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Learn About The San Diego Comic-Con Anti-Bullying Summit From Some Geeky Writers, Actors, and Activists [VIDEO]

The first Anti-Bullying Summit for San Diego Comic-Con was held this year, showcasing a good number wonderful, nerdy individuals talking about the need to stop bullying and sharing their own experiences with the Con. With all the division and bullying even among members of the same fandom, it’s great to see a Comic-Con International event dedicated to targeting the problem of bullying among kids and adults alike, and to preventing bullying in the future. Check out Nerdist‘s feature on the summit, which includes creators, actor, voice actors, and activists (many will be familiar to our readers) sharing their reasons for helping make the first of hopefully more Anti-Bullying Summits possible.

Previously in Bullying and Harassment

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  • Adrian

    SDCC hosts an awesome anti-bullying summit but won’t post their harassment policy on their website? That’s weird.

  • Anonymous

    I know, right? >.>

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. All this “feel good” is great, yes, important first step…..but there needs to be more. I don’t think I saw as much attention focusing on the bullies, either. I find this similar to when people deal with other bigotry. “Well, the victim/ bystanders need to do….” O..kay. What about the bully? What about the person committing these abuses? What can we do to help reach out, empathize, whatever, to them? THEY’RE the ones we need to focus on, and hard.