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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

it's time to play the music

This Return to Oz Industrial Rock Remix is Hypnotic [VIDEO]

This industrial rock remix of the dark, whimsical Return to Oz, made by YouTuber CounterClockWise000, is extremely creepy but oddly catchy. It finally occurred to someone that the notoriously terrifying, wonderful 1980′s followup to Dorothy’s original adventure in Oz needed to be rendered even more appealing and frightening with the help of some drums and an echoing child’s voice. Who knew Dorothy Gale had a voice that could reach into your very soul?

(via Death and Taxes)

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  • Anonymous

    Apparently Dorothy was an inmate at the house on haunted hill.

  • Anonymous

    Me: Save Dorothy. SAVE DOROTHY!
    Youtube: “An error occurred, please try again later.”

  • Parienve8137

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    Apparently Dorothy was an inmate at the house on haunted hill.

  • John W

    Is that Fairuza Balk? It sure is.

  • Jennifer Faucher

    And so began the typecasting of Fairuza Balk.