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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Registration Form Makes it Easy for the Government to Hunt, Kill Superheroes… But It’s Still Pretty Cool, No?

Courtesy of Michael Mateyko, here’s a handy National Hero Reservation Form, available as a free download at My superhero abilities are “Understanding 42,” “Reading Watchmen,” “Typing like the wind,” and “Punching Daleks.” (What can I say? It’s a hobby.) How ’bout you?

(Geeks are Sexy via /Film)

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  • Matt Graham

    No way am I filling this out. Next thing you know I’ll be shielding Jill in front of a wall of posters highlighting fallen Mary Sue community members as a Sentinel bears down on us.

  • mea.glitch

    Actually, the anime Tiger & Bunny has hero registration, and everyone is pretty cool with it. I like that universe.

  • Octochan

    Reminds me of the Pirate of the Year application form. Roaring: [ ] Regular [ ] Incessant [ ] Brian Blessed