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Special Effects Studio Mirada Shows Off Their Work on Pacific Rim

The majority of Pacific Rim‘s illusions were created by Industrial Light & Magic, but not, notably the pre-credits portion of the film. The prologue, in which Raleigh narrates the first decade or two of the human/kaiju conflict, features lots and lots of kaiju, jaegers, and related destruction, no two of which could be the same, and all of which had to fit a standard of realism to be taken as news footage. Pretty impressive stuff.

(via Gizmodo.)

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  • Ashe

    *flails arms*

    God. These effects were so good. That everything was so contradictory (it’s dark, yet colorful! it’s gritty, yet stylish! it’s busy, yet the action is easy to follow!) and so well-put together as a whole…gosh. It’s been a while since a movie gave me goosebumps from obnoxious coolness.

    I’m a stuffy grouchy curmudgeon of a movie critic and I STILL got them.

    Pacific Rim, I salute you.

  • lui

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