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A Song of Ice and Fire

  1. What Are The Chances Ned Stark Will Return To Game Of Thrones? Sean Bean Has Some Thoughts

    One does not simply return to Game of Thrones...

    Ned's dead, baby. Ned's dead. But could Sean Bean's character make a return to HBO's Game of Thrones anyway? Book spoilers ahead!

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  2. HBO Execs Talk Game of Thrones (Not) Catching Up With the Books, Whether There’ll Be a Movie

    Such optimism.

    At no point during the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour did any HBO execs mention the possibility of George R.R. Martin dying, which means the man himself didn’t swing down from the ceiling wearing a harness and shouting "F*** YOOOOOOOOU" through a megaphone. I kind of wish they had. That would have been awesome.

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  3. George R.R. Martin Has an Answer to Fans Who Say He Might Die Before Finishing ASoIaF: “F*** You”

    Don't look a gift author in the mouth.

    George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books are massive, and he's not exactly known for being quick about writing them. Hey, quality takes time (though it maybe doesn't help that he writes on DOS). Still, he's not too keen on fans who are concerned about his health seemingly only as it relates to his writing, and he's got a pretty succinct message for those people.

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  4. George R.R. Martin Has Previewed What’s To Come In His Next Game of Thrones Novel (We’ll Give You 3 Guesses)

    Rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns, right George???

    When I say details, I mean details. Do not read this post unless you're totally ok with reading spoilery things about the next A Song of Ice and Fire novel, The Winds of Winter.

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  5. Wander Through Westeros and Take the Stairs to the Top of the Wall With Virtuix Omni and Minecraft

    Now with 100% less things that are trying to kill you!

    Virtual reality is rapidly becoming reality with technology like the Oculus Rift, the Virtuix Omni VR treadmill, and more. That also means that our favorite fictional locations are coming a lot closer to reality, too. WesterosCraft has built the world of A Song of Ice and Fire into a Minecraft world that is roughly the size of Los Angeles, and the Virtuix Omni allows you to literally walk all over Westeros for yourself.

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  6. A Song of Ice and Fire Readers May Be Seeing Red After This Omission Reveal By One Game of Thrones Actor

    Haven't you hurt us enough?

    As a reader of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, there aren't many occasions where I'm worried about being spoiled for HBO's Game of Thrones. That being said, a recent actor interview revealed a plot point which may be omitted from the show entirely. Therefore, this entire post is one big spoiler for book and non-book readers alike. Proceed at your own risk, spoilers will not be covered.

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  7. The Mary Sue Presents Unlikely Casting Choices for Season Five of Game of Thrones

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

    We're looking at some exciting new characters when Game of Thrones returns. These actors will probably not play them.

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  8. Game of Thrones Season 5 Will Include Dorne And Quite Possibly A Recast Myrcella

    The once and future Princess.

    With Season 4 of HBO's Game of Thrones wrapped up it's time. Time to start talking about Season 5.

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  9. Facebook Employee Paid George R.R. Martin That $20,000, Will Now Be “Slaughtered”

    Who says money can't buy happiness disembowelment?

    If your coffer is overflowing with Gold Dragons and Silver Stags, then why the hell not spend some of that moolah on a trip to Westeros? At least, that's the thinking of Facebook's Dave Goldblatt, one of ten benefactors who want George R.R. Martin to shut up, take their money, and write them into A Song of Ice and Fire.

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  10. For $20,000, George R.R. Martin Will Kill You (In A Song Of Ice and Fire)

    Today is a Good Day For Someone Else To Die

    George R.R. Martin may delight in killing off beloved fictional characters, but he has a soft spot in his gleefully sadistic heart for wolves. To that end, he's ponying up the best crowdfunding perk ever for a campaign to benefit The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in his home state of New Mexico. Commence hunting through couch cushions.

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