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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

From Springfield To Westeros; The Simpsons Parody Game Of Thrones

I’ll admit, I don’t watch The Simpsons anymore but I am oh so happy to see they recently did a parody of HBO’s Game of Thrones. And not just that, a really good parody. It was part of their opening couch bit on last night’s show and their animators erected Springfield in the style of the gear-ridden (and extremely well-done) Game of Thrones intro we all know and love. Plus, they even used the music! Good times.

(via io9)

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  • Anonymous


  • April Sutter

    Even more surprising is that the episode was funny!

  • Åsa M Larsson

    Three eyed crow! Someone on the Simpsons is a true fan!
    Loved it.

  • Eleanor Stevens

    I honestly don’t get the appeal of Game of Thrones but whatevs’