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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Martin Freeman Has A Mustache In Our First Trailer For Sherlock Season 3

I’m not sure what’s going on here and I don’t care. What I do care about is this is our first look at the next season of Sherlock, and the things tumblr will do with that mustache.

(via ShieldsAndTrenchcoats)

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  • Jill Pantozzi
  • Gabriela Alonso

    And it’s only been a few hours.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a mustache, that’s a pornstache.

  • Brian

    Not as weird as Watson’s mustache in season 2 of Elementary.

  • Katharine Ellis Tapley

    It ruined the trailer for me. That ‘stache is all that I can see.

  • Anonymous

    If Sherlock’s first words after revealing to John that he is in fact alive are not a snarky comment about that mustache, I will be extremely disappointed.

  • Flitzy

    See, when Sherlock isn’t around to kiss THIS is what happens, John. ;)

  • Amy W

    I’D still kiss John. But nobody asked me. ;)

  • Greycat

    Sorry, don’t care about ‘stache. Just this is me seeing this teaser:

  • Anonymous

    What if he instead confessed his love?

  • Flitzy

    Or both!

  • vytisurolepa

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    If Sherlock’s first words after
    revealing to John that he is in fact alive are not a snarky comment
    about that mustache, I will be extremely disappointed.

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Ugh he looks like a 1970s porn star

  • Anonymous

    I like the “both” idea. He will be all “John, I have to tell you something extremely important” and then he blinks, stops and says “Wait. Stop. What in the name of all that is holy is that THING on your face?!?!?”

  • Anonymous

    People don’t really have moustaches any more, so they? I can’t remember the last time I saw one haunting someone’s lip. John looks like he’s wearing disguises designed for a potato.

  • Brian

    And what I posted wasn’t sexism. And I’m not saying that as a knee-jerk reaction, I thought about it when I read your post, because a statement like that deserves consideration. But making a joke based on the fact that it would be incongruous, and thus humorous for a female character to show up with a mustache at the start of a new season isn’t sexist, and I think my analysis has been supported by the community based on the 18 up votes. Not to go all argumentum ad populum.

  • Gabriela Alonso

    Sherlock will very likely get punched in the face before he gets to make any remark.

  • Sade Wilson

    Like wise lol he must say something about his mustache.

  • DarthBetty

    It’s Watson’s version of sad hipster beard growth. Go through something bad-have facial hair. Sad-stache :(

  • Elwyne

    ‘What have you done to your face?’

  • Elizabeth Wells

    No but think about it, whose face is more suited to a mustache? Lucy Liu’s or Martin Freeman’? Lucy has a narrower face and a smaller nose which would make the mustache stand out more, thus making it more distracting and thus more funny.

  • Amy W

    Man, I want to upvote all the people who upvoted this. I love all ten of you for agreeing with me.

  • Jess L

    I think Sherlocks first words WILL BE about the ‘stache, and not about him being alive. Now THAT is what I would expect.