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Tom Hiddleston, Kristen Bell, Anthony Mackie, & More Share Their Earliest Disney Memories [VIDEO]

The Nerdist channel spoke with actors on the red carpet of the D23 Expo a few weeks ago and were curious – what were their earlier memories of the Disney brand. Hear what Tom Hiddleston, Kristen Bell, Anthony Mackie, and more had to say. Personally, I’m split between seeing Cinderella in theaters where they gave us awesome sticker books and the time I met Robin Hood (fox version) at Disney World and he asked me to marry him because we both had red hair. I had a very interesting childhood.

What’s your earliest Disney memory?

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  • Alexa

    Beauty and the Beast is actually the first film I remember seeing in the movie theaters. I seriously cannot remember seeing anything before that film. My mom says she took me, when I was just a little baby to The Little Mermaid, but I can only remember seeing Beauty and the Beast. And from that moment on, we always went out and saw the next Disney movie in theaters. The Disney Renaissance was essentially my childhood.

  • hh

    I was about 4 or 5 when I saw “The Little Mermaid.” I wanted dress up as Ariel so badly, because I didn’t fit in with other kids either, but I didn’t have red hair, plus the Colorado climate made seashell bras impossible for Halloween. My mother figured out a (warm) mermaid tail skirt and an extra large sweatshirt with the purple shells. The wig was easy, and I spent the weeks following Halloween wearing it and singing to our pet hermit crabs.

  • Aeryl

    My mother took me to see the 50th Anniversary re-release of Snow White in theaters.

    I remember it mainly because we got a gold plated commemorative coin, that was my greatest treasure as a child.

  • Anonymous

    My aunt and uncle took me to see “Aladdin” at the movie theater. It was the first movie I ever saw in the theater – I was 5 years old. I loved it and it freaked me out all at the same time, my uncle had to carry me to the lobby during the scene when Jafar turns into a humongous snake.

  • Eisen

    Would be even better if it was “My earliest Ghibli memories”.

  • Gerald Kirby

    Don’t leave us hanging, Jill; did you accept Robin Hood’s proposal!?

  • Anonymous

    How funny – I, too, saw Cinderella in the theater in 1987. It was the first time I’d ever gone to a movie theater. We also had those Disney books on tape. My brother and I would listen to a different one nearly every night as we went to sleep – I can still recite huge chunks of ‘The Rescuers’ and ‘The Jungle Book’ by heart.

  • Jennifer Faucher

    Our next door neighbor as I was growing up was always the first person we knew to get any new technology. The first to get a big screen tv, the first ot get a VCR, the first to get laserdisc…
    Anyhow, their grandkids were my age and while the grown ups were playing cards, we would watch movies. I remember seeing Dumbo for the first time and crying hysterically when they locked his mother away and he went to see her and she cradled him in her trunk because that was the only part of her she could get out the bars.
    Apparently I am still traumatized by that.
    Other than that, we went to Disney for family vacation a couple of times. I always loved Epcot.

  • LifeLessons

    HIddleston and I love the same flick. :)

  • Eisen

    oh my god dumbo. This movie was so frightening for me, but not because the high jump or the part where his mother was taken away, but because of the scenes with the dream-elephants when Dumbo was drunk.
    It scared the shit out of me, because they melted together and looked extremly evil to me.

  • PITAchic

    Two that come to mind:

    1) going to see the rocketeer at 9:30 which was far past my bedtime. I was so excited.

    And 2) my parents waking me up one morning to tell me that we were going to have a movie day and start with Mary poppins (I was such a Disney kid this could totally get me out of bed) only to have them put in beauty and the beast which I hadn’t even known they’d bought for me!

  • calciferboheme

    You know, I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t in love with Disney. I can remember being very small and watching all of the animated films (Jungle Book and Robin Hood being my favorites, but loved them all) as well as Mary Poppins, Pete’s Dragon, etc. Not to mention that when I was growing up all of the shorts still came on TV. I think a lot is missed now by so many of the great works of the past not being shown on TV anymore. It’s not as big a problem because of home video and the internet, but it’s much harder to just stumble upon the things that previous generations grew up with and falling in love with them all over again.

  • Anonymous

    it’s funny, my best Disney memories are mostly from adulthood. I married a Disney Nut and he wanted to go to WDW for our honeymoon. I thought “oh man..really?? aren’t we adults?” but agreed. HOLY CATS. we were there 30 minutes and the fireworks show WISHES started..and i was crying like a baby!! we’ve been three times since and about to go on our next trip in two weeks with our daughter. Now i don’t know what life would be like without Disney!! :D

  • ShifterCat

    I saw a re-release of Fantasia. At the time, I found the “Night on Bald Mountain” sequence a little frightening — now it’s one of my favourites.

  • not-so-small-mercies

    I watched it in the cinema with my family, and some of my dad’s uni friends, when I was 3 years old. I remember standing in the chair because I was too little to see.
    And now, 19 years later and living through it being my favorite childhood film, my baby sister’s favorite childhood film and one younger cousins’, I can more or less recite it from beginning to end.