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Once More With Feeling

Stargate Is The Latest 90s Sci-Fi Classic That Might Be Getting a Reboot

I have a confession to make: I didn’t watch Stargate until around 16 hours ago. Maybe if I’d spent less of my childhood summers watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and Clue on VHS, rewinding them, and watching them again right away, I wouldn’t have missed out on James Spader The Adorable Floppy-Haired Scientist And His Adventures In Outer-Space Egypt (Featuring Holy Crap Is That Djimon Hounsou?). Alas, I was behind the times on that one. But I have watched it now! And just in time for director Roland Emmerich to announce his plans to it as a movie trilogy.

Granted, Emmerich has also been trucking away at a two-part Independence Day sequel for a few years. It looks like he’s been browsing through his filmography, picking out the good stuff, and saying “Hey, that was pretty cool! What the heck, I’ll do that again.” I’m not 100% confident we’ll actually ever see the rebooted Stargate trilogy, is what I’m saying. But let’s hear from Emmerich all the same:

“We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot… and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts. Pretty soon we’ll have to look for a writer and start.”

As for whether original Col. O’Neill (Kurt Russell) and Daniel Jackson (Spader) might return for the reboot, Emmerich had this to say:

“The actors look totally different… it would not work.”

Eh, that’s fine. James Spader is on to bigger and better things than a Stargate reboot, anyway.

What do you think? In the original Stargate our heroes only journeyed to one world, but the whole bopping-around-to-different-places thing was pretty well covered by multiple TV series. What would a three-part Stargate reboot even be?

(via: SuperHeroHype)

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  • katamanda

    The best one sentence description of Stargate I ever heard

  • Shannon


  • Anonymous

    If they mess up my childhood.. er teenagehood, I’ll kill them with a rusty spork.

  • Adam Cross

    lifelong Stargate, Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Universe fan – I would happily see the ’94 Stargate movie rebooted and a trilogy would be cool. Anything to see that world again. love it. =D

  • Adam Cross

    “What would a three-part Stargate reboot even be?” , they could cover a lot, go super in-depth about the origin of the stargates and the “Ancients”, just like what SG:Universe was trying to do but a trilogy of movies could really wrap things up nicely

  • jackrazz

    The first one was a good flick.

    Making more of them is a bad idea.

  • Emily Walton

    “What would a three-part Stargate reboot even be?”

    I never finished reading the sequel novels, but IIRC they were closer to what Emmerich had in mind as far as where the story would have gone. GateWorld has summaries if anyone’s interested:

  • Tricia Ennis

    The problem, though, is that, as far as it seems anyway, Emmerich only wants to reboot the world as it was in the film, and ignore the three TV spinoffs.

    It would be a straight reboot. Not a continuation.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Thank you!

  • Linda Adams

    Honestly, can’t the studios take chances with new ideas any more? Sooner or later, someone will make as successful movie and we’ll have a reboot in six months.

  • Adam Cross

    a supposed trilogy would have to go somewhere, though, right? and yes – these are just dreams I’m expressing :P, the 1994 Stargate film does kind-of inhabit it’s own universe, but that’s still exciting enough! I’m happy to see whichever way Emmerich takes it

  • Nat

    That’s really funny given that I just watched this movie again for the first time since its release this weekend and was just thinking ‘If this was going to be rebooted, what would I change?’. I could see a Stargate Trilogy really easily, given the scope of the Stargates. Just look at the first episodes of Season One with looking for Daniel’s wife, etc

  • Nat

    You could arguably say that the TV spin-offs inhabited their own Alternate Universe. That’s not out of the realm of possibility with the type of wormhole technology the Stargate’s posses.

  • Mark Brown

    Hell, it was the willingness to try new and untested ideas that got them Stargate in the first place!

  • Mark Brown

    This. The only way I’d want to see a reboot is if they did the “real” version, with a CGI de-aged Michael Shanks and RDA, and the Horus guards as proper Jaffa (with Anubis as Ra’s First Prime).

  • Robin S

    This is my reaction to this idea:


    I mean, c’mon. Stargate was great, both the original movie and Atlantis and SG-1 (I never watched Universe.) WELL COVERED! I’d be all for a reboot in 20 years or so.

    Whatever happened to new ideas?! Seriously! People are still having them! Studios are just ridiculously risk-adverse and will make a new movie off of anything someone might conceivably say ‘oh yeah, sounds sorta familiar.’

    Also, didn’t something like this already come up with trying to reboot the original Buffy movie and ignoring the Buffy and Angel TV series? And something about a fan revolt? Star Trek only got away with it by the skin of their teeth (and not at all, according to some fans.) If you want to appeal to the same fanbase that watched the original, you have to respect the existing canon.

  • Omegasama

    Why not do something new? Instead of rebooting a franchise that had a few movies and 10 seasons SG-1 and 5 seasons of SGA and 3 seasons of SGU. I mean… let the franchise be and move on.

  • Anonymous

    If this were 2000 I would be very excited. I would say, “it’s the guy who made Independence Day and The Patriot!” Now I can only think of 10,000 BC and 2012. I can’t say that I had it in me to watch anything he has made since then.

  • John W

    Hollywood should take down their sign and replace it with a “Reboot” one.

  • Anonymous

    I have extreme soft spot for orig film AND SG1 orig series, so grrrrr….
    On the other hand, IF they made it with the ‘actors playing actors playing SG1′ in that wonderful silly episode (the one where someone shot a sci fi series based on SG1), I *would* watch it. If only for the meta-head-twisting effect. And the delightful unapologetic cheesy mick-taking of the SG tropes :}

  • Wayne Sebbens

    How about we get the SGU movie to resolve that S2 cliffhanger out of the way first?

  • Marya

    Rebecca, haven’t you watched the series either? Because if you haven’t, I’ll be sooo relieved. I’m a huge fan of the film and I have wanted to watch the series for a long time, but you know, too much to watch, no time to watch it all… So it’s on my “to watch list”, once i’m finished with BSG and Farscape :)

  • Anonymous

    I really REALLY hope they DON’T do this! :(

  • Thomas Hayes

    This stuff needs to stop. We don’t need another Robocop, we don’t need another Terminator franchise, we don’t need three Avatar sequels and I have no interest whatsoever in a three-part Stargate reboot. I’m going to ignore all of them at the cinema.

    Technically I’m a hypocrite here because I’m looking at the Warner/DC movies with great interest and they just rebooted their franchise, but the difference there is that their roster has plenty of untapped potential in it (Wonder Woman, Flash, Batgirl etc.) as well as characters who have already had a film that was a failure (Supergirl, Catwoman, Green Lantern) and therefore I can see a Marvel-style wider universe coming out of those projects. I don’t see what else they can mine out of things like Terminator or Avatar at this stage, at least Stargate is proven to work in a bigger universe but I’m still dubious about it.

  • Anonymous

    But now it’s not new and untested and a reboot would likely just get the tone all wrong, not tackle any interesting ideas and be all ‘hollywood-ified’ and nasty. I very much doubt they could recreate the positive aspects of the show successsfully and I can’t see what new ideas they could cover that haven’t already been done in ten series and 3 films. (plus Atlantis and Universe.) :(

  • Anonymous

    The series is way better than the film and I much prefer MIchael Shanks as Daniel! Series 4 and 5 are the best of the bunch in my opinion.

    I’m on my third run through of SG1 (to get my bf to watch it) but I’ve never got around to watching more than episode one of BSG and only a season of Farscape. SG1 beats Farscape hands down in my opinion but I do want to get through BSG at some point. Maybe there should be a SG1 series on here after BSG is done with? :p

  • Anonymous

    Just got to that episode in my re-watch! Love it! (though not as funny as the one where Jack and T’ealc get stuck in a time loop in season 4.) :)

  • Marya

    That only makes me want to watch the series more and more! BSG is a great series, IMO, it has great characters (and a great OST), I’m really loving it. As for Farscape, I finished S1 (wich I enjoyed) but I’m currently stuck at the begining of S2… but I hate to leave a series in the middle of the season (‘in the middle of’, is that correct english?), so I’ll eventually finish it… someday…

    It’d be great if Rebecca starts a “newbie SG1 recap” once she’s done whith BSG, because we’d be again filling our ‘sci-fi geek gaps’ at the same time. I started watching BSG at the same time she started without knowing it and reading her recaps make me feel less lonely :P

  • Anonymous

    I really should have started watching BSG at the same time as Rebecca too, but I was already starting to educate my boyfriend on Stargate at the time and had several other series on the go. I got stuck a little way through S2 on Farscape too! I thought I’d pick it up again but I can’t even remember what was happening now. I think I found the main character kind of annoying.
    It would be cool to see what you and Rebecca think of SG1 after seeing BSG first, and how seeing SG1 first effects my opinion of BSG! Which is older, do you know?

  • Robin S

    I wouldn’t be adverse to them rebooting ReBoot, however.

  • Marya

    That’s my problem, I always have some series on the go, and SG1 is a long one (plus Atlantis, and Universe…) so I never know when to start it :/ As for Farscape, I actually I don’t know why I stopped, but I did like Chricton and most of the characters, so I don’t know.

    SG1 is older that BSG (the rebooted one), isn’t it? And it’d be cool to exchange our opinions and points of view, indeed!

  • Sabrina

    I’d be more excited if there hadn’t already been a reboot in form of a very successful 10 season long series + 2 spinoffs!

  • Eisen

    nooooooooooooooooooo :<

  • Anonymous

    To b honest, most SG1 episodes are pretty self contained. Obviously you get a couple of continous episodes at the end of the series for a finale, but it’s a pretty good show to just dip in and out of if you don’t have time (although I tend to binge on it anyway). For most the series, they seemed to focus on the one-shot formula so they can tackle a different idea/issue each episode. I’ve actually only seen one season of Atlantis and none of Universe. When they replaced Jack with those two farscape actors towards the end of SG1 I kind of went off it and haven’t really gotten in to Atlantis so far. Going to try it again after my boyfriend and I get through SG1 but we’re only half way through season 5 at the moment so there’s 5 more to go!
    I thought SG1 had to be a bit older than the reboot at least. :)

  • Marya

    Thanks for the info!

    SG1 is from 1997, and BSG’s reboot from 2003 :)

  • Electrical Rat

    Yes please! Whenenever I listen to this particular music sequence (including subdued background noise *bawl*) at the end of “Gaunlet”, it makes me so sad that such a wonderful series got axed, but they really finished it with so much dignity.

  • Sara Goodwin

    It’s just an additional thing – it can’t go back in time and suckify that which came before. The original will still be there. If the new one sucks, pretend it didn’t happen and just stick to the first one. And, if it doesn’t suck, something I like just got some awesome new fodder for fandom!

  • Dave

    >>What would a three-part Stargate reboot even be?

    …Wormhole X-Treme?

  • myverysarcasm

    You should really at least watch season 3 of Farscape. Season 2 was a bit meh, but 3 pulled a very original almost-season-long arc that covered some pretty revolutionary thinking… And if you like BSG, you’re going to love season 4 of Farscape.

  • AnnaB

    Can I just say that yes, he will always be MacGyver to me, too.

  • Aundrea Singer

    Hopefully better than Stargate: Universe, but without the SG: Atlantis cast it just won’t be the same.

  • Mary

    The only problem is that Emmerlich is on record as not liking the direction SG1 went with the characters. I don’t think that SG1 fans would like what he’d do in a trilogy reboot.

  • Anonymous

    Aww you reminded me how much I miss the Jackson/O’Neil snark-tennis ..!

  • Anonymous

    I like the term snark-tennis! :)
    Unfortunately I just got to the end of season 5 in my re-watch so no snark-tennis for most of a season now!

  • Savannah N. Logsdon-Breakstone

    I’d just be thrilled to have any new Stargate TBH

  • EffexZoxStyle

    my stargate cravings have never subsided, they need to fix MGM financial thing and do a video game already to get steady community and stream so we can continue SG1 or Atlanits FFS