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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

We Can Cause More Damage That Way

Things Get Predictably Destroyed In The New Godzilla Trailer

The first Godzilla trailer was good. This one’s better.

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  • Ashe

    I’m here for Ken Watanabe and the giant dinosaur crushing cities.

  • Mark Matson

    Godzilla goes to Las Vegas?

  • Anonymous

    Does “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” still apply?

  • Anonymous

    Wait so are they trying to insinuate the original Japanese film is still canon to this one? Because they mention the year 54 and it looks like they find a giant skeleton at one point.

  • Anonymous

    So wait is the original 54 film canon to this one? Because now I might be interested in giving this one a look.

  • Anonymous

    The tone is so serious, I can’t be excited about the film until I read some reviews. The ideal tone would be Jurassic Park. I don’t know if I can get invested in film that tries to make a serious study about how people would react if they were attacked by a giant lizard.

  • albinomonkeyc

    Screams sausage fest. I think I’ll wait until I find if it passes the Mako Mori test before I’ll even think about seeing it.

  • Delta

    Wow, that looks awesome. I love the “They weren’t tests, we were trying to kill it.” line. Cranston looks great, and is that seriously the guy from Kick Ass?

    Btw, does anyone know the name of the actress at around 1:39? She seems really familiar for some reason…

  • kinoumenthe

    ゴジラアアアアアアアアアア !!
    … Sorry. My enthusiasm is exploding in unexpected ways.
    That looks good, but I wish the trailer making people would get out of the braaaaaam phase already.

  • Anonymous

    There are other Japanese actors besides Ken Watanabe.

  • csb

    I’m pretty sure it’s Juliette Binoche.

  • Adrian

    It’s going to be weird seeing Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as husband and wife in one blockbuster then siblings in another. Can’t wait!

  • Katie Frederick

    … I could make a joke about them taking Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the Ultimates direction, but I won’t.

  • Skol Troll

    True, but when Ken Watanabe speaks, I listen. He’s got a very Clint Eastwood-esque charisma, IMO.

  • Skol Troll

    I have the same question. If it’s just a nod to the ’54 film, fine. But it struck me a 60-years-in-the-future sequel, I’m going to see it.

    Oh, who am I kidding. Malcolm’s dad is in it. I’m gonna see it.

  • Anonymous

    I love historical in-jokes, so the bit about Pacific nuclear tests was what got me thinking that this may actually be worth watching.

  • f_caus

    Except this ain’t no regular lizard. It’s a mobile nuclear holocaust.

  • f_caus

    He lost it all at the craps table and decided to drown his sorrows at the bar. I don’t think he even remembers what he did last night…

  • Anonymous

    What happens to Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  • Harrison Grey

    Well, we’ve got Elizabeth Olsen and Juliette Binoche, and from their credited names they seem to be in-laws. So there is a chance this’ll pass (if just barely) the Bechdel Test, at least. Though if they have a brief conversation as in laws and nothing for the rest of the film, the Mako Mori test might actually be preferable.

  • odango atama

    Is that Kya-aaaa?

  • odango atama

    Must. See. Now.

    I’m incoherent with how much I want to see this movie.

  • Lia Hansen

    The effects are pretty crappy looking, but Bryan Cranston and Aaron Tyler Johnson? Sign me up!

  • Adrian

    While I highly, highly doubt Marvel Studios would even touch that, they do borrow from the Ultimate line sometimes. Haha

  • Christopher Challice

    Mr. Copperfield, you made the Statue of Liberty disappear, can you make THAT vanish?


    Okay running now.

  • kinoumenthe

    It’s “Gozillaaaaaaaaaa !!” :)

  • Markus Sarén

    So a film has to pass the Mako Mori test for you to watch it?

  • Cad Wallader

    It’s like watching Fly Away Home, then The Squid & The Whale. I get that they’re actors playing different roles, but I never needed to see Anna Pacquin and Jeff Daniels hook up.

  • Angela Korra’ti (Highland)

    I am… tentatively willing to admit to a possibility that this might not suck. o.O However, wary of the LAST time there was an American Godzilla flick. Will be waiting for some preliminary reviews.

  • albinomonkeyc

    In a word, yes. Luckily, though most of the stuff I watch passes both tests with flying colors.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit that I did not see it. The reason I’m pessimistic is because I’ve seen too many Hollywood movies that took themselves too seriously.

    But like I said, I’m waiting for the reviews before I decide if I should see it or not. I’m at the point where I remain open-minded enough to have my mind changed if they are positive.

  • John W

    Godzilla moved to the top of my must see list.

  • odango atama


  • Mark Brown

    Yeah. You’d think that in a GODZILLA movie, there’d be some other sound effect they could use other than “braaaaaam.”

  • Markus Sarén

    So then, you miss out on films that don’t pass the test? How do you know which ones pass it before you’ve seen the film?

    Could you give examples of films that you’ve seen lately that passed it, and films you skipped because you didn’t?

    Why is this so important to you? I can understand being happy that a film passes the test, but to have it be a criteria? You’re going to miss out on a lot of great fare like that.