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  1. Celebrate the Apocalypse That Wasn’t With This End of the World Movie Supercut [Video]

    Congratulations, human race, we've survived yet another prophesied doomsday scenario and can continue on with our lives without the fear of fire raining down from the sky. There's only one way we know how to celebrate such a momentous occasion right: Crack open a can of green beans from the emergency rations stockpile, kick back, and watch a whole bunch of end of the world movies with the smug satisfaction that only comes from making an entire segment of the world's population look like a bunch of raving crackpots. For the sake of time, YouTube user Critica Daquele Filme has strung together some of the best scenes from these films in one bombastic supercut package, showcasing what could have been, but thankfully wasn't.

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  2. 7 Comic Book Characters You Would Not Want to See on 12/21/12

    Well, boys and girls, it looks like the time has finally come: Today's the day mankind bids farewell to its existence and says a hearty hello to the feathered serpent god, Kukulkan, as he finally returns to our earthly plane. Even as we stare into the face of our imminent destruction, be thankful that we don't live in the fictitious realms of comic books. Why? Because if we did, every single day would feel like the apocalypse, what with so many intergalactic warlords, omnipotent entities, and cataclysms from the depths of space and beyond laying waste to Earth. If beings like that were tearing things up right here, right now, 12/21/12 truly would be a day to remember. On that note, here's seven comic book characters you wouldn't want to see on December 21st -- though your efforts to hide would prove futile!

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  3. Watch The World Not End All Day With This Live Stream From The International Space Station

    If the world breaks open or shudders to a halt today, the folks on the International Space Station will be the first to know about it. Or, you know, the second. The first to know about it will be the folks who are suddenly swallowed whole by a raging Earth or thrown from the planet's surface into the frigid, uncaring void of space, but they're probably not going to be much for reporting back on what's happening, what with all the screaming and crying and begging for mercy. Sissies. Anyway, if you find yourself needing reassurance that the world is not in fact ending, look no further than the ISS's eye in the sky live stream, embedded below for your convenience. The feed will give you an astronaut's eye view of all life on Earth... moving on uninterrupted in pretty much the way it does every day. Hey, don't look at us -- we said it was reassuring, not exciting.

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