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Allow us to explain.

Almost Totally Excellent

Couldn’t Be At Comic-Con? Witness Some of the Cosplay You Wish You Could’ve Seen In Person [VIDEO]

Sneaky Zebra gives us this smashing music video tribute to Comic-Con 2013′s cosplayers. I even recognize a few from our own wrap-ups in there. RU-FI-OHHHHHHHH.

(Thanks, tipster Nick!)

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  • Anonymous

    Kevin the Snipe! That’s awesome!

  • Anonymous

    God this makes me want to cosplay so hard and look fantastic and fierce while doing it

  • Not So Young Democrat

    Two thoughts

    First I was impressed that someone did Maxima cosplay at the beginning. That’s a fairly obscure character for someone to dress up as.

    Second, that spider man almost fell flat on his face doing that maneuver.

  • The Gaf

    3:00 FTW.

  • frodobatmanvader

    Rufio!? Someone dressed as Rufio!? That’s… that’s… (wait for it) BANGERANG!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Iron man with and iron hahaha oomg

  • Rafi Mankassirain

    There’s something strangely heart warming when it comes to watching people cosplay. All that hard work and effort into costume making and the bravery to dress this way for the sight of hundreds of strangers is something I’ve always admired people for. Also, just the vast array of characters is truly something to behold. In the words of one of my favorite designers within video games Chris Metzen (I forget the exact quote, sorry) There is no better time to be a nerd than right now. I love Comic Con :)

  • Adam Cross

    actual hugh jackman out in wolverine costume, too great