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Allow us to explain.

I will make it legal!

Can You Put A Pair Of Lederhosen On The Wookiee? How Executives Tried To Mess With Star Wars.

Look, if Donald Duck doesn’t have to wear pants, neither does Chewbacca. 

You may be familiar with the old quote from Mark Hamill, “Of all the things to worry about… the Wookiee has no pants,” in regards to producers weighing in on Chebacca’s lack of clothing in Star Wars. You might also be familiar with the quote, “Let the Wookiee win.” I think it’s a smart sentiment.

Anyway, Hamill delved a big deeper into the pants comment (and other items of change) with recently.

“I remember the memos from 20th Century Fox,” Hamill said. “‘Can you put a pair of lederhosen on the Wookie?’ All they could thing of was, ‘This character has no pants on!’ This went back and forth. They did sketches of him in culottes and baggy shorts.”

Cullottes huh? Remember how well that worked for Batman? And what is up with lederhosen popping up in conversation lately? Anyway, all’s well that ends well and Wookiees became a pantsless race for all time.

For the record, I’m never googling things having to do with Wookiees and clothing ever again. Because I found things like this. Also, while researching this post, I discovered there is a page dedicated to “pants” on Wookieepedia. So, now you know.

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  • Captain ZADL

    And Donald Duck is a sailor too! It’s windy at sea!

  • AnnaB

    It always confuses me when Donald Duck’s shirt comes off in the cartoon and he gets all embarrassed about it.

  • Craig Moore

    I would think that trying to get Lederhosen (or any pants really) on a Wookiee would end up being detrimental to your health.

  • Pink Apocalypse

    I remember reading something about a test screening that took in comments. One of them was quite insistent that C3P-O needed to have ‘lips’ that moved, and lack of them made his ability to speak ‘make no sense’.

    In general, I’ve learned to not give a lot of weight to the opinions of the general public, despite being one of them.

  • John Cox


  • Rick Bman

    Or how he wraps a towel around his waste when he gets out of the shower…

  • Michael Corey

    I have to again question why this site exists. If you go back to the article announcing The Mary Sue’s launch, it was explained by Susana Polo that the site would be “an inclusive site that promises to bring greater attention to women in [geek stuff]…”.

    This is an article about a male actor commenting about the costume of a male character. Other than it being written by a (I presume from the name) woman, and about clothes (joking) how is this an article that fulfills the above mission? This seems like a very geeky article, one that everyone would be interested in, and thus belongs on geekosystem.

    Having a site devoted to female geeks is a dumb idea, and flies in the face of the egalitarian nature of geekdom. However, if you’re going to force such a sexist site to exist, why are you populating it with articles that do not fit in it’s mission?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    “an inclusive site that promises to bring greater attention to women in [geek stuff]…”

    You might want to re-read that sentence a few times. I think you’ll find your query answered.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Also, I just love lederhosen and I do what I want!!

  • Geek Girl Diva

    Um, if you find the site sexist and come at it from that perspective, how can you ever hope to see anything on it as anything BUT sexist?

    To answer your question, I think the site exists because it’s writing by female geeks with a female geek audience in mind. The post itself may be about a male, but I don’t know of any site mission statement that said TMS would be excluding content about men.

    You call the site sexist and then ask why men are included in the stories.

    Maybe you meant feminist instead of sexist. However, again, feminist doesn’t mean man hating, so I still don’t get the conundrum.

    Additionally, while the site is geared towards and written by women, no one said “no men allowed” when it came to reading and enjoying the content.

    So, it’s on here instead of Geekosystem for these reasons:

    1) Jill wrote it and she writes for TMS
    2) Geek girls like Star Wars and pantsless Wookiee’s (we’re canon-phobes)
    3) See 1 and 2.

    I’d suggest maybe you let the site be what it is (and “forced to exist” is something to isn’t) and read it or not. Free country ;-)

  • Michael Corey

    We all love lederhosen (citation needed) and my query stands. Can you tell me how a male actor reminiscing on the costume of a male character fulfills the promise to “bring greater attention to women”? Or is this covered under the “inclusive” part?