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Latest Sherlock Season 3 Pics Confirm That Sherlock Is Now Addicted To Lurking

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Between this first picture and the image we got last month, I’m now convinced that most of this season will consist of Sherlock staring at John from dark corners. We also have new images of Mary Morstan, Mrs. Hudson, Molly, and John’s already-infamous ‘stache.

(via: Empire)

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  • María

    Yes, yes, yes, we all love Sherlock and John, and Molly and Mrs Hudson but I want more Mycroft!!

  • Charlie

    That mustache though, I’d knock him unconscious and shave it off. It would be for everyone’s well being.

  • Janna

    Dat stache. Yikes. Hopefully that will be the first thing Sherlock fixes.

  • Anonymous

    As we get Mary Morstan I think it’s inevitable that we also have to get Jonathan Small, the man with the wooden leg and his man-eating Andaman isle inhabitant!

  • R.O.U.S.

    I think all the dark and mysterious lurking photos are really just given as fodder for fans making angsty johnlock manips and fanvids.

  • Anonymous

    Guys, guys…..we will get Christmas, THEN WE GET SHERLOCK. jesus

  • Anonymous

    the mournstache tho…

  • Anonymous

    the mournstache tho…

  • Anonymous

    Gah! The MOUSTACHE OF DOOM! I just…can’t…look at it! :p

  • opalexian

    …because he didn’t prove himself to be a creeper in the first two series or anything.

    Not that Im complaining, just sayin’ is all… ; 3

  • Channelgirl

    The mustache is very iconic Dr. Watson, as depicted in illustrations dating back to 1891. Having a “fanny duster” also makes Martin looks less like Bilbo Baggins.