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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

Here Is A Gorgeous Stained Glass TARDIS (Doctor Not Included)

Truly a sight to behold, but perhaps a little difficult to believe it’s bigger on the inside considering you can actually see through this set of TARDIS windows. This deftly crafted stained-class TARDIS was created by Alexandria, aka Xandrigirly on Crafster, for a school project. Hit the jump for some more shots of this beauty. 

Here’s what she had to say about the project:

This semester, I’m in Stained Glass II, which means that after two panels and a little simple box, we got to pick more complicated/design our own 3D stained glass pieces! I was originally planning on a lantern type thing, but I changed my mind and decided this would be a box to keep my ever growing candy stash! And since I’m a dork, it had to be a TARDIS!

You can check out some of Alexandria’s other crafts in her Etsy shop and some other work on tumblr.

(via Crafster)

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  • jd

    cool…I also do Stained Glass…keep in mind to use this to store candy you would have to be sure and use lead free solder!