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And All Was Right With the World

Scarlett Johansson In Talks for New Luc Besson Action Flick; Might Get Superpowers

We might be getting a Luc Besson movie starring Scarlett Johansson, which would be cool enough in and of itself, but it’s also an action movie that’ll give its female lead superpowers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johansson is in talks to join the Director of La Femme Nikita, The Professional, and The Fifth Element as the titular character of Lucy, his next film. Universal Studios is producing.

Lucy is based on Besson’s own script, about a woman who must become a drug mule, and, when the drug mingles with her system, develops supernatural powers which she will presumably use to in someway mess with the smugglers that pressed her into servitude in the first place. Lucy can “absorb knowledge instantaneously, is able to move objects with her mind and can’t feel pain and other discomforts.”

THR describes the situation as “final negotiations” so it’s not unlikely that we will see Johansson in the movie. If so, she’d essentially be walking off the set of Captain America: The Winter Solder, and onto the set of Lucy, which we’re okay with. Unless we’re forgetting something, this might be the first live action film with a solo female main character with classic “super powers” since… well, since Supergirl, actually. Well no, since Catwoman, and I’m already annoyed that I had to take that into consideration.

(via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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  • Selkiechick

    Pity we can’t get Mr. Besson to direct a Black Widow movie…

  • Sara Sakana

    I will hold a bake sale to finance the Black Widow movie if I have to.

  • Mina

    Not feeling pain is generally a bad thing, really, but the rest of the superpowers sound fun. I hope this movie happens.

  • Anonymous

    Count me in! This thing will take at least two bakesales. And maybe some Girl Guide cookies.

  • Robert Vary

    I can see how they could do some interesting things with it, as a power. It would let her fight longer and fight harder, being able to get through injuries that would incapacitate her with pain if she could feel it. On the flip side, of course, is the problem that real-life people who can’t feel pain have: you don’t realize you’re hurt nearly as badly as you are (or at all!) until it’s too late.

  • Anonymous

    I have been “feeling no pain” several times in my life and found it rather enjoyable.

  • S.riley

    Now with the trailer out the chance for this to be an awesome feminist movie has been knocked down (once again) to awesome WHITE feminist movie. Can’t we get past the overused white person against Bad Asian Guys trope?