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  1. Internet Explorer Ad Blinds Us with ’90s Nostalgia to Hide the Fact People Still Don’t Like Them

    If you were a kid growing up in the '90s, then chances are that the school computer lab was running Internet Explorer as their go-to browser. Chances are just as likely that it was suffering from the very same quality control issues 18 years ago as it is today. Since 1995, it's been that same dance of disappointment and frustration over Microsoft's inability to see that it has nearly two decades of problems to work out before it can hope to achieve the same level of prestige as Firefox and Google Chrome. In their latest attempt to make it appear that they've seen the error of their ways, Microsoft has released an Internet Explorer ad tugging at the heartstrings of those pining for the halcyon days of their '90s youth. While we certainly can't enough of the walk down memory lane, it does nothing to change the fact that Internet Explorer will remain a steaming pile of -- look, garish fanny packs!

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  2. Relive the '90s With This Desk Doodle

    In elementary school, I participated in a desk trend: Using the point of a paper clip to carve a hole into the side of the desk. In whatever school the above desk is in, a much better trend is at hand: Drawing beloved '90s cartoon characters. Not only do stalwart favorites like Pikachu and Johnny Bravo make an appearance, but do you notice Little Wooden Boy from The Tick? Because that's the best part.

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  3. The Internet According to the Early ’90s [Video]

    Our friends at Urlesque have lovingly put together this compilation of early '90s takes on this new thing called Internet, assembled from news broadcasts, commercials, and instructional videos. Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel were not alone in their confusion. (via Urlesque)

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  4. Angry Birds Imagined as an 8-Bit ’90s Physics Game

    We've previously written about video game demakes, reimaginings of today's games in 8 or 16 bits that frequently look like even more fun than the newer, sleeker games. (Tell me that this Gradius-like 16-bit Bayonetta mock-up doesn't look fantastic.) Rovio's Angry Birds, to which I have recently become hopelessly addicted, is a nice-looking game, but being a mobile game it's primarily known for its gameplay rather than its graphics. But Penny Design's Robert Penney still saw demake potential there: Noting its affinity with such '90s puzzle staples as Worms and Lemmings, he treated it to "a retro reimaging with blocky pixels" in the mock-ups above. Please make this a real thing, Rovio! (Penney Design via TDW)

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