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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Once More With Feeling

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams Team up To Kill Vampires – I Mean, Make a Sitcom

If Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar were to engage in a successful television phenomenon it would be a significant to return to television for both of them. Williams hasn’t been a television regular since Mork & Mindy, and while Gellar recently graced screens in Ringer, the show was short lived. And that’s what, according to Deadline, is happening.

Gellar is taking a stab at the female lead role in the pilot for Crazy Ones, a David E. Kelley-written-and-produced workplace comedy at CBS is preparing for Williams to star in.

Crazy Ones is set in the world of advertising and stars Williams as Simon (Williams), the brilliant head of an ad agency working alongside his daughter Sydney (Gellar), the agency’s creative director.

No doubt the two have differing views on the industry due to differences of gender and age! Also there’s the family dynamic! I kid, I kid. Robin Williams’ return to television will be an interesting thing to observe even without the involvement of a Buffy alumn. I wouldn’t say that Gellar is primarily known for her comedy chops, but then again, it would be hard to believe that she didn’t pick up some deadpan snarking skills on a Whedon set.

(via ScreenRant.)

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  • Aeryl

    She may not be known for her comedic chops, but several episodes of Buffy definitely demonstrate that she has them. I always felt drama was easier than comedy anyway, anyone can make someone cry, it takes talent to make people laugh.

  • Matt Graham

    She’s a good dry-witted foil to play things straight.

  • Anonymous

    Ringer. Ugh.

  • shan

    This sounds like it came out of a random tv show generator.

  • Beth

    It’s so crazy, it just might work!

  • Anonymous

    I have to overcome the deep fatigue I feel everytime Williams tries to be funny in order to enjoy this. But for Buffy’s sake I’ll try!

  • Life Lessons

    Too bad I utterly despise David Kelley. He is a true misogynist.