next season because darn if I don't enjoy myself while I'm watching his episodes.

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  20. True Blood Alum Joins “Female Cop Drama” Broad Squad

    Not sold on the name yet, but I'm listening.

    According to Deadline, perpetual bad-ass Rutina Wesley has joined the cast of ABC's upcoming '70s cop show, Broad Squad.

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