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DC Comics’ Supergirl Gets A Costume Redesign…With Pants

Even if you weren’t a dedicated viewer of The CW’s Smallville series, I think you’d enjoy Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville Season 11 comic. It’s available first digitally, then in hardcopy at comic shops, but it represents a nice look at Superman and friends outside the New 52. But what brings it to our attention today is the addition of Supergirl and her brand new costume. While the artist on issue #14 is Daniel HDR and this cover is by Pete Woods, it seems frequent cover artist on the season, Cat Staggs, was the one who created the look. She tweeted, “Dear 7 year old Cat, one day you will get to design Supergirl’s costume. #shutthefrontdoor #pinchme #SmallvilleSeason11″ While the boots from Supergirl’s New 52 design remain, lost is her cape and that awkward crotch patch (thank god). And yes, there are pants. What do you think of the new look? Would you like to see it transfer over to her own series?

(via Newsarama)

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  • Joshua S. MacDougall

    I wish it was the new 52′s Supergirl costume.

  • Alan Traylor

    I love it. Let more women design more female super hero outfits, please.

  • karrock

    Hideous. Waist cape and gold buckle just highlights the crotch they placed front and center. And does she really need high heeled boots? Take those away and it’s maybe OK.

  • Anonymous

    I love the pants! The look is all around pretty neat, except the weird skirt cape. What is going on there?

  • Daniel Burke

    Solomon Grundy wants pants too!

  • James Fletcher

    That a pretty radical redesign, but I like how it gives Supergirl a more distinct look than just a female Superman. I wish it didn’t have the New 52′s knee holes in the boots though.

  • Elizabeth Amber

    I like that she tried something really new to modernize the look but it’s just not that good looking. That weird butt cape is a bad choice. Those are the same awful boots from before with the knee cut-outs. There’s still no discernible way to zip it up (and it’s not a construct like GL). It was a nice try but has a little way to go to really make Supergirl look more grown up and less 90s.

  • Philip Lopez

    With the colors and the cape around the waist it reminds me a lot of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel in Kelly Sue DeConnick’s book

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I got that impression too. I like it anyway.

  • Jean Marie Downing

    Don’t really think those heels are high. Looks like maybe an inch. Which with a chunky heel (as opposed to a kitten) I doubt you’d even notice. Am actually impressed. Can’t imagine how one finds over the knee red (vinyl?) boots without a stripper heel.

    Not sure about the skirt. Don’t really like it, but feel like it is an attempt to give a nod to her traditional skirted attire. Better in theory than in actuality?

  • Alan Traylor

    I love the waistcoat. I think it’s the best part of the design.

  • Jamie Jeans

    Holy shit! THAT looks great! I LOVE the pants cape, it reminds so much of Tifa’s new costume from the FF7 movie, Advent Children.

    And she’s NOT wearing fucking high heels! Another improvement!

    Good work there, DC!

  • electrasteph

    I like the cape – it’s a call-back to the skirt she wore in her earliest incarnations, which I always thought was kinda cool, and it reminds me of Carol Danvers sash, which I think was a nice jaunty detail to Captain Marvel’s costume. I like the pants, although I would be happy with some nice bicycle shorts – anything to prevent wedgies would work. I think costume design should at least reference uniforms worn in various sports – if cyclists and rowers and runners are wearing it, probably it’s what superheroes would design for action.

  • Ladies Making Comics

    My thoughts exactly. No complaints though, I feel like that should be the default superheroine design.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like a waistcoat tail, if you look at the chest. I love it. She’s like a general.

  • Travis Fischer

    Always been a fan of the mini-skirt (duh) but this looks really good. I like the waist-cape thing.

  • Tamara Brooks

    This storyline takes place in the future I believe (LSH time) which may account for some of the details (like the boots). I like the waistcoat – it’s a cape and a skirt without being a cape or a skirt. I like the logo that goes over the shoulders. Some of the colorblocking is a bit odd but overall I like where it’s going. I’ll have to check out the interior art before making a decision since cover art and action art aren’t always done in the same style.

    And ditto to everyone who wishes New52 Supergirl had pants. Or a skirt. Or something besides crazy knee-high boots and bare legs with a giant triangle drawing all your attention to her crotch. Not a good look. Also she’s like 16. Gross.

  • Octochan

    I’m not really seeing ‘pants’ here. It just looks like the colourist accidentally filled in her legs the wrong colour.

  • Avalyn

    So it’s a skin-tight body suit but a waistcoat? Physically, how does that even work? The way it’s drawn, you can see it’s not a cape or a sash around her waist but it’s part of her top. That doesn’t make any sense because there’s no fastening down the front because there is a logo there.

  • Mark Yantz

    It is not bad but a bit too much like marvels revamp of Ms. Marvel to Capt. Marvel. At least with Ms. Marvel you got a reason for the new Digs and they served a purpose. The revamp is all about style. I like the move away from skirts but more thought less copying please…

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a cape. It’s a skirt….which is fine, just, call it what it is. But, be that as it may, why the black, crotch patch that goes down the inside of her thighs? What is the purpose of that design choice, separating it from the rest of the costume?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Think of it as a shirt that’s longer in the back. Doesn’t need fastening, just put the whole thing over your head like normal.

  • Jennifer Dougherty

    So going by the way the top follows the contours of her breasts I’m guessing it’s, what, latex paint? Other than that it’s a great improvement.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    That’s pretty much how everyone looks in comics.

  • Sebastian Proaño

    That looks kinda awesome actually… Then again, I’ve been always a fool for overcoats and tunics… I blame Highlander and Matrix for it….

  • SciNerdGirl

    Sorry, but the cape around her waist looks ridiculous, and so do the knee holes in her boots.

  • Alissa Knyazeva

    I thought it was a skirt/waist cape too at first, but it’s actually part of her top. She’s wearing a waistcoat, like old-timey military-style. I think that’s kind of cool.

  • Sabreman

    So. It’s… um…

    So it’s a clothed upskirt shot, with a shirt-skirt (waist-cape?) that doesn’t close on the front anyway, over a different crotch patch that now emphasizes her inner thighs, too.

    sigh. {shaking head}

    At least the goofy-looking holes in her overknee boots are closed now. (The colored knees are still kind of ridiculous, but I like the rest of the redesign generally.)

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I was trying to find this look on a person and this is the basic idea: Elizabeth from (I forget which) Pirate movie – Only Supergirl’s fabric is being blown back.

  • BruceKent

    Other than the cape (iconic) I wholeheartedly agree with this article.

  • Anonymous

    I like it. It’s got a unique silhouette to it and a design that’s recognizable from previous incarnations while not being completely beholden to them. Certainly one of the better redesigns I’ve seen from the recent DC heroes.

  • Sarah Eisenstein

    I like the skirt/cape. It seems like it could do all the awesome cape things (fluttering in the wind, ect.) without getting in the way like you know a cape would. It also seems very functional (i.e. no cleavage for the sake of eye-candy) while also looking really cool (love the knee-patches). My only complaint is the greyish area on the crotch and inner thighs. Is she wearing biking shorts or something? It just looks awkward.

  • Canisa

    And all the male fans burst into tears and get it changed back because it isn’t sexy enough just like with Wonder Woman in three… two… one…

  • Kol Drake

    With the way the sheath dress (butt cape) is shown, it reminded me first of those tunic coats from the Matrix Neo wore. Not sure why she needs a bit of golden ‘bling’ pointing to her lady bits either… maybe if it was ‘just’ a buckle for a ‘vee’ shaped red hip ‘belt’/accent… it would make more sense. And like so many others… not a fan of those odd ‘peekaboo’ boots.

  • Sabreman

    Granted, I’m no expert with the cut and design of clothes, but (1) Elizabeth’s waistcape (from World’s End I think) clearly has a hemline that comes all the way around front (meaning it can theoretically be closed); and (2) she has enough sense to close it. (With some buttons and loops provided for that purpose.) Closing it doesn’t even physically look like an option for Kara. It’s a wide shoulder cape (not a neck clasping cape like Batman’s is often drawn) but for her hips. Which in itself wouldn’t be so bad except for the facepalming crotch&thigh design. I’ll grant that aesthetically it looks better than the clunky crotchshield she’s been wearing (and at least it’s kind of a neutral grey so proportionately more subtle than red), but still, more like saucy bedwear. (“Here, guys, right here!”) Elizabeth’s is far more elegant and practical (in the sense that it can be better adjusted for different social situations.)

  • Sabreman

    I do see the military waistcoat concept Ms. Staggs was going for, though. I respect the attempt overall despite my overly prudish tsking. It’s easy to see Cat’s a fan. My initial impressions might have been better had I seen a calm standing scene first.

  • Marian Librarian

    Thank you! When the article said, “Gone is the crotch patch” I thought, “Really? Because it looks like there is literally a grey patch in her crotch area.

  • Bat Hobbit

    At last! A practical butt kicking suit that doesn’t threaten side boob or thong flash issues…us girls know all about that when out bringing justice to the great unwashed! don’t we? … don’t we? i’m all for giving the guys the sexy figures on every page turn but thank god she can go home and not worry about flashing the nation on the front of celebrity gossip rags…bet it washes well too.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    But the black patch here covers more than her crotch. THIS is a crotch patch:

  • Magic Xylophone

    Forget the costume, what the hell is going on with her right leg? It’s got two knees facing in two directions.

  • Magic Xylophone

    It doesn’t just emphasize her thighs, it completely breaks the flow of the pose with clashing cross-contours that don’t match a single other design element throughout. Repeating forms is like Character Design 101, Ms. Staggs.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I don’t hate it.

    Kind of even like the duster design of the top–gives you that dramatic cape flair that’s pretty much a necessity for Superman and Supergirl, but with kind of an old-fashioned, Wild West sort of hero look to it.

    Not gonna lie, I really will always like her classic pleated red skirt (so long as we don’t get super awkward crotch shots. But I like this too.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I think it’s less a skirt and more like a duster.

  • Jennifer Dougherty

    So? Is that supposed to make it right?

  • OdinsEye

    Not really much better.

  • KateKane

    It’s a jacket.

  • Zod13

    I like it. Something besides a skirt.

  • KateKane

    Uh, Staggs didn’t draw the figure, the artwork nor the pose, she just designed the new costume costume. Her art of Supergirl has yet to be released. Reading Comprehension 101, Mr. Condescending.

  • KateKane

    She didn’t do this artwork, the cover artist did. Hopefully, we’ll get to see the costume design art by Staggs at some point.

  • Tommy Tobin

    DC can give her pants as long as they take something away in compensation.
    May I suggest her top? ;-)

  • Lady Viridis

    I would like the costume better if it didn’t have that super-weird back-skirt half-cape thing? And with a yellow triangle pointing at her crotch, ew. The rest of the costume is fine, although I feel like it’s trying a little too hard. You don’t need little cut outs on the boots or all these tiny details. If they’re going for a more modern costume that conveys strength and dignity, I think they’d be better off aiming for something like the current Captain Marvel outfit. That costume is so awesome I want to cosplay Captain Marvel and I’m not even blonde.

  • Magic Xylophone

    Yeah, and the costume design itself is what I’m criticizing (well, also the pose, but that was a separate comment).

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Did I say that? I’m just pointing out to those, perhaps not familiar with comic art, that most costumes look like they’re painted on. This is not new.

  • Shiromi

    I like this design – it’s badass and practical. The trench-coat is elegant and looks great billowing dramatically. The colored design on her chest makes her look strong and powerful. This is a cosplay that I might want to do…

  • Steph Cherrywell

    I have mixed feelings on the costume but can I just say I reeeeeally wish they would give her pants in Supergirl? Or at least tights or something. Bare legs with a high-necked top is just an odd look.

  • Maggie Champaigne

    This is what I want to know. I can’t be bothered looking at the costume when she clearly was sliced right through the middle and her torso is starting to slide off her legs…

  • Greg Scavezze

    Looks a little “fuppy” between the abs and mommy parts…

  • Robert X

    I thought “The Incredibles” proved why capes are bad? :)

  • Eric Waggle

    Sometimes practicality is okay, other times Supergirl has a waistcoat.

  • Anonymous

    Me too but I doubt we’ll see it anywhere else than in Smallville.

  • Melissia

    I rather like it myself.

  • Anonymous

    Much as I love the idea of Supergirl in trousers, I’m disappointed by this costume. :(
    I think it’s a bit over-complicated; with too many different things going on colour and shape wise. I still don’t like those funny-looking boots from the New 52 costume either! I do quite like the coat-like cape thing, but would look much better with buttons or a zip on the front and without the red accents on the waist. It has the potential to become a pretty cool coat, trousers and boots kind of look? I love the over the shoulder logo part though. I’m tempted to try drawing it myself.

  • ealperin

    I was the one that BQM directed the link to this, to, when I asked about her appearing in the series, again. As a Supergirl, fan, I REALLY love it! :)