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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Cautiously Optimistic

Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges See And Fight Dead People In The R.I.P.D. Trailer

I know I’m not the only one who sees R.I.P.D. and reads B.P.R.D. Both are comic books from Dark Horse and both are based around the supernatural. But only one is going to be a movie out this summer. Based on the comic from Peter Lenkov and Lucas Marangon, R.I.P.D. stars Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, and Mary-Louise Parker. Susana describes it as, “What if Jeff Bridges did a funny voice and then things exploded: The Movie.” See what you think…


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  • Aeryl

    I could do that!

    And I love that Jeff Bridges is doing a send up of his Rooster Cogburn role here.

  • Anonymous

    This looks absolutely ridiculous, so, of course, I’m game.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like Jeff Bridges’ character in the movie is a wee bit more over-the-top than the original Roy Powell of the RIPD comics, but… heck, this looks like a fun ride, I’ll still watch it.

  • Anonymous

    And a lot better. This makes MIB 2 look like Ghostbusters 1.

  • Anonymous

    Men In Black called. They want their movie set back. And their premise.

    Still, Bridges made me laugh. I’ll catch it on dvd.

  • Betty Windsor

    This is….a late….April Fools day joke?

  • Anonymous

    Like Men in Black! I’m so in!