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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

What It Says On the Tin

To Celebrate the Emmys, Richard Simmons Cosplayed As Daenerys Targaryen

There is really nothing I can say about how Richard Simmons—who, in addition to being a pop culture fitness icon, co-starred in one of the best Whose Line Is it Anyway? sketches ever, just FYI—took to Twitter during the Emmys to post pictures of himself cosplaying as characters from Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, and Behind the Candelabra. Literally nothing. My brain is just going ??!?!??!??!??!?!. It’s so beautiful. Check out the other pictures behind the jump.

(via: BuzzFeed)

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  •!/scarletsherlock scarletsherlock

    This man is a national goddamn treasure.

  • Henning Strandin

    So, what’s the difference between cosplaying and dressing up?

  • LifeLessons

    Oh Richard you GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  • light

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  • Anonymous

    all 4 of them?

    also, his daenerys is more jackie rogers jr, imho,

  • Lea Tapp

    That is the most fabulous thing I have had the pleasure of seeing in a long time. Bless you, Mr. Simmons.

  • Dessa Brewington

    Wow, that skit! Thank you, Mary Sue!

  • Anonymous

    Some of us are not fully aware of this yet, but Richard Simmons is teetering on the brink of making everyone extremely uncomfortable for watching the antics of someone who is mentally unstable. See also: Alex Jones, Amanda Bynes.