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Good News Everyone!

Never Mind. Once Upon a Time Isn’t Recasting the Mad Hatter After All.

Remember how ABC was going to do a Once Upon a Time spinoff about the Mad Hatter without original actor Sebastian Stan, because he’s all busy being Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and stuff? Well, never mind: Showrunner Edward Kitsis must’ve realized how bad an idea recasting Stan would be, because he’s said they’re not doing it.

Speaking at the Once Upon a Time panel at PaleyFest, Kitsis commented that “We have no plans to recast anyone,” presumably in response to a question about the rumored spinoff, because he went on to note that Stan is “a very busy man” and “I don’t know when he will be making his way toward us [on Once Upon a Time].”

So… are they going to wait for Stan to be available to do the spinoff? IMDB doesn’t list any projects for him post-The Winter Soldier, but that could change. Or might the spinoff just have been a pie-in-the-sky idea in the first place? Does Kitsis have access to a magic hat so he can go into an alternate world where Stan has all the time in the world to reprise his Mad Hatter role? I’m confused as to how this can all come together.

And now for my two cents: The Mad Hatter was one of my favorite characters on OUAT until he stopped showing up (kind of a trend for this show: The Mad Hatter, Graham, Mulan, Aurora, Dr. Whale, August, awesome!Belle as opposed to weaksauce!Belle—why are you underutilizing your best characters?!). Stan didn’t have a heck of a lot to work with, but he turned his limited screen time into one of the show’s most memorable characters, and I absolutely want him to have a show of his own. If it’s not Stan, I’m not interested. So I’m happy that Kitsis seems to feel the same, even if that might mean we don’t get a Mad Hatter spinoff at all.

Your thoughts?

(via: Digital Spy)

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  • Andrea Alba

    I didn’t realize Belle stopped to be awesome (aka I don’t think she has). And I’m pretty sure the show is not done with Mulan, Aurora or August. In fact, August is confirmed to appear later in the season and Graham will appear in a flashback soon, as well. Dr. Whale is still there and, I don’t know, I personally think all of the main cast characters are really good characters. I really can’t complain. There are many stories going on so it makes sense that not all of them can appear all the time.

    I have to say I am extremely relieved to hear they’re not recasting the Mad Hatter and I look forward to seeing him back for the third season (because there will be one, right?? right?????? there has to be).

  • Anonymous

    In fairness, Graham didn’t really *disappear*. We know perfectly well what happened to him.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I thought Belle was pretty great when she teamed up with Mulan. Not that that lasted long.

    Re: the supporting cast, I guess I’m just frustrated because I don’t really like any of the main characters, specifically Snow and Charming. I could do without them being all couple-y and holier-than-thou for a few episodes so people with potential for actual character development could have some more screen time. And Gold’s constant angsting over “Oh, my son! Oh, I’m going to quit magic! No, wait, I’m not!” is getting kinda old. *shrug* But that’s just me.

    Prayer circle for Mad Hatter coming back in S3!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    True. Doesn’t mean I’m any less bitter about it. Harumph.

  • Anonymous

    Robert Carlyle is much more interesting when he’s playing Rump than Gold, simply because watching him pick his teeth with the scenery can be hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Now, that’s fair. I’m still grumpy about that myself.

    I shall go console myself by watching a montage of Stephen Amell exercising shirtless in Arrow.

  • Andrea Alba

    I’m sad to hear you’re not fond of the main characters :( I personally love them , but for someone who dislikes them, the series probable becomes unbearable at times, I bet. But try not to worry, I am pretty certain they’ll come back to the supporting cast, especially since we’ve yet to know Mulan and Aurora’s background. Also, they’ve yet to explain what happened to Jefferson’s wife (Prayer circle for his return, indeed), which I expect will happen in S3. They’ll come around to exploring everyone at some point! I know you don’t like Snow, but I thought last night’s episode was very good and it helped me connect with her more. She certainly doesn’t deserve everything she’s been through :(

    Gold’s got issues, what can I say… at least he found his son now. But re: Belle, in the same episode where she teamed up with Mulan, at the same time in our world, she not only rescued Archie, she also outwitted Hook and became pretty much Gold’s heroine. I thought that was pretty badass. At the end of the episode, of course, the tragedy happened and since then, we haven’t been seen Belle, just her cursed self who’s going crazy. And that’s not her fault, come on. She’s not weak, her memories and identity were taken from them. I hope they solve that soon…

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Agree re: that Belle episode—I was so pleased that she got a chance to kick some ass, both in the fantasy world and out of it.

    And I’m with you 100% on not blaming her for basically being laid up in a hospital bed now.

    But I DO blame the writers. They have an awesome character, and they’re not doing anything with her! Or, rather, they’re doing the same thing with her over and over again: She’s confined in a house/cell/asylum/hospital, manipulated by Rumple/Regina/Greg into unwittingly being a part of their master plan. I get that the whole “being held captive” thing is from the fairy tale, but… c’mon, OUAT writers. We get it! Do something new with her. Let her be badass without taking it away an episode later.

    Counting down the days until Aurora and Mulan come back…

  • janna roam

    I’m glad that they’re not recasting The Mad Hatter. Stan was one of the better actors on the show, so hopefully he’ll return after The Winter Soldier. I’d like to see more of him. Unfortunately, though, I won’t be able to see much of anyone on Once Upon a Time because I’ve started working late at DISH on Sundays. I’ll have to start watching the show on my DVR instead. I have the DISH Hopper, which auto-records Once Upon A Time and everything else on ABC during primetime, so I won’t even have to worry about setting a timer for the show.

  • Rick Kitchen

    ew, Mulan can stay away, unless they recast.

  • Magic Xylophone

    So the Mad Hatter counts as a fairy tale character, now? Why don’t they just abandon all pretense and have Simba, Kuzco, and Mickey Mouse show up?

  • Carla Lopes

    How can people like Aurora?She’s so annoying…Mulan is cool though!