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The Mary Sue’s Summer Movie Wrap-Up

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  • Jes

    Having actually seen Battleship, I have to say it was the most surprisingly good film of the summer for me.

    Full confession, my Dad I went to see the film essentially to heckle it. We love making fun of terrible movies and this one seemed to fit all the criteria: Aliens? Check. US MIlitary? Check. Based on something ridiculous? Check. Famous person that isn’t an actor cast? Check!

    It turned out to be a really progressive and enjoyable film. Within the first act, Battleship literally locked out of the action or killed every single character that would have become the hero or played a major role in your average blockbuster. The majority of the US Navy, though present, was trapped on the outside of the action and forced to sit idly by. Which left as the saviors of Earth: a screw up who was about to be kicked out of the Navy, the crew of a single US Navy Destroyer, the crew of one Japanese ship, the Captain of the Japanese ship, an African-American veteran who had lost both legs (in an action role!), a female physical therapist, and a crew’s worth of WWII veterans.

    Yes, it had it’s share of scientifically impossible or at best highly improbably action and some truly plausibility stretching scenes. But what film in this genre doesn’t?

  • Anonymous

    I went to see Dark Shadows with my Dad and it turned out we both really liked the movie. It had a great cast, really good jokes and Jonny Depp at his best. Sure it’s not a lifechanging movie but it was an evening well spent.

    Avenger was just pure genius (Whedon!) and fun as well. Brave on the other side was nothing like the trailer promised but that didn’t mean it was bad…just different and not as expected. But likeable anyway, I mean with a girl like Merida, what’s not to like about her. And the mother-daughter storyline was a good, but way too predictable.

    About Prometheus: I’m sorry but I’ve never seen any of the Alien-movies before as well and honestly, If I’d known that Prometheus was a Prequel to the Alien-movies I’d never have watched it. I just have a stomach too weak for all this gross things happening there. So I ended up watching half the movie with my hands before my eyes. But alas, I have to admit, the actors/actresses were great, the story interesting and the visuals, when not yukkie, pretty nice.

  • John Wao

    Between Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers this should be called the year of Whedon. I’m looking forward to his Much Ado About Nothing adaptation.

  • Shania

    I hadn’t realized I’d seen so many movies this summer(I only saw 5 in theaters,really but I rented a crapload). They were all pretty good to me. I was pleasantly suprised with MIB3 and Brave, but pretty meh with Spider-man. I swear I was fangirling for weeks after Batman and The Avengers ,though. ^-^

  • Alexis Talbot

    I went to see Dark Shadows with a friend, and we both thought it was actually really good as a movie itself. It didn’t feel too much like the original series at all, but a movie doesn’t have to be exactly like what it’s based off of to be good, and Dark Shadows proved that. The movie was funny, heartfelt, scary, at times a bit rushed, but altogether it was a great movie.

  • Anonymous

    The Avengers hands down was movie of the summer. People can try to argue that, but they’d be hard pressed to find an airtight reason. Whedon and the crew knocked it out of the park. 

    TDKR to me was incredibly interesting. Not the most consistent of stories and like you guys said, hard to measure to the second film. Ledger’s performance was too impressive on many levels. A lot of people like to point out some glaring flaws in the film, but I just enjoyed too many other elements of the film to emphasize a focus on every nuance of the story. The thing that surprised me most was Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. I knew Hathaway had acting chops, but the character was handled very well in the script and she strayed from that typically vulnerable archtype, which was great because Selina Kyle is far too bad ass for all that. I agree with Kellie about the nods to Occupy Wall St. and prison reform being iffy because all it tells me is that these protestors can be too easily perceived as nothing more than domestic terrorists. Or at least that Nolan sees them that way, which can be a dangerous precedent in further struggles for Civil liberties. Won’t put too much on it, though.

    As for Prometheus, I enjoyed it as well constructed successor to previous sci-fi horrors. I think the big picture questions do kind of get muddled in their own sense of grandeur, but the subsequent sequels may improve on that. There’s so much potential here.

    ASM came out on some shaky ground, but I think there is room for much improvement if the studio doesn’t get lazy. I do think the cast is a better fit and a lot of good can be done there. I think Sally Field as Aunt May is a great idea. Too often the character is associated with frailty due to her age, which is quite contrary to the strong willed character we see in the comics, especially on the Ultimate side.So once again, lots of interesting moment could be had there. 

    Battleship looked like transformers to me. It can’t be helped.

  • Abby

    Movies I saw this summer and what I would rate them:

    The Avengers   5/5
    Men in Black III  4/5
    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 4/5
    Ted 1/5
    The Dark Knight Rises 3/5
    The Amazing Spider Man 4/5
    Brave 3/5

    Ratings based on how much I enjoyed them. That was my only criteria.

  • Rebecca Hiles

    I’m looking forward to the fact that Much Ado was shot in Whedon’s house… just like for kicks….

    I want to be invited to Joss Whedon’s house to shoot a secret movie!

  • Laura

    “Ravenna and Loki need to get together for some serious girl chats about how nobody understands their need to slaughter innocents after having been done wrong by the “good guys” of society.”
    QUOTE OF THE MONTH. Thank you for making my day with that. 

    I first saw The Avengers dubbed in French while living in the south of France around the time of all the insanity that goes down there around the Festival de Cannes and it still didn’t lose any of its awesome amazingness. That shows how good of a movie it was. It was still fabulous with the loss in translation, and with all the Cannes stuff hanging around being cool. 

    I saw Prometheus while in France (fortunately in English, just subtitled) and was floored by the imagery and Fassbender’s performance. 

    TDKR was complex and thought-provoking in a “WTF just happened, I need to rewatch this” kind of way. Which was a shame. 

    I’d say a good summer for movies, overall. Thanks for the reviews!

  • Anonymous

    I gotta agree with Susana on Brave.  It was good, I guess, but it wasn’t Pixar.  By this time, the standard has been set, and I fully expect to walk out of a Pixar movie bawling, I expect them to be unforgettable.  I expect that I’ll be hoarding them for my future children to watch.  Maybe the expectations are too high now, you can’t get it right every time.  But Brave never made me cry, and I forgot about it almost the minute I walked out of the theatre.  There was so much hype, and it completely failed to live up to it.  Such a shame.  It was gorgeous, though.

  • Taste_is_Sweet

    I loved Brave. It’s possible you have to be a mom (or very close to your mom) for this movie to have affected you. And while that’s a shame for Pixar because they’re usually so good at depicting universal themes universally, when it came to audience members such as myself, the movie was awesome. It’s very, very sad how refreshing it was to see a fantasy movie where not only is the mother/daughter relationship the focus, but it’s the female characters who get transformed and must go on the quest to fix things. I watched the movie with my then six-year old on my lap and I cried a lot, but no more than at the scene where the mother-bear attacks the larger and far more powerful animal to save her child. Because they got that idea exactly right.

  • Ben Lundy

    Great commentary on all films.

    I think it’s very telling to read the universal (and “fangirlish”) praise Avengers gets as opposed to the nuanced and thoughtful observations (including some criticism) of The Dark Knight Rises. To me it says that the reviewers, like many of us, were not just emotionally, but intellectually invested in the outcome of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The fact that some of the fans of the trilogy had criticisms of it, criticisms that they can clearly articulate and analyze, shows the lasting impact that the Dark Knight Trilogy was able to provide.

    Conversely, everyone loves a roller coaster. You get on, you shout and laugh with exhilaration, then it’s over in three minutes, and maybe you’ll get on again, maybe you won’t. But no one ever gives any in-depth analysis of a roller coaster– the most you can say is “I like that part where it goes around twice,” etc. And before too long you’ve largely forgotten about the experience.

  • Shelley Adrienne Mimi Belsky

    Best movie all summer (even though most of the folks reading this haven’t seen it) has GOT to be “Moonrise Kingdom”

    And the two child leads DESERVE Oscars.

  • Alexandra Pitchford

    See, I absolutely loved the new Total Recall, but I also had completely separated it from the original film in my head because I knew that the movie was based on the book “We’ll Remember It For You, Wholesale” for the most part. This rendition was pretty awesome :) (That said…I really want to watch the original film again now >_>)