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Snow White And The Huntsman Videos Show Off Locations, Costumes & Action

Mirror Mirror may be hitting theaters first but the Snow White film I’m most excited for is Snow White and the Huntsman from director Rupert Sanders. We’ll be seeing a new trailer for the Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron movie next week apparently, but until then, we’ve got four behind-the-scenes featurettes to keep you satisfied. 

First, a focus on Theron’s evil queen…

Here’s one on the Sanders with some great location shots.

A closer look at just how much action we can expect from the film.

And one last video on the gorgeous costumes by Academy Award winner, Colleen Atwood.

The film hits theaters June 1.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Previously in Snow White and the Huntsman

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  • Robin Burks

    I don’t know why I’m not interested in this, but I do find it hard to believe that there’s a world that exists where Kristen Stewart is considered more fair and beautiful than Charlize Theron.

  • Anonymous

    I want to be excited about this, but Kristen Stewart has me worried. I mean, come on, we’ve had a trailer, and now these, and we still haven’t heard her speak a line beyond, “Ahhhhhhhh!” I was even shocked we actually saw her smile in one scene. 

  • Anonymous

    Inner beauty. It has to be that. If they try to go for outside looks, they’ll get laughed at. Kristen Stewart isn’t ugly, but against Charlize? No way. 

  • Jim Parzych

    For you skeptics regarding KStew… and I’m being kind with that term.  I will be highly shocked if you don’t get to hear KStew’s accent in this new trailer that will be released in a few days.  She’s hailed by every fellow actor and all the directors and producers as a very talented actress, but yet you make it a point to bash the talented actress regardless.  This film will be epic… and KStew (along with the rest of the cast) will nail their parts perfectly.

  • Kimberly

    I saw the trailer where KStew does get a speaking part, and she also got an action part too. She nailed both very well. Needless to say, I’ll be seeing this as soon as it hits theaters.

  • Kat

    I don’t know, I just wish her character wasn’t “Snow White.” That sounds silly, but couldn’t they make it a nick name or something? And is Prince Charming really named Prince Charming in this movie? I… don’t think I can suspend my disbelief for a “realistic” fairytale if they don’t make those kinds of basic adjustments.

  • Terence Ng

    It seems like everyone bashes Stewart because of the Twilight films. I haven’t seen them, but I assume it’s because they’re not good and it’s also a mixture of disliking the character. But Stewart’s been in films long before that one and her performance in Runaways was positively received.

    I get not liking her personally. I don’t follow her except when she appears on red carpets and she always seems to have this attitude about her, but from what I can tell of her other performances, she’s been decent if not good.

    These vids are incredible. I can’t wait to see this film. JUST. CAN’T. WAIT.

  • Kara S.

    Thank you!! I find these comments re her not being as beautiful as Charlize, no accent = “oh she must be horrible” really ignorant. The new xfinity TV BTS videos give us a short glimpse of her accent in the scene when the Queen sends someone to fetch her heart and she escapes after asking “what does she want from me?” Also at Wondercon yesterday they showed a 5 min. montage with her accent on fully display. I have no doubt we will hear her accent in the new trailer that will show before The Hunger Games, which will be teased online tomorrow. Her boyfriend is English, she hears it every day. People are unbelievable. 

  • Anonymous

    They do. Plus I think she’s misunderstood. She’s really come out of her shell this year though. Met her at Eclipse premiere in NYC, couldn’t have been sweeter. She’s great to her fans.