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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Boyfriend Proposes on Reddit Using Memes and Specially-Commissioned Art

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When it came time for Redditor Malcolm Collins, aka SirTechnocracy, to propose to his girlfriend Simone Smith, he decided to do something a little… different. Namely, he used memes and specially-commissioned illustrations of the two of them to pop the question on /r/AdviceAnimals and /r/pics.

A few of our favorite memes and illustrations are behind the cut so you can revel in the awwwww like we did. (The rest are here and here.) But first, let’s hear from Simone about her reaction to the proposal:

“When I saw the Advice Animals post, then the commissions he had made depicting us, I nearly lost it. Malcolm knew his post had enough traction for me to be likely to see it, so he was sitting in another room waiting to hear me react. When I did, he came in, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him…

The rest of the day was spent in a dreamy stupor of announcements to friends and family- plus responses to people on Reddit. A lot of people saw Malcolm’s proposal as cringe-worthy or impersonal… but it’s the most romantic gesture I could imagine. He found out exactly what I loved to do and cared about in our relationship, and slammed it into a hilarious internet explosion. Beats fireworks on the beach or a romantic dinner out any day, in my book!”

Just to be absolutely clear here, she did say yes. :)

Congrats from us at The Mary Sue to the happy couple!

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  • Anonymous


  • Hailey Ferraro

    WELP. That was the most romantic/awesome thing I’ve seen in a while.

  • Anonymous

    “Cringe-worthy and impersonal”??!!
    Un-friend these plebs immediately!
    Your man went out of his way to commission a huge amount of original art to craft the most amazing and personalized proposal I have ever seen!!! Male geeks everywhere should put a bounty on his head because who could ever top this?!

    If I was her I’d plaster them all over my walls.

    I wish them both an eternity of joy.

  • Matt Graham

    I am glad this worked out. I do not bear ill will on this couple, but whenever I hear of these grand efforts, I am reminded of something I once took part in.

    I ran the bar at a very upscale restaurant. A young man, his father, and his potential father-in-law cornered me as I was opening the bar. They informed me that the young man would be proposing tonight, as the two families (extended and all) shared tables together. It was in honor of their college graduation, on the surface, although the men (and the mothers) knew it was just a reason to have everyone together for the much anticipated inevitable proposal.

    They paid for several bottles of champagne, and I was asked to wait in the wings at a certain time where as soon as he asked and she said yes, I was to bring the bottles out.

    The time came, and my partner Carmina and I watched from the kitchen. A toast was made. The young man then slid down on one knee. The girl covered her mouth. I worked the cork out just enough to prepare for my part in this.

    Then the girl stood up, crying. Not happy tears. She looked mortified. She had been meaning to break it off, as she had met someone else the entire semester. This was all rattled off in front of the entire restaurant. Then she turned and stalked off.

    I don’t know how long we stood there debating what to do with the opened bottle. Eventually the girl’s father came over and took the bottles, but everyone was drinking as if to forget. The young man was utterly destroyed.

  • Rebekah M. Jones

    And this is why someone should ALWAYS test the waters and talk about marriage to the person they are proposing before they do so.

    Even if you want the proposal to be a surprise, you could always say something like – “Hey, what do you think about marriage?” If it’s anything less than a glowing endorsement filled with loving looks and strong hints of them wanting that marriage with you, then future serious discussions about relationships and what you both want out of them are needed.

    Of course, in cases like this where they are living together, I assume that they have already talked about it. And with the Reddit thread I feel like it is far easier to walk away from than a proposal with the ENTIRE FAMILY PRESENT. YIKES. Poor girl.

    I mean, if the person wants to propose, the break up is going to hurt regardless. A thread is easier to forget about than a ton of spectators, especially those who will never forget the evening and know you personally.

  • Anonymous

    Some of these are ridiculously beautiful. The others are super cute. I especially love the anime inspired ones.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. I don’t know how anyone could see this as impersonal. As Simone said: “He found out exactly what I loved to do and cared about in our relationship.” That means he actually listened to his partner, and remembered the things that she expressed a passion for. This man is doing guys everywhere a big service by reminding us to listen, listen, listen.

    And a pretty sweet ring doesn’t hurt either.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that public proposals aren’t my cup of tea. It seems pretty presumptuous. What, as it was in this case, if she isn’t ready to accept? However, I think the proposal via Reddit was better because the “actual” proposal was in a private space that allowed the recipient to give her response without feeling like she would be playing the “villain” for refusing (if that had been the case) in front of dozens of strangers. Plus, the Reddit guy seemed pretty attentive to his partner, so he probably had a pretty good inclination as to what her response would be.

    It’s pretty crappy, though, that the restaurant woman had been seeing another person for AN ENTIRE SEMESTER without breaking it off with her boyfriend. And then had the nerve to go to a graduation dinner with their two families?! This is why you never string someone along. You are not doing them any favors by putting it off. And all those diners and employees have to deal with the awkward scene too… But, again, he could have avoided that scene with a private proposal. Sometimes love sucks, especially because it makes you do reckless things…like propose to your college girlfriend in front of dozens of strangers – and her father – in a restaurant.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. I know a lot of people like the idea of proposals being a huge surprise, but if you haven’t talked about it enough to at least know that you both want to get married, you probably shouldn’t be proposing yet.

  • Anonymous

    Cute, but damn do I hope they talked about getting married before this. Public proposals put way too much pressure on the propos-ee otherwise.

  • Brian

    Goofy as heck, but in the best possible way. I love the way the redditors that tried to make fun of them were shut down by either the other users or the happy couple.

  • Vian Lawson

    Oh gods, that’s awful. That poor girl. That poor boy.

    This is why there should only ever –EVER– be two people present at a proposal of marriage. So that if the question is unwelcome or the answer not what the proposer hoped, it stays between the couple, and doesn’t become a frightful incident involving the entire family/stadium full of people/whatever.

    I actually think the lovely proposal above fits these criteria; as elaborate as it was, at the time it was delivered, all the parties involved were free to react honestly. If she’d said “I need time” or “I’m honoured, and sorry, but no” they would have been the only two people who would have had an emotional stake in it, and the only people other than those commissioned for their work who would have even known.

    It can be a surprise. It can be a grand and romantic gesture. But it can’t be public.

  • Vian Lawson

    Well, she’d met someone else. Who knows at what point in the semester she decided it was serious? Or whether it was serious, or just a wake-up call that the lad she was with was not Mr Right.

    As to “stringing him along” – maybe she didn’t want to devastate the lad right in the middle of his finals (doing heaven knows what to his academic and employment prospects), and was going to let him down gently when she (or he) moved away for work. Maybe she was hoping to cover the breakup with the usual post-college turmoil and spare his feelings. Maybe every time she tentatively brought up any doubts, he didn’t hear them or didn’t want to. Maybe she spent a lot of the semester working out her own feelings.

    Maybe their families already had at least a nodding acquaintance (especially if they’d been going out for a while) and decided on a joint dinner to celebrate their graduation because graduations are a great thing to celebrate. Maybe he proposed publicly because he bargained that she wouldn’t turn him down in front of all those people.

    You don’t know. Don’t assume.

  • Vintango

    Thank you for the positive post about this proposal! I’ve seen so many other sites reporting on how “cringe-worthy” and “sad” it is…but when you actually look at all those commissioned art pieces it’s obvious how much care went into this. Plus, to hear the bride-to-be tell the tale, it’s a perfectly adorable modern romance. Best wishes to them both!

  • JSchoolJunkette

    I totally agree with this. My fella and I had been together for almost 5 years when he proposed. We’d talked about rings and our future, the whole 9 yards, but I didn’t know when it would happen. There were a few times I thought he would propose (On weekend trips because he’d specifically said he wasn’t going to propose on those trips to keep me from getting my hopes up.), but when he showed up at my door and whisked me away to a BnB with no cell or data reception to propose it was an emotional, welcome, and private moment.

  • Matt Graham

    Agreed. I think the Reddit story is great, that old tale just came to mind for a story session.

  • Matt Graham

    You did well. I do have to ask, there are two pieces of art with a cyberpunk/Mass Effect vibe going on. What are those referencing?

  • Matt Graham

    I think the brilliance of the Reddit one is that oddly on the Internet, it can still be intimate and private, as public as it was. It really only mattered to the two of them. And while I am glad it went well, if it had gone south, either way would lead to epic AMAs.

  • Matt Graham

    There’s a million fine looking women in the world. But they don’t all order lasagna at a restaurant. Most of them just cheat on…oh.

  • Matt Graham

    You raise great points. I think that’s why that story stuck with me. It was like a Hemingway tale, where I only had a small part, and was left to fill in the blanks myself.

  • Matt Graham

    I dated a girl once who let it be known how the proposal needed to go down. It was just one thing, and it was a thing not to do.

    “If you are going to do propose, do not put the ring in a champagne glass. Anything else is fair game.”

  • Matt Graham

    My wife and I resigned ourselves to it. The subject of marriage came up, as she was going back to Canada and I was going to come with her (we were in the US). We were asked if marriage was an option.

    “Well, we’ve been dating this long and living together. We just sort of assumed there was some end game.”

    The proposal was hastened, so maybe it lost some magic (when she tells the tale), but at least we were sincere!

  • Anonymous

    It’s exactly because I don’t know – and neither did either of them – that I raised those points. He shouldn’t have proposed publicly because he didn’t know how she would react. She should have broken off the relationship earlier because she didn’t know the consequences of stringing him along. It’s easy to make excuses for not doing something unpleasant but necessary, but that doesn’t make it right. But what I do know is that if you have to ask as many question as you just did in order to find some sort of justification for her not ending the relationship earlier or him not proposing in a private setting, then it’s probably not justifiable.

  • Vian Lawson

    Not really; any one of my maybes would be enough to exonerate her, in my mind. And i didn’t list all the contingencies I thought of. Trying to spare the feelings of someone you care about is understandable, especially while you are making decisions about your own future.

    Him, not so much. But that might also be because I think a public proposal is foolish and manipulative. All I’m saying is don’t judge her behaviour; these things are rarely cut and dried. Hearts are complicated.

  • Anonymous

    Hypotheticals aren’t excuses (ie, he may have taken it badly, or he may have flunked his mid-terms); you can’t determine the wisdom of her decision based on his hypothetical reaction to her making another decision. On top of that, how can you say that having this revelation come out in the way it did was any better than it coming out earlier? Trying to spare someone’s feelings by not being honest never works. And did she really try to spare his feelings, or was she actually trying to avoid having to do something unpleasant herself? Like you said before, we can’t know. All we do know is that she had already moved on, and that he wasn’t aware of it (nor were either of the fathers). Putting off telling your boyfriend that he is no longer your boyfriend doesn’t help anyone – especially not that boyfriend.

    Now, I think judging her behavior is totally valid – we do it all the time and it’s how we determine how to live our own lives – by observing and judging the example of others. I’m also judging his behavior because, as I mentioned before, he put himself in a vulnerable position by going public with his proposal and this is the chance you take when you do something like that (she held a secret that got out in public, and he held a secret that he let out in public – didn’t work out for either of them). And exactly because hearts are complicated, a point I made before, being truthful is always the best option…not tiptoeing around a relationship (or the end of that relationship). Neither person comes off as evil, but neither one lies blameless in this situation.

  • Lea Tapp

    So sweet! Very squeeworthy.

  • Anonymous

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