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  1. Better and Better: Agent Carter Returns with 10 Episodes in Season Two, Will Feature New Locale

    That's two more hours of Peggy!

    Peggy fans (AKA the entire world), rejoice! Agent Carter will be gracing our screens for a full ten episodes next season - that's two more than season one! Two more hours of soft lighting and pencil skirts! Two more hours of red lipstick! Two more hours of utter ass-kickery!

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  2. Once Upon A Time in Conversation: “Operation Mongoose,” Parts 1 & 2

    Better late than never, right?

    Well, friends, I don't know how we missed it (actually, I do know: we all watch this show on DVR), but Once Upon a Time had a massive two-part finale! Though we're about a week late, I thought you still might want to discuss the happenings—so let's do it here in the comments!

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  3. Do as Peggy Says: Hayley Atwell Hints at More Diversity in Agent Carter Season 2

    It's disheartening (albeit not necessarily surprising, considering the first season) that representation has rarely been discussed by the Agent Carter team, but this still seems like a start towards #DiversifyAgentCarter. Now, we go to work.

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  4. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “S.O.S.” Parts 1 & 2

    Science, biyatch!

    Holy bananas, what a season finale of Agents of SHIELD! Though it was a bit low in the ratings, it was a great way to end a season that ultimately was much better than its first outing, especially once we got into the second hour.

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  5. Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off Still Possible Despite Initial Reports, Low Finale Ratings

    Will they, or won't they?

    Will they, or won't they? This isn't just a question about whether Mockingbird and Hunter will make it as a couple. It also seems to be the eternal question about their Agents of SHIELD spin-off series. First, they were totally a go. Then, they weren't. Now, apparently, the project is back ON. Well, sort of.

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  6. The Muppets Lead Alarmingly Adult Lives in First Trailer for ABC’s Documentary-Style Muppet Show

    Watch-a, watch-a!

    What do you think, friends? Mehna Mahna or Kermitflail.gif?

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  7. Agent Carter Season 2 Synopsis Teases New Location, New Love Interests, and Possible Major Cast Changes

    L.A. here we come!

    Newly-released Season 2 details are teasing big changes for Peggy in the months to come.

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  8. Welp, That Bobbi/Hunter SHIELD Spin-Off Is Officially Dead

    Oh. Yeah. That.

    Last night we got the incredible news that Agent Carter had been renewed for a second season, along with a third season pick-up for Agents of SHIELD. But it's not all good news in Marvel TV land: that Mockingbird/Lance Hunter spin-off they'd been planning (for reasons unknown) has been pulled from the line-up.

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  9. Love Led Us Here! ABC Picks Up New Documentary-Style Muppet Show

    You are not invited, Walter.

    Flail your arms and throw your boomerang fish! Not only has ABC earned our eternal admiration for renewing Agent Carter, but the network has also picked up the new Muppet series from Parks and Recreation's Randall Einhorn.

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  10. Marvel’s Agent Carter Renewed, Agents of SHIELD Gets a Season 3

    They know her value.

    Let's go to work.

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  11. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Scars”

    AKA Age of Ultron: Extro.

    Well if the purpose of last week's episode of SHIELD was to set up Age of Ultron, "Scars" took it to a whole new level in the aftermath.

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  12. Once Upon A Time In Conversation: “Mother”

    ...of dragons!?

    What did you think of last night's OUaT? Is there really going to be a big reboot? Let us know in the comments!

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  13. WeLoveFine Is Holding an Agent Carter Design Contest Judged by Peggy and Angie Themselves!

    The ship that judges together...

    Wishing there was more Agent Carter merchandise out there to help you wear your love for Peggy on your sleeve? Wish no longer! WeLoveFine has announced an Agent Carter design contest judged by Hayley Atwell, Angie's Lyndsy Fonseca, and a whole host of other geeky talents.

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  14. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “The Dirty Half Dozen”


    "The Dirty Half Dozen" brought together the crack creative team of Kevin Tancharoen behind the camera and Drew Greenberg behind the words, and it made for one of the best SHIELD episodes in weeks. And the Ultron tie-ins sure didn't hurt, either!

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  15. Once Upon A Time In Conversation: “Lily”

    Emma and Regina take New York!

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  16. ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club: The Story of the Women Behind the First Astronauts

    The race for space was fought in high heels? Can you fight a race? *sigh*

    I want to like this show. I really do. The Astronaut Wives Club is an upcoming limited event television series based on the book of the same name by Lily Koppel, and it tells the story of the wives of the first astronauts: the celebrity they navigated, the secrets they kept, the lives they and their husbands lived. That's all stuff I'm very interested in. Also, period costumes. Also, female leads.

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  17. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Frenemy of my Enemy”

    CAL <33333

    Here's my favorite thing about "Frenemy of my Enemy": it was both written and directed by women, Monica Owusu-Breen and Karen Gaviola, respectively. Do you know how rare that is in production? Super rare. All hail the television gods for that combo on this episode. More of that, please.

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  18. That’s What Statler & Waldorf Said: New Muppet Show Details Reveal Mockumentary-Style Series

    Ok, so the new Muppet show is definitely in the works and it's going to be a mockumentary. I'm Kermit flailing all over the place right now.

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  19. Marvel Working With Oscar-Winning 12 Years a Slave Writer John Ridley on Supah-Secret New TV Series

    After reporting last week that Marvel is developing an Agents of SHIELD spinoff for ABC, Entertainment Weekly has also revealed that Marvel is collaborating with writer-producer John Ridley on "a mysterious new TV series."

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  20. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Melinda”

    The Cavalry!

    In this week's episode of SHIELD, we finally learn about May's past and the whole "Cavalry" thing! And some other stuff happened too, I guess, but realistically the May business is all that I really cared about.

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