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The Waiting Game: 6 Things You Can Do To Tide Yourself Over Until Sherlock Series 3

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  • Lindsay Beaton

    I’m actually one of those people who went, “I really like Sherlock. I will turn to dust before they make any more Sherlock episodes. Maybe it’s time to finally give Doctor Who a try…” That was about a week ago. I’m now in the middle of season 4 (started with the new series, thank you Netflix) and finally completely understand what “Curse you, Moffat!” means, right down to the deepest depths of my soul. Sadist, indeed. 

  • Amanda W

    I literally just watched ALL of Doctor Who that’s available on Netflix and OnDemand. Then I watched all of Torchwood. Just started watching Sherlock.

  • Anna Moony

    You forgot ‘temporarily find solace in the arms of another fandom.’ 

    Sure, it feels like cheating, but what Sherlock doesn’t know won’t hurt him, will it?

  • 7i7e

    What about if you’ve already done all of the above?

  • Anonymous

    The #BelieveInSherlock Tumblr feed is located at

    I can understand not including, say, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (directed by Billy Wilder, with Robert Stephens as Sherlock and Christopher F’ing Lee as Mycroft) in your list of adaptations, as it’s not too well-known, tough it should be. But not even MENTIONING the Basil Rathbone / Nigel Bruce films?  That’s just rude.

    Yes, they strayed far (FAR) from the original texts, but I could argue they exposed more people to the Consulting detective than any other interpretation, possibly even INCLUDING the original texts.

  •!/alannabennett AlannaBennett

     Hence the disclosure “We know we missed some.”(Basil Rathbone is amazing)

  • Being Geek Chic

    I have another suggestion: watch everything with Martin Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch in it. For me, I enjoy the show because of my love of the Sherlock stories, but I’m deeply and powerfully obsessed because of the acting talents of the two stars.

    And then, there’s this for the real hardcore Cumberbitches: BTW, NSFW.

  • KMC

    Or you could search around your area for a Sherlock Holmes society…there are a lot of them out there.  But be careful…I attended a meeting of my local one after the first series of Sherlock…you wouldn’t believe the scorn and dislike most of them had for it…of course…at 53 I’m the youngest in the group by at least 10 years so it could be a generational thing…some of these people grew up going to the movies to watch Rathbone and Bruce!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I know, but SOMEbody had to do the “How could you forget” post, I thought I’d just get it out of the way.

  •!/alannabennett AlannaBennett

     Hahaha, I get it. I’m pretty sure it’s in the bylaws of posts like these that people must point out what was forgotten.

  • Izzy K

    I’m not sure that watching Doctor Who will make anyone less frustrated with Moffat.  Then again, I tried to fill the void left by a year of no Doctor Who with Sherlock, it probably would have been better the other way around.

  • Anonymous

    Sherlock Holmes was one of my very first fandoms–my dad read all of the stories to me when I was 8–so much love for this list! As delightful as Benedict Cumberbatch is, for me, no one holds a candle to Jeremy Brett’s Holmes. Basil Rathbone–meh. Jeremy Brett all day every day! (Still great for the slashers–”Oh Watson, you will stay? I am lost without you.”)

    Favorite Watson? Martin Freeman.

  • Shannon S.

    I’d suggest checking out TNT’s new show Perception. The premise is an (un-medicated, high functioning) paranoid-schizophrenic neuroscience professor helps a former student turned ex-FBI agent solve some of Chicago’s most bizarre crimes, while dealing with his own hallucinations. Think Monk meets House (substitute the medicine with psychology) featuring the lovely Eric McCormack as the main character. I love it and I think it’s worth checking out

  • R.O.U.S.

    Oh hurrah, I love when Sherlock is on TMS! My people. We are all in this waiting game together, and everything is glorious.

  • Amy M Weir

     That’s probably the ONLY thing for me. Actually for me it’s just Martin. Yes, I loved the show as a whole, but I NEED MORE MARTIN, ALL THE TIME, PLEASE HELP, WORLD, I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER AND EVEN THEN THERE’LL BE ALL THOSE FRIGGIN’ DWARVES TRYING TO HOG THE SPOTLIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    Unrelated, spellcheck thinks I ought to change “DWARVES” to “WHARVES.”

    Anyway, yes, I really can’t watch other Sherlock Holmes adaptations now because I suddenly hate their Watsons even more than I used to hate crappy Watson adaptions before (seriously, WHY do so many of them have to play him so BUMBLING?). Except Jude Law because he’s dashingly handsome. But he still fails at being The Greatest Watson In the World. But this is also why I can’t watch the US version of The Office since I saw the UK version. John Krasinski probably doesn’t actually deserve the irrational hatred I suddenly have towards him.

  • Anonymous

    Yes to this!
    If anyone wants to see a truly heartwrenchingly awesome thing with Benedict Cumberbatch I recommend giving Hawking a go. It’s a biopic on the early years of Stephen Hawking’s career and it is beautiful and tragic and Cumberbatch does a hell of a job. It actually made me read A Brief History of Time, even though my physics ability is negligable.

  • Anonymous

    Agree wholeheartedly about The Office. I didnt even really enjoy the UK version because I have an intense dislike of Ricky Gervais. I still watched every episode because of Martin Freeman and MacKenzie Crook.

    And now I have mental images of The Hobbit, starring Bilbo Baggins and thirteen wharves. Thanks.

  • Olivia Allen

    Ooh, and Third Star. That was AMAZINGLY sad and beautiful at the same time. Warning: I cried and I’m not emotional. 

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    He’s Sherlock Holmes…

  • Kirby Burt

    Hmm, I think you should add Cabin Pressure to this list. It’s a brilliant radio show that I started listening to because of Benedict and continued to because it hilarious and cleverly-written, and I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters. I think a little comedy should do Sherlock fans some good, especially after Reichenbach. (Not that it won’t give you feels as well. But at least you’re laughing and crying at the same time.) Otherwise, I strongly second all of the above here! (Except maybe going outside, that’s very last-resort.)

  • literatewench

    1) yup 2) yup 3) yup 4) yup 5) nope

  • Stephanie Ann Smith

    Seriously. Done it all. Still dying.

  • Lyssie89

    I’m right there with you! I just started S5, and I have only been working on it for 2 weeks or so. MOFFAT!!!

  • Charley Sumner

    I know that there are an insane number of Holmes adaptations, but not mentioning either “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother” starring the incomparable Gene Wilder or the legendary “Young Sherlock Holmes” is shameful.

  • Michael Emig

    I really liked Sherlock Hound as a kid. It was my first exposure to Sherlock Holmes, and it was one of the earliest works of Miyazaki. I found most of it on Youtube (it was a couple months ago though, so not sure if it’s still there.)

  • Melanie Gießler

    I was completely flabbergasted when I finished the list and hadn’t seen Cabin Pressure mentioned. Right now I’m even more obsessed with CP than with Sherlock and that’s an impressive feat. It’s like a cross of Black Books and Fawlty Towers on a plane, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Roger Allam! What could possibly be better?

  • Roxanne Broda-Blake

    AHHH I was not expecting JOHN AND HANK. Also I adore the Jeremy Brett series. And of course, can’t forget about Wishbone’s adaptation of “The Hounds of the Baskervilles.” DFTBA, TheMarySue!

  • Anonymous

     ”A cross of Black Books and Fawlty Towers on a plane, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Roger Allam”

    …okay, I’m there!

  • Magic Xylophone

    What with The Hobbit’s shooting schedule, it seems Martin is anything but a “Free man.”

    HAW! I kill me.

  • Magic Xylophone

    Are you Kate Beaton’s sister?

  • Magic Xylophone

    Solve crimes.

  • Magic Xylophone

    Basil of Baker St. was named after him, wasn’t he?

  • Magic Xylophone

    Go back inside.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, has no one said Zero Effect yet?  Because, THAT.  Also, watch ST:TNG Elementary, My Dear Data over and over like I have (even though Dr. Pulaski is the meanest person ever).  And read every single one of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mysteries.

  • Amy C.

    Everybody watch Jekyll!!!

  • Emma Grant

    I must be a sadist, because I love long hiatuses (hiati?) between releases of canon. (Compared to the wait between the two Star Wars trilogies, this is really not much, yanno?) What I love most about a long hiatus, though, is the kind of fan creativity it inspires. Epic fanfics abound, each one with its own spin on what might happen next. I’ve read a dozen versions of how Sherlock will come back, and I want more. All those fics will get jossed by the new season, so I’m happy for them to have their glory days for a while. :-)

  • Vanja

     YES! I found them a couple of months ago and got through them in weeks. It is hilarious and I was laughing out loud while listening. Poor Martin&his hat, and Douglas is a combination of Kerr Avon and the Dowager Countess of Grantham, full of snark.

  • Alicia P

    The Masterpiece Contemporary series “Last Enemy” has five episodes full of Benedict’s glory. He plays mathematician, Steven Ezard who gets caught up in a government conspiracy. I watched it on Hulu last year, looks like it’s on Hulu Plus now and available on Netflix

  • Anonymous

    This is literally my life right now. DAMN YOU MOFFAT!!!

  • Heather

    “Young Sherlock Holmes” is a fluffy bit of fun.  :-)

  • MyFeelsAreBroken

    I literally just finished Sherlock, so I almost started crying when I read the quote on the second slide. OMG. I’ve finished all available Doctor Who and almost all of Torchwood and I simply do not know what to do with my life now.