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Sleepy Hollow Recap: Blood Moon

Welcome to The Mary Sue’s very first recap of Fox’s freshman fantasy show Sleepy Hollow. We’re jumping right in with episode two, since when I watched the pilot episode last week I had no inkling of the brilliant mess of fun, drama, ridiculousness (Headless Horseman with an automatic rifle!), and racial diversity it would be.

In this episode: Ichabod Crane is outraged about sales tax, Abbie Mills continues not to take anyone’s crap, and John Cho‘s character has a head like a Pez dispenser. If you’re in America (or know your way around geoblocking) you can watch the first two episodes for free on Fox’s website. Give in.

In the pilot we met our main characters Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), a levelheaded police lieutenant haunted (not literally) by a scary demon thing she and her sister saw when they were teens, and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), who killed and was killed by the Headless Horseman back during the American Revolution. Forces of darkness—the same ones Abbie saw when she was little—resurrected the Horseman, who in Sleepy Hollow just so happens to be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ichabod was brought back too, and now he and Abbie have to work together to stop the other Horsemen from rising and bringing about the apocalypse.

Blood Moon starts with Ichabod Crane’s long-dead wife, Katrina, coming to him in a dream to warn him that a non-Horseman evil spirit is going to come back and try to cause some trouble. Katrina was a witch, so she knows from supernatural forces. Ichabod tries to go tell Abbie about Katrina’s warning, but there’s that whole “material witness in a murder trial” thing, so there’s a guard posted outside his hotel room and he’s not allowed to leave.

Meanwhile Abbie’s talking with her supervisor Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) about the death of Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown), whom Abbie found out was investigating the supernatural after he was beheaded by the Horseman in the pilot. Irving still doesn’t believe all that stuff about a Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane coming back from the dead after 250 years because… no, I don’t have to explain why he doesn’t believe it. It’s obvious. The two policemen who saw the Headless Horsemen in the pilot (these clever dudes) recanted their testimony. Furthermore, security footage shows Andy, John Cho’s The Choverlord’s treacherous, evil minion police officer, killing himself by banging head head against a wall, when really it was that evil demon thing who got into his cell and snapped his head back “like a Pez dispenser.”

That quote’s from Abbie Mills, by the way. Who is better than you, forever and always.

Meanwhile Ichabod’s been exploring his hotel room, which Abbie has helpfully labelled with Post-It Notes to teach him how modern-day conveniences like coffee makers and hair dryers work. Showers are tough.

(Also: Ichabod watches Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which is a movie made by 20th Century Fox. Sleepy Hollow airs on Fox. I see what you did there, show. And I cannot help but be pleased by it, because in comparison with Teen Wolf‘s “You know what your relationship with your girlfriend is like, Derek? A Reese’s cup! Teen Wolf, sponsored by Reese’s!” it was downright subtle.)

When Abbie comes to get Ichabod he gets on her case about keeping him under guard, but she placates him by introducing him to the sweet, sweet world of doughnut holes. Wait’ll you get to Frosties, dude. They’ll blow your mind. He tells him about Katrina’s warning, and she’s skeptical but willing to listen.

But then. What light through yonder window breaks? It’s Andy coming back to life and flailing around the morgue, his head still in Pez dispenser mode. That would be this episode’s Headless-Horseman-with-an-automatic rifle moment, then. His head snaps back into position, and the devil thing tasks him with resurrecting the witch.

Abbie asks Ichabod about his wife, specifically how it is he didn’t know she was a witch, but he keeps getting distracted by sales tax. The tax on these delectable doughnut holes was almost ten percent, he exclaims, filled with righteous anger. Why are people not rioting in the streets over this outrage?! Ichabod reacting to modern-day things gives me life.

While hanging out at the cemetery during the Sheriff’s funeral it twigs that whatever evil spirit’s going to be resurrected is a witch, since when Katrina warned him about it she said it was “one of us.” Might’ve been a bit more clear if it took your hubby this long, Kat. Just sayin’. Meanwhile Andy resurrects the witch—who’s been roasted, toasted, and burned to a crisp—and gives her the message that she can get her flesh back by claiming the flesh of the pious. One of “the pious” is a guy named Jeremy, whom Andy pulls over and then leaves for the witch to burn alive.

Abbie and Ichabod talk about the supernatural some more, Ichabod explaining that he was just as lost as her before GENERAL WASHINGTON hand-picked him for a special evil-fighting mission, which he, GENERAL WASHINGTON, did because Ichabod and GENERAL WASHINGTON were totes BFFs who used to braid each other’s hair and gossip about the other officers.

Abbie shares some of her own backstory: After she and her sister Jenny saw the creepy devil thing when they were teens Jenny was sent to an institution and Abbie did a lot of stupid things to block out what she’d seen. To wit: Getting into drugs and trying to rob a pharmacy. The Sheriff caught her, but instead of sending her to jail he got her to turn her life around. He was more a father to her than anyone else in her whole life.

They get a call about the burned car, and when they get there Ichabod recognizes who did it: Serilda of Abaddon, the leader of a dark coven of witches. That meshes with with the Sheriff told Abbie about two rival covens, one good and one bad, so they head off to consult the Sheriff’s files. Only they’ve been moved to the archive, which they can’t get into without authorization, which they can’t get because Irving’s out of town. Luckily the archive’s in the old armory, so Ichabod knows how to bash his way into some secret underground tunnels and sneak the two of them in.

While they’re still in the station, though, Ichabod has some tense banter with a new character named Luke, who just so happens to be Abbie’s ex-boyfriend. Ichabod gets all excited and keeps asking Abbie about him: Were you betrothed? Why did you break up? Did you *giggle* kiss him? OK, the last question is an exaggeration, but Ichabod really is a primo slice of grade-A prime dork in this scene.

But to get serious for a moment: Abbie straight up tells him to stop teasing her about her ex and he just… does. He respects her and drops it like it’s the just-fired bullet  from an automatic rifle wielded by a Headless Horseman (which is to say: Hot. I’m never going to get over the automatic rifle thing, guys).

They get through to the archive, passing crates of Revolutionary War-era gunpowder and the area where the bones of witched burned at the stake were left on the way. Hmmmm. I wonder if that will be relevant later on.

Ichabod  figures out that back in the day Serilda was weakened by magic wielded by the good coven, called the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart. To come back to life she needs the ashes of the descendants of the magistrate who sentenced her to death. One of those was the guy in the car. The other is presumably a little kid whom Andy’s just found and gone all creepy-police-officer-from-Terminator-2 on. Serilda has until the “turn of the blood moon,” which happens to be that night, to complete the ritual.

Abbie and Ichabod run to rescue the kid, who–PLOT TWIST!—is actually not the last descendant of the magistrate, because he’s adopted. The last descendant is the kid’s father, who died and was cremated. So all Serilda has to do is steal the ashes. That’s handy. Now she has everything she needs, and if Abbie and Ichabod don’t burn her before she completes the ritual then she comes back to life and they’re all screwed. The moment is lightened when Abbie channels her inner Jeeves and Ichabod tells her her fake accent sucks. (In polite, antiquated terms, of course. But basically: Your fake accent sucks.)

Andy digs up the bones, and it looks like Serilda’s able to complete the ritual. Ichabod drops the gun Abbie gave him, thinking it only fires one shot (hearts in my eyes, hearts in my eyes), and the two of them get chased by the witch. Serilda mentions that the head of the good coven is Ichabod’s wife Katrina, who’s trapped in a place between two worlds. She doesn’t say much else, though, as Ichabo lures her on top of the pile of gunpowder and lobs a torch to light it, and her, up real good.

Monster of the week: Defeated. Ichabod talks to Abbie about maybe rescuing his wife and says that, even though neither of them can go back to the way things were before at least they’re traveling down this strange road together.

It’s then that Abbie has a vision of her own: She looks into the Sheriff’s office and sees her old boss/father figure sitting there like he didn’t get his head chopped off by the Headless Horseman. She asks if she’s dreaming, and he says that it doesn’t really matter because he’s here, isn’t he? Her response? “If you’re going to haunt me, at least be helpful.”

Abbie. Freaking. Mills, everyone. Who meets a ghost/vision/whatever and within 30 seconds tells it to cut the cryptic Dumbledore crap and get on with providing spiritual guidance.

Abbie says she’s angry with the Sheriff for not telling her about the supernatural, and he responds that it’s good that she’s angry, since for too long she’s let herself be ruled by fear, and that’s kept her from seeing who she is and what she’s meant to do. She asks him what that is and he says “The only person who can tell you that is you,” because a ghost has to be at least a little cryptic, c’mon. He tells her not to be afraid of the number 49, as that’s where she’ll find out she’s not alone.

Do you realize what this means?! Clancy Brown and the Choverlord both died in the pilot, but we’re going to keep seeing both their characters. Who knows how long the Choverlord will hang around since he’s only credited as a “special guest,” but still. So happy.

The episode ends with us finding out what the Sheriff was talking about with 49: It’s the number Abbie’s sister Jennifer (Lyndie Greenwood) lives in at the mental institution. We only see her for a few minutes, but in that time she does push-ups, pull-ups, dry swallows her pills like a boss, and spits them onto the ground and grinds them beneath her heel after the nurse leaves, also like a boss.

Also the demon thing shows up behind her. Don’t die any time soon, Jenny Mills. I want to see much more of you. Something tells me you’re awesome.

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  • Gina Truitt

    Two episodes in and I love this show. But I would really like for them to find someone a little less cryptic (and less dead) to talk to and help explain some of the weirdness going on. Perhaps someone from the good coven is still around? Also, anyone else feel like Captain Irving is hiding something?Like he is the descendant of Washington Irving or something like that. Or maybe it’s just a really clever allusion. Like Detective Bell in Elementary.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    Im SO glad we’re getting more Clancy! I squeed when I saw him in the pilot, then was very upset when he didn’t even make it to the opening credits. I hope this show doesn’t go the Grimm route- really good at first , then just kinda hits a wall.

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    I thought I was going to hate this show but I’m already addicted. Abbie is amazing and Ichabod’s time-travel humor gives me life. I just adore how he already seems to respect her – everytime she’s like, “Dude, seriously, stop” he just STOPS. He calls her “Lieutenant” and defers to her professional expertise. I just love it. You would expect a guy from 250 years ago to be more arrogant and superior. I’m glad they’re not doing that. I’ll watch seasons of this show just for this relationship. (and I don’t mean “ship;” I hope he finds Katrina so bad!)

    Plus this is two episodes in a row I’ve screamed out loud. I hope they keep up the scares. YAY MORE CLANCY BROWN AND JOHN CHO.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t expecting much from this show either, but the moment The Horseman became one of The Horsemen, I was hooked. That is a great way to interpret the HH story that opens up so many other possibilities. Also it never hurts to up the stakes from terrorizing a single village to the destruction of humanity. Good stuff.

  • Katy

    I really like this show. The mix of fun banter between Crane and Mills, mixed with spooky stuff (the witch was actually scary looking), and the funny reactions Crane has to modern stuff (the shower, taxes, doughnut holes) makes for solid entertainment. I do wonder how long it will take them to put Crane in more modern clothes. I like the coat, but really, it’s not realistic for him to wear those clothes all the times; especially, if they are going to try and create a cover for him.

  • Gina Truitt

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. I guess they need to get him an income before they try and get more clothes, I guess. Really they can put him in whatever they want, as long as they don’t try to cut his hair.

  • Gina Truitt

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. I guess they need to get him an income before they try and get more clothes, I guess. Really they can put him in whatever they want, as long as they don’t try to cut his hair.

  • Project Dan

    I guess I’ll be the only person who is totally unimpressed with this show. Sigh… racial diversity is important, but that’s not enough to make a show good. The pacing is too fast, there’s anachronisms galore, and the way people just accept things at face value feels unrealistic in a bad way.

    Buffy & co. took a whole season to adapt. These people are, like, yeah, apocalypse. So what? I woke up hundreds of years in the future and my wife’s a witch? NBD. Oh, guess I’m a ghost who gives advice now. THAT’S FINE.

    I’ll stick it out a few more episodes, but I really don’t get why people are so into this thing thus far.

  • Aundrea Singer

    Well, your recap was a lot more fun than the ep, IMHO. I really wanted to love SH for the cast alone (all those POC! Like it’s set in America, or something! Awesome!), but it seems like all that happens is that Abby and Irving argue about reality and Abby and Ichabod argue about reality and everything else. And the Big Bad of the ep was there for about two seconds before she was dead again.

    And I’m pretty sure the line, “I will literally pay you to stop talking” was originally used in a first season episode of Hawaii 5-0, which was amusing but a little distracting.

    I love Jennifer Mills going all Sarah Connor in her asylum cell and I do hope that she’ll become a regular. Much as I like the Abby/Ichabod dynamic, another woman would be nice.

    But overall, I want to love this show, but so far I’m kinda ‘meh’. It’s scary and boring at the same time, which I didn’t think was possible. I just wish we could skip the characters having to convince each other of a) believing that all this bad shit’s really going down, or b) that they can’t talk about it.

  • Aundrea Singer

    You’re not the only person. :) Though I’m definitely impressed with the diversity of the cast.

  • cgthegeek


    Curious: What’s wrong with the Horseman using an AK47? He can rise from the dead and walk around without a head but can’t use a modern firearm?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    There’s nothing wrong with it. I love it!

  • Project Dan

    Well, considering we’re two episodes, in, comparitively, Willow and Xander were not quite so on the Buffy bandwagon and, yeah, they were still dealing with the Jesse situation. And, even later, both of them continued to waffle between wanting to help Buffy and really struggling to wrap their heads around the whole “vampires, demons, and all the rest are real” thing.

    So, respectfully, I stand behind my example.

  • Aviana Knochel

    Oh man…ladies, I love you dearly, but please don’t talk about guns when you clearly have no idea what they are in the first place. He wields a Mossberg 500 shotgun and an M4-pattern AR-15 with a solid stock, a red dot sight and a foregrip. Here’s a screenshot that clearly shows the rifle in question. This kind of oversight is the reason guys won’t take girls interested in guns (like myself) seriously. (For reference, an AK47: )

  • LifeLessons

    I LOVE this show.

  • Janelle S

    Now I’m sort of curious about Fake Gun Girls.

  • cgthegeek

    Cool! I love it too. I had to defend the AK to some friends recently who said it was “unrealistic” for him to know how to use the gun since the Headless Horseman had just risen from the dead a few hours earlier. I just made them repeat that sentence over and over again until they realized how dumb they sounded.

  • cgthegeek

    I’m pretty sure the reason guys won’t take girls interested in gun seriously is because they are sexist assholes.

  • Adrian

    I’ve only see the first episode so far, but it was fun! I’ll keep watching.

  • Molly Muldoon

    I know Ichabo was probably a typo but Ichaboo is totally what I’m referring to him as from now on.

  • Aviana Knochel

    On the one hand, yeah, it’s a thing. Girls will walk into gun stores, not knowing anything besides the fact that they want to learn about these weapons, and they may or may not make the mistake of going to the pink guns first, but right off the bat whoever’s working the counter will roll his eyes or act defensive or tell the girls off for being ignorant or whatever. On the other hand, once he gets that out of his system, as long as the counter guy isn’t a Glock snob he’ll actually be helpful from then on out, creating a new female shooter in the process. And of course if the counter guy is a woman, there’s no problem at all. I’ve also seen a large number of “bubba” men get that kind of “you ignorant freak, how do you not know this?” treatment from counter guys, so it may be less sexist and more elitist.

  • Katy

    They definitely cannot cut his hair! As for clothes, I quite like his coat, but the trousers and shirt need to be updated.

  • Katy

    I don’t ship Abby and Crane either, they work better as a Holmes and Watson than a romantic pairing. I wouldn’t be surprised if a later twist is that Abby (and her sister) are descendants of Crane. It would explain why they are connected.

  • Aviana Knochel

    About 40% of the time, you’d be correct :( The other 60% is just general elitism that gets aimed at “bubbas” and “hicks” as well, which also sucks, because education is better than pushing people away from a hobby.

    On that note I just edited my first comment to remove my own elitist wording, so thanks.

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    Ooh I like that! Definitely hadn’t thought of that.

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    I HOWLED and then I posted like 97 gifs of it on Tumblr. That was the BEST.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Choverlord. Oh goddess my ribs! STAHP! The laughter is killing me! Someone needs to turn that into a meme STAT!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Yeeeeah, he was buried in them for 250 years. They should probably be burned at this point.

  • KA

    “…all those POC (people of color)! Like it’s set in America, or something! Awesome…”

    I like that.

  • KA

    A prediction: The FanFiction universe will majorly ‘ship Ichabod and Abbie.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    ‘And I’m pretty sure the line, “I will literally pay you to stop talking” was originally used in a first season episode of Hawaii 5-0, which was amusing but a little distracting.’

    I think that’s just a thing people say…

  • Aviana Knochel

    Ah, where! I was looking for screenshots of the guns earlier and caved and took my own from the online episode.

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock
  • Rebecca Pahle

    Holy moly, that flower crown one!!!!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Thanks for the correction. Because you know much more about guns than I do: If I referred to the gun under the generic category of “automatic weapon,” would that be correct?

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    I know, right?? I knew fans were gonna make this like Hannibal but that took the cake. So they’re “Fannibals” and the SH fans are “Sleepyheads.” haha

  • Aviana Knochel

    Thank you much! I think this one is perhaps my favorite GIF of all time now:

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    That’s just badass. Have they said who is under there yet? I want to know who that dude is. The actor/stuntman, I mean.

  • Aviana Knochel

    Either “automatic weapon” or “automatic rifle” would be correct!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Thanks! Will edit the post and keep that in mind for the future.

  • Aviana Knochel

    There’s 4 stunt performers listed on the IMDB page that it could be, but my money’s on Bobby Jordan, because he looks big enough.
    The four in question:

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    Man, stuntguys are hot.

    Thanks for the links! It does seem like he’s the one.

  • elsie

    like Lawrence explained I cant believe that anybody able to earn $7934 in four weeks on the internet. Source


  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    Already happening. Check out Tumblr! It’s “Ichabbie” or “Crabbie.”

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    And they left off Ichabod’s response: “I would gladly accept, as I am in need of currency.” COME ON, THAT’S GREAT.

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    Do we have to compare EVERYTHING to Buffy?

  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    I think if it’s your type of show it’s just your type of show, and if it’s not, it’s not. I keep laughing hysterically every time they show Sleepy Hollow as a huge city complete with Starbucks when it’s totally not. But for myself, I can personally suspend disbelief long enough to seriously enjoy a show about a Headless Horseman, Time Travel, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, George Washington as a demon-hunter, etc etc., not to mention Ichabod Crane as a brooding hearthrob soldier-spy time traveler and not a skinny, shy, awkward schoolteacher. The people being burned as opposed to hanged didn’t even bother me.

  • Hailey Ferraro

    I will bow to your wisdom, and start watching :)

  • Mariah Huehner

    Dude, you’re being too hard on it. :} It’s BANANAS and it knows it, and that’s actually what makes it Buffyesque in a lot of ways. They’re running with an insane premise and not trying to force characters to not believe what they’re seeing. I mean, lots of anachronisms, yes…but it’s not an accurate historical drama. It’s a pulp retelling of The Legend of SleepyHollow with like…Illuminati and time traveling and covens. I grew up in that area and lived right down the street from the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery for 2 years. This show is embracing the weird and I love that.

    Also,I’ve been rewatching Buffy Season 1 (literally today) and actually they were on board with it by ep 2 (which is a 2 parter and honestly basically just a continuation of ep 1) and absolutely by 3 and 4. By mid season, which I just wrapped up on, there were witches and a bug lady and hyena possession. And they’d basically learned to roll with it as best they could. And I mean, the lieutenant is still struggling with her past and wanting none of this to be real…she’s just not denying that it’s all happening. It’s tonally a LOT like Buffy Season 1.

    I love you, Dan, and it’s COMPLETELY okay if the show doesn’t work for you. But it really is fun and self aware in a way very similar to Whedon’s work. Which makes sense, a lot of folks who developed this are from Fringe. I think people are just enjoying a show that’s taking a ridiculous premise, running with it, and balancing the ridic with humor and self awareness. It’s a nice change of pace.

  • Mariah Huehner

    Yeah, but this clearly isn’t the “real” Sleepy Hollow because literally no one in the show knows the Legend the way EVERYONE who lives in that area does. It doesn’t seem to exist there, so it’s not really “our” SH. I grew up in the area and there are tons of historical inaccuracies about lots of stuff (not to mention the hilarious geographical incongruities). I don’t know that a show about a time traveling, demon hunting, witch marrying, Ichabod Crane in modern times needs to be historically consistent.

  • Project Dan

    I’m about to go off on a tear so, before I do, yes, much love between us and I wouldn’t dream of telling you not to like this show. I just don’t.

    I’ve been watching Buffy Season 1, too. Yeah, Willow and Xander are in it to help Buffy, but they spend PLENTY of time being terrified out of their wits, too, in the first season AND beyond. Compare that with Abbie who sees her dead father figure and is all, “Eh. Whatevs”. That just doesn’t jive for me. Abbie had a seriously traumatic experience when she was a kid involving the horsemen, right? So… shouldn’t she be visibly struggling with that? That sort of thing really gets under my skin. It feels dishonest and makes it hard to find the character believable.

    And, that aside, the pacing is way too rushed. If I turn away for more than half a second, I won’t know what’s going on. And the more they rush, the less sense things make and the more they sacrifice those important character moments that make a viewer able to connect.

    People don’t like me comparing this with Buffy? No problem. How about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Both are based on an existing story, both have female leads, both involve an impending apocalypse and have a lot to accomplish in their first episodes.

    Look at how Terminator handles this. They never stop the plot moving forward and much of the pilot involves Sarah, John, and Cameron running, but they never rush things. They show us how Sarah is connected to someone so it makes sense when she struggles to move on to the next town. They establish an FBI agent who will hunt them, two separate terminators and their goals, all while finding a clever way to move Sarah and John from 1999 to 2007. It never feels rushed because the characters are given enough time to breath, to think, to doubt, and to decide what to do next. It’s good storytelling.

    Contrast that with Sleepy Hollow where, within the first five minutes, Ichabod kills the horsemen, gets knocked out, and wakes up hundreds of years in the future. We don’t get much insight into his character. Same thing with Abbie. The way things are constantly being thrown at her, it’s hard to get an idea of who she is. It’s mostly one action scene after another where characters are introduced and then killed off moments later. Why should I care about these people? I’m given no reason.

    So people can downvote me all the want. I judged this show under the same parameters I judge every show, and, for me, it came up way short. I’ll keep watching because it still has potential and because it’s got a cast that isn’t all white, but, for me, it’s got a big hole it needs to get itself out of before I’d think of it as good television.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, it’s a show about a headless horseman zombie apocalypse creature. You might be nitpicking a bit too much.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of costume realism, I know this is a small thing, but it annoys me to no end when they have characters set in pre-20th century eras wearing very modern makeup (eye-shadow, lip-stick, mascara, the whole bit.) It really takes me out of the story because it’s such a glaring anachronism.

  • Alexa

    Granted this show is just really stupid, on premise and sometimes execution alone, but it still has a lot of redeeming qualities. First the characters being likable and having good chemistry with each other, and I really like the actress who plays Abbie, she’s very good. Also Icabod is very easy on the eyes and the actor does a charming job and both take their parts seriously when both could have just phoned it in, which some actors on tv I feel like do from time to time. And yes I did say the premise is stupid, just by how preposterous and over the top it is, its still pretty entertaining and the show is shot really well with some awesome moments like the headless horsemen getting said AK47. And they really try to sell you this show, and they kind of do it in an unironic and unmeta way, that I can’t help but respect and find kind of endearing. I mean when I think about it this show is like a hostess cupcake, its bad for me and has no real nutritional value, but its just so tempting and sometimes it can be very delicious, it hits the entertainment sweet spot I guess is what I am saying. Bad but very very good in other ways.

  • Katy

    I take it you are referring to Katrina? Yeah that drives me nuts too, especially since “proper” ladies didn’t wear make-up. At least, that’s what I always had read.

  • Anonymous

    It feels like so much deja vu, I have a hard time focusing, to be honest. So little happened in the second episode, I actually said “that’s it?” when the ending credits rolled in.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Darnit, and I’m from NC, too. I just HAD to move away, didn’t I? :)

  • Rebecca Pahle

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA—uh, I mean. Cool.

  • kat

    Or donated to a museum?

  • Charlie

    I don’t understand how the sheriff’s records made it into the secret vault. Am I missing something?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Yeah, it’s a little weird now that I think about it. I get them cleaning out of his office and moving all his stuff to storage, but how did his occult files end up in the history archive? The cabinet was locked! You’d think people would think there might be something relevant to (non-supernatural) ongoing investigations in there instead of just locking them away.

    Ah, whatever. I don’t think this show is supposed to make sense.

  • Charlie

    I figured it might be a benevolent force trying to help them, like the gunpowder seemed to be. Otherwise the records being there don’t make too much sense.

  • Aviana Knochel

    Haha, I recently found out that the Carter Special was created because so many P90s were being used in Iraq that there weren’t enough for the prop manager to purchase, and to compensate he pared down the number used in the show and gave Carter the M4. Good stuff.

  • Heather Leigh

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. A lot of my sensitivities around this issue comes from having worked in Salem during Haunted Happenings. I see your point about “witch” having a varied and storied set of meanings in the context of folklore, historic tragedies and modern religion. I could point out that so does the “Blood Libel,” but we don’t throw accusations of Jewish cannibalism into prime time narratives. The use and mis-representation of historic tragedies generally do irritate me, even in light hearted entertainment. I mean, shouldn’t historic tragedies irritate us?

  • Anonymous

    Love the banter and Abbie’s sass. Ichabod does need to modernize the look, but hope he keeps the fish out of water thing for while – that’s part of the fun! Was hoping Abbie would say something like, “First we save the world. Then we take on taxes.”

  • AnnaB

    Seriously, fabric can carry disease.

  • AnnaB

    Seriously, that “Leftenant” is awesome and unique. I hope he never stops calling her that, ever. Ever.

    I think I may have giggled too much when he left the gun. But it was a good giggle, and I’m in awe at how accurate a thing that was for him to do. Of course he would think it only had one bullet. It was the only kind of gun he knew. I will be sad the day he stops making such mistakes, but then again, the world is vast and full of surprises for someone who’s been asleep for 250 years.

  • AnnaB

    Well, he’s a Horseman of the Apocalypse. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew how to drive a car. These evil apocalyptic types… I’m pretty sure they’d be up to date on how to kill people, and I say this with the utmost seriousness. I’m completely buying that this dude knows how to kill people with modern weapons. It makes sense to me.

  • AnnaB

    I just assumed that there’s a secret that hasn’t been revealed there. In the first show, we’re shown how it isn’t just Ichabod crane who traveled through time–the priest did, too. So it might make some sense that while there aren’t a bunch of time travelers on the show, there are people who do know that all this is going on, after all, we have Mr. Pez now playing Gopher from the shadows. Maybe someone how knows moved it there.

  • cgthegeek

    And we will all be the better for it!

  • Mandy

    Crabbie is a MUCH better ship name than IchAbbie (ick Abbie?) IMHO.