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Once More With Feeling

Rob Thomas Talks About What Veronica Mars Has Been Up To Lately

A long time ago, we used to be friends. And I’ve thought about you a lot lately, Veronica Mars. Whatcha been up to, lady? 

Veronica Mars went off the air in 2007 but thanks to a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign, we’ll get to see where most of the characters are in 2014. Collider spoke with creator Rob Thomas during their set visit last year and got a few tidbits of note.

A few possible spoilers here are covered:

We do learn in the first scene of the movie that Keith was indicted, he lost the election. He probably can’t be a cop again because of what Veronica had done. And she hasn’t worked a case since then, so it actually greatly affected her life. There is very much a, “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in” nature to the storyline of the movie. She is on the verge of starting her full fledged adult life, and then she gets this call to go back to Neptune and be a detective again.

Thomas also mentions Veronica has graduated from Columbia Law School and is job hunting. But how will she adjust back to detectiving?

She’s certainly rusty. It’s something that she tried to put in her rear view mirror. Something that she didn’t feel was healthy for her, and I think she carries around a bit of guilt for what she ended up doing to her dad. She’s asked why she hasn’t done it anymore, and she said it destroyed friendships and ended relationships and because of what she did, her dad won’t be able to be a cop again. So, yeah, I think she has been fueled by that for the intermediate years.

Personally, I still wish the film picked up where that possible-future scenario picked up, with Veronica working at the FBI. But there’s no reason that still can’t happen. I am just so excited this movie is even happening.

(image via Collider)

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  • Anonymous

    I am excited to see the movie! (Am a backer as well.) But I too wish that the film picked up with Veronica working at the FBI. Heck, I’d even be happy with Veronica Mars, field operative/analyst for the CIA. ;P We’ll see where the movie takes us — and Veronica. :)

  • Anonymous

    There’s a difference between a FBI agent and a private detective. As an agent you’re part of the “system”, so to speak, as private investigator you are not part of the “system” (think Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, etc.). Somehow I cannot imagine Veronica ever be part of some bigger organisation. Part of her appeal always lays in the fact that she’s a kind of “outsider”. With her “revenge”-bound “pay back” motivation I very often thought of her in recent past as some kind of softer American predecessor of Lisbeth Salander (though of course there are worlds between these two characters).

    In short: I can’t imagine her as FBI agent. Unless of course, she would be some kind of misfit, like say a Fox Mulder! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Me so, so excite! Backing VM was the best £10 I ever spent (bit of a cheapskate, yes).

    I disagree about seeing Verona as an agent though: I feel that the show was about people (primarily Veronica obvs) forced to work outside the system for various reasons. I love stories about people (spies, PIs, fugitives etc) forced to be incredibly clever and live on their wits because they have no resources, no available recourse to a higher authority and no legal force available (well, spies kind of do, but films like the M:I ones and Bourne always manage to disavow or make rogue their heroes in order to stack the odds against them).

    VM was originally about a high school detective. As the character aged and the show progressed the ‘high school’ element became defunct but I think the part of the premise that remained from that idea, and that ought to remain in future stories, is that Veronica is out on her own. I feel like the narrative should always place her as the rogue agent, not part of the system.

    So while I’d love to see how she got on at the FBI but that doesn’t feel like the main narrative to me.

  • Anonymous

    OK, just realised you made exactly the same point as me. I am foolish.