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You’d Think Batman Would Be Immune to This Sort of Thing, But No

We’ve all read enough books and watched enough movies to know that the surest way to make sure that a certain person is in your presence is to start saying things out loud that you would never want them to hear. And from the tone of voice of all these characters when they realize it and say “They’re standing right behind me, aren’t thety?” one can only assume that they’re familiar with the trope, too. So why hasn’t anyone turned this particular, apparently magical, phenomenon to their own purposes?

The next time the Joker escapes from Arkaham Asylum, maybe Batman should try smack talking him a bit in front of Robin and see what happens.

(via The High Definite.)

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  • Joseph Finn

    Huh. Oddly, that Justice League episode was just on over the weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Leave it to Futurama to be the one show smart enough to subvert the trope.

  • Ellen

    Haha, was wondering if NCIS would be in there, considering this happens just about every episode. Sometimes multiple times XD

  • JustPlainSomething

    Personally, I love every time Diana makes Bruce flabbergasted on Justice League. Anyone who can make Batman twitterpated has my respect. Another moment was the lovely: “No dating for the Batman – it might cut into your BROODING time.”