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  1. How to Get Away With Murder Earns Second Season, ABC Already Airing New Promo

    Long Live Shondaland!

    Cue the happy Dean Thomas gifs.

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  2. New Agents of SHIELD Poster Reveals More of Raina’s Fate as an Inhuman

    Oh dear.

    SHIELD returns next week after that inhumanly awesome mid-season finale—but before then, Marvel is giving us a tiny hint in the form of a brand-new poster.

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  3. Agent Carter Finale Recap: “Valediction”

    The end?

    In this week’s thrilling conclusion to Agent Carter, there’s no time for jokes because we’ve got a city to save, a deeply flawed inventor to exonerate, and Angie has got to find a new apartment.

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  4. The Mary Sue Interview: Agent Carter‘s EP On That Finale, Season Two, And Possible Time Jumps

    Does Peggy have more than one future on TV?!

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  5. New Once Upon A Time Ad Suggests Someone Might Be Heading To The Dark Side

    As I understand it, they have cookies.

    Is it just me, or is it something about the villains all huddling around Emma that makes me want them to start up a Riot Grrrl group? I mean, I know that's not what this second season half will be about, but tell me you wouldn't watch the hell out of that. I see Ursula on drums for some reason.

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  6. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Returns Next Week, Here’s an Earthshaking New Teaser

    Anyone feel that?

    Yes, after a winter break which felt like AGES, Agents of SHIELD is back with new episodes next week. Yay! Of course, that means an end to Agent Carter. Boo! Is the prospect of superpowers helping you cope?

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  7. Fresh Off the Boat Proves You Can Be Responsible About Sexual Assault and Still Be Funny

    Spoilers, of course.

    In addition to being a welcome breath of representative fresh air for Asian-American audiences who don't get to see people like them being celebrated on TV all that often, Fresh Off The Boat also happens to be a totally hilarious sitcom—you know, if you can deal with how annoyingly sexist and, well, twelve, the main character can be. Luckily, the show doesn't pull any punches with teaching him the error of his ways. A scene from the most recent episode is proof of that.

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  8. Learn How Agent Carter‘s Costume Designer Made All Of Peggy’s Outfits Battle Ready

    Pretty AND powerful!

    In case you were worried that a video about Peggy Carter's wardrobe might buy into the unfortunate stereotype about how women only care about clothing, take heart: this is still Agent Carter, and costume designer Giovanna Ottobre-Melton does a great job instructing us on vintage fashion and proper ass-kicking attire alike. One thing I learned? A-line skirts are an especially period appropriate choice to wear while kicking people. Good to know.

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  9. Agent Carter Recap: “Snafu”

    This week on Agent Carter, we’re still cuffed to a table. But we’ve got to make a break for it before Dr. Ivchenko’s true nature is revealed, Leviathan comes out to play, and Howard Stark’s inventions make life a hell of a lot more difficult.

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  10. Agent Carter Recap: “A Sin to Err”

    “Those girls from the telephone company are all the same.” Or are they? This week on Agent Carter, covers are blown, secrets come out into the open, and the MCU gets its first "lesbian" kiss (if you squint real hard and ignore the implications).

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