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Questions! Questions That Need Answering

Ron Moore’s New Show Helix Starts Tonight on Syfy. Here’s the First 15 Minutes.

Still on the fence as to whether to watch Helix, the new show by Battlestar Galactica remake showrunner Ron Moore? Watch the first 15 minutes and see what you think. Personally, the characters look a bit too by-the-book for my tastes (The head of the base has a mysterious secret! The assistant doctor has a crush on her boss! The boss’ estranged wife is on the team!). But the phrase “frakked up” gets dropped, and I appreciate that. Here’s hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised when the first two episodes air tonight on Syfy.

(via: /Film)

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  • John W

    Thanks for the reminder I have been looking forward to this show.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another show with a square-jawed middle-aged white guy lead. Boy, those TV writers really believe in pushing the envelope.

  • Anonymous

    I want to like this show, but if you google the CDC, you’ll discover that female scientists make up a large percentage of the staff, and there are even many black female scientists (do they exist on TV?) If the two most prominent female characters are defined according to their emotional relationship to the white male lead, I’m going to be saying “fuck this,” to this show right quick.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised? Yes. Pleasantly? Not so much…

    One character that I rather liked was Dr Boyle, but the whole rest of them might as well be made of recycled cardboard. The worst part is that they made everyone on the show a brilliant scientist or a competent soldier type, and then they used a plot device that makes them act dumber than the cast of Under the Dome, which is really quite an accomplishment. I would have loved it if only they created believable characters who keep their damn brains and act like actual human beings in an extremely scary situation, which would make some of them act dumb too, but I’d actually want to watch it. Instead we have people with multiple PhDs infected with the brand new exciting version of the Stereotypical Overaggressive Quarterback Syndrome, which is about as original and interesting as… well, as a typical unrealistically-dumb-American-teens-in-distresss scenario. And we have enough of those, thank you very much.

    I’ll give it a couple more episodes, but if it doesn’t miraculously improve soon, I’m giving it a pass.