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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Make It So

Next Generation Blooper Reel Contains At Least One Incident of Captain Picard Walking Into a Door

A set of .gifs ripped from this video have been floating around my Tumblr dash lately, so I’m glad the actual video has now surfaced and I can share it with you. As one friend pointed out to me, flubbed lines and bloopers present a little bit less frustration nowadays with digital filming. In the days of Next Gen, however, each one represented not just some extra time to film the scene, but a tiny bit of wasted, expensive film stock. That might help explain how when you hear the behind the camera crew chime in, they’re not quite as amused.

(via io9.)


  • Jamie Jeans

    Oh my GOD, that was great! It’s so rare to find these clips online anywhere!

    Who knew how easily prompted to giggle Michael Down was? ^^

  • Elizabeth Gorman

    It was nice to see that last clip with Gene Roddenberry singing. And yeah, who would have guessed that Michael Dorn was a giggle magnet?

  • Mark Brown

    Engage. No, don’t engage.

    Energize! That’s what we say in this room.

  • Anonymous

    I got a little verklempt at Majel Barrett’s bit.